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Ironically no deep breathing is helping

I’ve been trying deep breathing for non-stop chest tightness the past 2 weeks severe anxiety that I haven’t felt for such a long period and bodily sensations before, but I got more panicky when I tried breathing techniques and nothing would help how it usually would, I think ironically at the moment just not doing it at all might be helping more. Instead of being frustrated and panicked feeling hopeless it’s not working. #Breathing #panic #hopeless #body #symptoms #shortnessofbreath #chesttightness #ChestPain #past2weeks

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Tips for chest pain caused by #Anxiety

Hi everyone. Any tips for managing chest pain caused by anxiety? Mine often lingers after panic attacks but sometimes randomly comes at other times. Doctor said it's most likely anxiety.

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Chronic pain with Panic

Does anyone else have pains that seem to be tied to anxiety/panic attacks? For example I had a panic attack that was triggered by stress and resulted in chest and upper back pain like 3 days ago. And since then it’s been like a revolving door of panic and pain - maybe each causing the other? I can’t seem to shake it. And the pain isn’t so bad, just there enough that it’s hard to ignore. The worst part is that - even though I have had tests and been told by a cardiologist that my pains are not cardiac related- I spend a LOT of time thinking that THIS time might be different and it is cardiac after all. Does anyone else have this problem? Any advice on how to deal?
#PanicDisorder #ChestPain #Hypochondria #Anxiety

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This is fine

Gotta love random pain. Have had thigh pain all day that voltarol doesn’t seem to have much effect on. And then random neck/ jaw pain and now my back has started hurting.

Swelling and palpitations did actually get better for a few days but they’re back to how they were now (well, swelling is worse), and the chest pain I was having is now physical pain when I press down on the area it hurts. So that’s fun.

Depression has had me down bad as well. Where I already wasn’t happy, the pain has just made it worse.

In brighter news, I had my 6-month post-op appointment the other day and it’s all good, with no signs of relapse (which was my biggest worry, given that I had such happen once before).

#ChronicPain #ChestPain #Pain #suffering #Musclepain #Postop #palpitations #Depression #MentalHealth


Tired and Frustrated

I saw the doctor today. Just as I had suspected- anxiety takes the blame, and my ankle swelling gets pushed to the side.

I’ve got blood tests and another ECG in a few weeks, but I already know how that’s going to go. I had both only 7 months ago, and they came back normal.

The ECG is over half a minute or so in the morning. I don’t get my episodes in the morning, so that’ll no doubt be normal. I do ECG’s on my watch and I don’t have AF, so I already know that.


I normally accept what the doctor says. But for this I just can’t. And I’m tired and frustrated.

Anxiety isn’t getting ready to go to sleep at 2am having relaxed for hours before, and then suddenly having chest pain which is only relieved by lying down.

Anxiety isn’t palpitations right in the middle of something calming.

Anxiety isn’t shaking at nighttime when I’m simply moving my muscles.

Anxiety isn’t swollen ankles.

I’ve had anxiety for over 10 years. I get all those when I am actually anxious and my mind is racing, not when I’m relaxing. And my breathing techniques work with anxiety, they don’t with this.

But who am I to tell a medical professional that it’s not just anxiety? It’s the most logical explanation, given I have 0 risk factors for any cardiac problems and every test comes back fine.

I suppose I’ll go for the blood test and ECG and then it’ll come back clear, I wait a few months and then this all happens again. Though next time, I don’t think I’ll bother doing anything about it. It’s a waste of time and money.

#ChestPain #frustrated #Doctors #Anxiety #tired #fedup #BloodTests #MentalHealth #herewegoagain #Swelling #Tremor #shaking #palpitations


Do you think it's probably just fibro flare?

Had fibro 6 years. Thought I'd experienced all the delightfull pains but since xmas it's been on another level. Have the most painful jaw, which I cant stop clenching. My upper chest shoulder and throat hurt. The more pain I get in my chest the worse my headaches are. I've had costochondritis many times but this is higher up in my chest. I've been for a chest xray. They saw some kind of shadow on right hand side so I'm waiting for my results of a CT scan.
I feel quite scared to be honest. This pain feels different. I know this because these symptoms are triggering my regular fibro pain so double whammy.
I dont use pain killers for fibro as they dont work but tramadol will take the edge off the chest pain
I'm confused and fed up.
#Fibromyalgia #ChestPain #shoulderpain

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Groundhog Day but it’s an entire year that loops

I see memes as a way of coping with pain, and other people here seem to like them, so I figured that I’d keep adding them :)

I’ve not been well. As I posted before (I think), I’ve been having palpitations and shaking which I blamed on anxiety.

Of course I engaged in more self-care and increased my medication as a result, and it’s been a month since I did so. Unfortunately things aren’t getting better. They’re getting worse, but I just ignored it up until a few days ago.

On Tuesday, I had an episode which reminded me of my own mortality. I had had palpitations most the day, something I took no real notice of as it was normal to me. Then at 2am, my chest started hurting. I took Gaviscon because it started off as a burning pain, but the Gaviscon didn’t work and it changed to a kind of “tightening” pain.

Earlier on in that day, I had noticed my ankles were quite swollen (I’d noticed it for a few weeks but it was very minor so again I ignored it before). So putting the pain and the swelling together scared me. I tried distractions and even another dose of gaviscon. After a few hours, I decided to lay down and it relieved it and I managed to get some sleep.

I contacted the doctors the next day and had a call yesterday morning which was them basically reading off a piece of paper. I have another call this afternoon and I hope it’ll be more helpful.

It was so scary though. Normally chest pain doesn’t get to me, but for some reason that night I was scared. Everything had been kind of fuzzy/ fading too, so that was what really got me.

A reason why I had left doing anything about the palpitations before is because I just feared that the doctors wouldn’t be able to find out what was up/ not even bother to find out. I still do worry, as the episodes aren’t very predictable (the only thing I’ve noticed is that they’re typically at night/ in the evening, which is when the doctors is closed).

Another reason why I had left it is because I have had palpitations for over a year now, and I never actually associated the swelling with it before (I had swelling in my ankle before, but I worked long hours in a physical job so I blamed it on that). I guess it’s kind of complacency.

I hope everyone else here is okay. I keep meaning to check in, but I’ve been so busy that it took the episode the other day for me to remind myself to slow down.

#ChestPain #Pain #ChronicPain #Swelling #Doctors #heartpalpitations #palpitations #Anxiety #Tremor #Heartburn #Memes

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Just keep on breathin’, and breathin’ and breathin’....

Apparently I had a panic attack today. I say apparently because I wasn’t panicking.

I started getting breathless with my mask at work again. I kept it on because I know it’s generally psychological for people and I get breathless all the time with it. But for some reason, at some point after I noticed I was getting breathless I felt the need to check my heart rate.

It was over 150bpm. I tried the breathing thing for anxiety but it wasn’t working. I took the mask off (not supposed to) and while the breathlessness wasn’t so bad, my heart rate wouldn’t go down and my chest was hurting.

Ended up sitting down and got it down to 120bpm after about 15 minutes so I got back to work (though without the mask on). Went home half an hour early too.

Not sure what exactly set off the “panic attack” as I have 0 issue with wearing a mask, and the breathlessness wasn’t concerning me.

The doctors finally got to me about my medication today (had to send them a reminder) and it’s been doubled and said to try and take it in the morning. So I guess I’ll wait it out a few weeks to see if it makes a difference or not.

Ear has been hurting a bit today but not enough to make me want to take painkillers so I just waited it out as well.

Hakuna matata anyway!

#ChestPain #Anxiety #PanicAttacks #breathlessness #EarInfection


Not-so-little update

Man I love when you type something and then the app crashes so you have to type it all again.

Ear infection is getting better :D no more discharge, just hearings gone but I’ve got 2 days on the antibiotics and I’ve looked up how long it can take for it to come back and it’s up to 4 weeks apparently. A helpful warning so that I don’t get frustrated after only one week. Oh for a few days I did have extreme lightheadedness but this was at the start of the ear infection snd it’s worn off now so I believe that was another part of it.

Back has been in pain. Leg wanted to start up too but thankfully the sensation that I get when the pain is starting up didn’t stick around.

Chest pain but not sure if it’s actual chest pain or skin irritation pain as I was wearing a new T-shirt for a few days which has been a bit of a sensory attack at points (it’s got glittery thread in some of the logo, which is a no-no for me in socks but never had with a T-shirt before so gave it a try). Rubbed sudocrem in it and the T-shirt is in the wash now so hopefully will find out if it was irritation or not.

The narc came back into my life. I wasn’t perfect with them and I apologised to them after my past few Bible plan readings making me feel the need to apologise, and long story short they apologised and still wanted to be friends and I agreed because they phrased it as so I didn’t have to avoid our friends if they were with him.

I can’t tell if they’re actually a narc or not. They have all the signs but they apologised about their behaviour and like to own being narcissistic, both of these things narcs don’t tend to do. However our friend said that they were a narc and they deal with one every day and have done for their whole life, whereas I only whenever I hung out with the previous narc and only for two years.

Anyways, they’ve been kept at arms length until today. They initiated a conversation and it ended up like being the old times. It was nice, but afterwards I looked back after absentmindedly noting some red signs in my head of his previous behaviour (when they came up in conversation, I tried to get them to pass as quickly as possible by not engaging in talking about it, and I also tried to remind him what we had agreed on when we first started talking again, but he didn’t seem to care which I guess makes sense when he’s not the one that would hurt).

As a result, I’m not sure if it was him genuinely wanting a conversation or if he had other intentions. I’m leaning towards the latter though, and it sucks. I’ve been told I’m too nice before so it just opens myself to hurt. How he acts the next time I talk to him will tell me whether he had good intentions or not I guess and I can go from there.

#NarcissisticPersonalityDisorder #narcissism #Friendship #ChestPain #Infection #EarInfection #Hearing #BackPain #ChronicPain



On Thursday last week I found out it’ll get my #Braces taken off next month which is good.

I’ve also started reintroducing meat and some more dairy into my #diet and I’ve had some side effects but hopefully they’ll stop soon.

Had some other things going on too. #eyepain (dry eyes apparently) started up again and my eyedrops went AWOL (found them now), #ChestPain (random, unpredictable and short-lived) and just the normal #ChronicPain (#BackPain ) again.

Oh and also still fighting the #Depression but what’s new /shrug

Hope everyone else is okay!