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So tired.

A doctor who assaulted me is suing me for telling for defamation because I told people about it. So it wouldn’t happen to other people. Anyway, I need a good lawyer bc this world is disgusting.

Anyone else sick of going thru all of this alone? The pain. The mental exhaustion. feeling emotional. I feel like I can’t trust anyone ever again from how badly dating has gone. Why do so many people lie? It doesn’t make sense to me. Quit running. Fave whatever it is head in. You will face it eventually and you nor I can run forever. You’re only delaying the inevitable. #sickofbeingsick #autoimmune #Fibromyalgia #Crohns #Epilepsy #POTS #Hypothyroidism #tiastrokes #Migraines #ChronicPain #Neuropathy


desperate for a diagnosis and relief

What disease or genetic disorder causes chronic ‘“muscle fever”, post-exertional malaise and chronic tendon pain in most joints?
(ps i also have inherited demyelinating sensory neuropathy) #Musclepain #TendonPain #PostExertionMalaise #Neuropathy
#Pain #sickofbeingsick


How do you enjoy vacation with chronic illness?

I just went on vacation with my family and my boyfriend to a gorgeous house in NY. While the house was nice, the entire trip I felt like I was not really enjoying myself, just running myself ragged to keep up with everyone. Most days I'd try to do the activity that everyone else was doing then end up getting too tired or sick to keep up. I spent a large portion of my time in a dark room in the basement, alone and in pain. I don't really know how to enjoy vacation anymore with all my mental and physical issues 😞
#Anxiety #Depression #ChronicFatigue #chronicmigraine #Migraine #InterstitialCystitis #Fibromyalgia #sickofbeingsick #tired


#weirdness .

i think of all that fibromyalgia has taken or caused to happen.
First my freedom! I use to just catch a bus or something.
Now I must plan any event like going to the war.
Itchy skin because I took a shower or something with my wife.
I can't cook by myself im a trained chef.
Foods I cant eat. Spices etcetera because of heartburn and the vomiting.
I have a good pain doctor but he gives me looks when I say my pain is past 10.
I'm not a druggie, I'm sick!
My knee I've decided to get my brace fixed no surgery because u know folks that it just made it worse


Normal People Don’t Understand #College

I am currently in college and starting the semester back! What I would kill to be “normal” meaning not as sick as I am. I spend hours per week at doctors appointments and infusions that instead I could be making new friends, having fun, or just doing something I love. I just want to fix what is wrong with me and move on but is that even an option at this point? #thissucks #sickofbeingsick



My symptoms are evolving, progressing and becoming more severe every month. I'm scared to die, but I dont want to live like this. It's torture. Physicians and hospitals no longer know how to help me. I feel stuck in a broken body. I can't be the mom, person, and wife I want to be. any one have any thing that may help me get thru? #sickofbeingsick


#Gastroparesis #sickofbeingsick

had to leave work early yesterday because I spent most of shift (6hours) in the bathroom. today I can’t stop throwing up, and my belly is killing me.
found a new GI dr I go tomorrow I hope they can help me get better control.
oh and apparently I have a head cold... between the runny nose and throwing up, what other hole is going to leak lol

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Am I rude for being pushy about my health care?

It's been almost 2 years and I don't have a diagnosis and my symptoms are not managed at all. In fact they are worse then they ever were. I feel like I need to be more pushy but then I feel rude and whiny. Is it possible to be too pushy when it comes to my health? #Undiagnosed #sickofbeingsick

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ER visit

I started to feel naseus over the weekend, which is not unusual for me, always fighting that, meds are tough on my tummy. By 10 am yesterday, I started to actually throw up and 1 hr later diarreah just started flowing. I was too sick to be embarassed, called the ambulance, they nedded to take my pjs off to clean me and I just said "cut it off!" I don't let people see me nude a lot, some of my scars make ME gasp when I see them. I didn't care, was not stop fluid exit.

Then I started to shake violently, was cold and super clammy. Thats when blood started to be pulled and tested and immediately a second IV was open and 2 lt of warm liquid was hand pushed from the bag. I was severely dehydrated, another problem I deal with regularly but was starting to go into shock.
1 lt was added when those were pushed in, just a drip.
I was sooo cold, they thought I might be infectios, the staff at StMaryCorwin was awesome.

When I tell people I have MS, they usually say that MS doesn't kill you and altho theoretically true, infections kill the chronically ill.

I live in severe pain, mostly in stoic, "I am though" way, if I try not to verbalize or hassle caretakers and first responders but yesterday I yelling them to give me something to at least stop the vomiting but they can't until a doc writes the orders (I know that) but I was actually screaming "HeLp Me!"

The healing finally began with meds, things slow down and was taken to cat scan, he said my intestins were just filled with watery waste, thats why I couldn't control it. Test after test came in bordeline, nothing screaming out that it was the problem.

Thankfully it was not contagious, maybe a flu or food poisoning. My husband is terrified he will be next, everyone told me as I was finally released (including doc) that they felt so bad for me, clearly struggling. I could see it on everyones face, they were very worried.

When my naseua started I thought, nope I can't take it. I remembered when undiagnosed and had bladder stones and that was so horrible, I just CAN'T keep my self together when I get regularl illness, this is how I am going to die? Food poisoning?
#sickofbeingsick #ChronicIllness

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