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I need confidence help #Postop #Surgery #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #Anxiety

I need some help. I had ankle surgery in January still trying to recover just got out of the boot. I need to wear a compression sock because it still swells to the point of being painful. I wear it just fine with pants but I need some mental help i will be going to a warmer climate in a few weeks and not sure how to deal with shorts and compression sock. I'm super self conscious and keep my issues to my self but I'll over heat if I try to wear pants all weekend. Any suggestions or cute outfit ideas #ChronicIllnessEDS #Hypermobility #hypermobileehlers-DanlosSyndrome(hEDS)

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Chronic illness level up!

New diagnosis: POTS. Was on ivabradine for a few weeks and ever since I’ve come off it my heart rate hasn’t been happy. For some reason my blood pressure has suddenly become normal after being low for months. Not complaining, just very confused.

Went for an MRI last week for my sinuses, said it would be about a week for results but still waiting. On the bright side, that probably means it’s not (too) bad news. I’m glad I pushed to see them earlier though, because I caught a cold from my housemate and it caused hell with them. Constant congestion, migraines, lack of appetite, nausea, coughing, and I took about the same amount of painkillers in a week that I had taken in the last few months/ maybe even a year (I am VERY opposed to them & chronic pain has left me with a high pain tolerance anyway).

Waiting on GERD referral & have heard nothing. Doctor prescribed a PPI but didn’t put it on repeat and the progress made on it was lost when I had to fight for a week to get it re-prescribed after I had ran out.

Chronic pain has been quite a struggle. I’m concerned about the increase in occurrence of pain so I booked a routine doctors appointment. Also having a flare up of my foot pain (tears when walking) so it’s just an extra thing I get to deal with.

And on top of all that, trying to keep my mental state okay and making it look like I’m okay to everyone else. It’s all just really exhausting, but there’s this quote that I remember a lot (but will probably get it wrong slightly): “it takes ten times longer to put yourself together than to fall apart”

Okay, I’ll finish this with some better news. I’m cleared 1 year post-op and hearing loss is confirmed not to be an issue anymore. It was borderline but I’ll take the W. I also had my two jabs, perks of being disabled I guess.

#ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #Surgery #Postop #MentalHealth #Migraines #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome
#GastroesophagealRefluxDisease #HearingLoss #Depression #InvisibleIllness #Disability #Disabled #BackPain #chronicbackpain #Lowbloodpressure #BloodPressure

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Uphill battle

Bit of struggle again.

My hearing is going again. The doctor doesn’t seem bothered because it’s not blocked and doesn’t look infected, and said to come back if it continued. It’s already been a month with it and it’s not gone away. Its incredibly frustrating when it goes. Its disorientating. And surely no visible cause is concerning? Especially given I haven’t made it a year post-op yet.

My heartburn and acid reflux have taken a sudden turn for the worse, around 5 years into suffering with it. I was almost constantly taking gaviscon over the last few days after I came back from my holiday, so I booked an urgent appointment because I couldn’t live like it when it was affecting my sleep too. I’ve got a prescription and they want me to have a OGD. I don’t really see why, because it’s genetics.

I also caught covid again. I went out to a concert and that’s all it took. I however kept testing negative from the Tuesday I first was symptomatic, until the Saturday when I finally tested positive. The one time I went out somewhere that had a lot of people. (Disclaimer: I am fully vaccinated, have the booster and I had covid before (another disclaimer: back when the vaccines weren’t around and my entire family were basically key workers)).

Also had a bunch of other minor illnesses and general conditions/ chronic pain I have getting worse. I think it’s gonna be sick girl summer.

#ChronicPain #BackPain #HearingLoss #GastroesophagealRefluxDisease #Heartburn #AcidReflux #COVID19 #Postop #ill #hardtimes


Looking for surgery recovery memes #Surgery #Caregiver #Family #Support

My future daughter-in-law had surgery As a veteran mighty I thought funny recovering from surgery memes would be helpful. Please help me out by posting positive/supportive/encouragement/funny snarky memes I can share #liftmeup #Chatspace #Healing #Postop #Meme

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My mental health has been better. There’s times when I struggle, but I’m trying my best to stay upbeat. Doctors have finally decreased my meds after I took it into my own hands and decreased it myself.

One thing I forgot to mention here was that I had a torn tendon 2 months back. I’m fully recovered now, which naturally means I’m getting tendon pain in the other foot and felt it trying to tear itself/ it would have if I didn’t have such a short distance to walk on that day.

I had bad news at my second post-op appointment. I was told I had an ear infection. It’s thankfully cleared up now, but it meant another two weeks of 3x a day drops, which didn’t really work with my lifestyle. Now it’s just the anxious wait to find out if it’s caused my op to fail, as they were worried.

The sinus issues have been bad. I wasn’t symptomatic last week, so I stupidly didn’t take it when I should have and I’ve paid for it this week where nothing is getting the migraines under control.

To be honest, I’ve been getting tired of taking medication. I’ve been taking them every day for almost 10 years now. I don’t remember a life without them. All my teenage and adult years, I was taking them. I hate that I can’t just simply go to sleep when I’m exhausted, I have to take my medication and make sure it’s the right amount of tablets for the right medications. And I’ve had 3 new medications added in the last few weeks, so it is getting tiring. But I simply can’t exist without them, I’ve seen what I’m like without them.

My chronic pain has been worse. And with my refusal to take painkillers unless absolutely necessary, worsened by the whole medication issue, I’ve been struggling.

#ChronicPain #EarInfection #Infection #Pain #Medication #Medicine #MentalHealth #sinusitis #Migraines #Postop #Recovery

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This is fine

Gotta love random pain. Have had thigh pain all day that voltarol doesn’t seem to have much effect on. And then random neck/ jaw pain and now my back has started hurting.

Swelling and palpitations did actually get better for a few days but they’re back to how they were now (well, swelling is worse), and the chest pain I was having is now physical pain when I press down on the area it hurts. So that’s fun.

Depression has had me down bad as well. Where I already wasn’t happy, the pain has just made it worse.

In brighter news, I had my 6-month post-op appointment the other day and it’s all good, with no signs of relapse (which was my biggest worry, given that I had such happen once before).

#ChronicPain #ChestPain #Pain #suffering #Musclepain #Postop #palpitations #Depression #MentalHealth

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Feeding the freezer #nourishmentbistro #Family #Caregiver #cowdens #ASD

I’m not sure if I should be proud of my hard work or disgusted at my need to work so hard to feel worthy . Yesterday I made twenty containers of soup, some cooked veggies and some other stuff. Today I made home made tomato sauce out of a CASE of tomatoes and I cooked four chickens, a pot of meat balls, shepherds pie (with ground chicken)
And a bunch of chicken burgers #feelingunworthy #Hardwork #busymom #nobusiness #Postop #Hysterectomy #selfloathing


Post hysterectomy hormonal chaos! #CowdenSyndrome #Hysterectomy #Postop #snri #surgical recovery

Does anyone have experience using Effexor for hormonal craziness? Or any positive experience with Effexor? Looking for encouragement


Ooops #Hysterectomy #CowdenSyndrome #Postop #Hormones #Chat #Vent #yikes

My mother in law called to ask how I’m doing post operatively. I thought hubby had told her what the surgery was. He hadn’t. I did. And she low key freaked out. Then I had to comfort her. Strange turn of events


post op anxiety

Post op day 4 after hip arthroscopy to fix FAI and labral tear. I was finally able to take my first shower. It didn't go so well. I apparently was under so much stress I started to hyperventilate. I began to black out. Ears ringing, couldn't talk, and then my hands and feet clenched up and started to become numb. Luckily my husband was with me and after about 10 long minutes he was able to help me to the bed. I lay there thinking I was dying. I've never experienced a panic attack like that. My husband called EMS because I couldn't talk and felt like I was suffocating and my hands wouldn't open. All my vitals were ok except my O2 stats. They said that happens during hyperventilation. I started to feel better after about 30 mins. and stayed home. It was so traumatizing to me and now it's the next day and it's all I can think about. I can't stop worrying that the worst outcomes possible after a surgery are going to happen to me. This is so hard for me to go through with already having severe depression and now my anxiety is obviously out of control. Has anyone experienced this type of stuff post op? #alwaysscared #Tryingtobestrong #PanicAttacks #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #MajorDepressiveDisorder #Postop