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    BPD and Overwhelming emotions

    Sorry for my spelling mistakes, I'm from Finland and sometimes I have to use a translator. I have the most wonderful, sweet and understanding man in the world. we have been together for half a year and I have told him about BPD. Sometimes it just feels like my emotions are boiling over, or actually always, both good and bad. A few days ago he told me that I am the problem. And literally he said "You take things too granted and you easily believe your crazy Illusions and ideas in your head you know and you choose you whim and keep whamming", I of course took that to heart and exploded because I don't know what crazy ideas or illusions my head is done. He has been avoiding me for a few days now and yesterday he was not in any contact, did not even read messages. I'm afraid that I lost him, that I was too much and his love couldn't take me. My feelings are overwhelming because I'm afraid, I doubt, and I don't trust. in our whole relationship I have doubted him, his love and his words, but I would like to believe and trust, but I am afraid that he will hurt me and it is easier not to trust, it won't hurt so much if he leaves me. And I don't know how to fix things. I'm so tired of these emotions and fluctuations. Can anyone help what should I do? #BPD #overwhelmingemotions #feelings #relationship

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    Do you use tactile sensation to ground yourself at work? #Anxiety #overwhelmingemotions

    I like to stroke the squishmallow or lightly squeeze the cush creature when I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed at work.


    My husband may be leaving me due to my #Anxiety /jealousy/overbearing and paranoid thoughts

    #overwhelmingemotions as I write this. Last weekend my husband packed all of his belongings and left. He came back the next day. But has made it clear we are not going right back to how things were. He’s taken off his wedding ring and refuses to put it back on. He chooses to sleep on the couch instead of our bed. He’s so distant and very short tempered. We have been together since I was 17, so eighteen years, married for 10 come this August. So when I say this is #Heartbreaking believe me I seriously feel I could die of a broke. Heart at this point. You wanna know why I am even more upset? He went out last night, for a “guys night” with his single friends. No wedding ring, he spent 2 hours getting ready to go he shaved his head and trimmed his facial hair and put on his best clothes and shoes. Looking like he was about to take me out for date night! I over heard his friend through the phone while they were talking. The friend mentioned there would be hot girls, my husband immediately changed the subject as he walked out of the room. I asked him if this was a test, to see if I’d let my anxiety drive my jealousy and overbearing feelings and paranoia cause me to blow up his phone all night...he said no. Then I asked him if he would at least call me if he was too drunk to drive. He said no because he wasn’t leaving his truck anywhere, that he’d sleep in his truck! Oh I am so sick with worry that he’s cheating on me. We are supposed to be trying to work things out since 6 days ago...yet he’s doing this! What should I do? What would you think??


    I need help.

    It seems to be a cycle with me that I will be ‘normal’ (for me this is a chronic struggle w/depression and anxiety) However, it seems like there is usually some sort of trigger that sets my body, nerves and emotions off. I can only describe it as my emotions being rubbed raw. It usually only lasts a two days to a week before I’m ‘right’ again this time it’s lasted almost three weeks.. how do I go back to normal? It seems like I’m constantly shaking, the smallest things will set me crying or struggling to catch my breath. I just feel overwhelmed almost constantly. Is this overstimulation from anxiety? Should I talk to my doctor? #overwhelmingemotions #ineedhelp #StrugglingWithEmotion


    I’m spiraling downward... #CPTSD #Anxiety #overwhelmingemotions

    I’ve already been overwhelmed

    Got a call today from my work.....had let it go to voicemail

    Well the message was asking me to come back to work....should be great right?

    Had a panic attack....my work place is so toxic...so unhealthy....with a narcissistic manager

    I can’t go back to that.....

    I’m already in such a bad place....when is it the last straw?

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    I smile but I’m dying inside

    Sometimes I wish someone would look at me. The real me past the smile and realize that I’m not okay. I’ve been numb for weeks and today I’ve been having #overwhelmingemotions I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I’m finally getting some
    Sleep. Some rest my body needs. Even if this med is only temporary. Until I can do a sleep study and they can figure out what kind of sleep disorder I have. I’ve been crying for hours. Wishing I could just end it all. I don’t want to be #depressed anymore. I don’t want to battle #Anxiety anymore. I don’t want to be in pain daily anymore. I’m tired of being sick. I’m tired of #Fibromyalgia flare ups. I’m going to be 30 soon. All I wanted at this point in life was a little family of my own. The one thing I wanted more than anything in the world was to be a mom. And I don’t think I’ll ever get that. For who could ever love someone as broken as me. If my ex of 10 years couldn’t love me anymore. I honestly don’t see how another man could ever fall in lobe with me.


    I cant find my son's library book second time in a month. I lost my other son's freshman parent night paper. I cant stand going to futsal practice and having to sit in the corner alone. I forgot to make a 100th day of school shirt for my son for tomorrow. feeling like a failure. #Anxiety #Depression #sad #overwhelmingemotions #Overwhelming #HighFunctioningAnxiety

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    #BPD #overwhelmingemotions

    Does anyone else ever wish they could just rip your heart out of your own chest??? Bare hands and all!!
    Maybe it would help with these crappy intense emotions that come outta nowhere sometimes.


    Does anyone with BPD have experiences with Quetiapine?

    After another traumatic event my therapist decided to prescribe meds again. (Knowing I have had many suicide attemps already) Since yesterday I‘m on Quetiapine. (against suicidal behaviour, overwhelming emotions, dissociation, and insomnia) Does anyone here with #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder have any experiences with Quetiapine? What should I expect?
    (I have been on Ripedon (Risperidon) before, but it was awful)
    Thank you in advance!
    #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Medication #PsychiatricMedication #Anxiety #Insomnia #overwhelmingemotions #SuicidalThoughts #PTSD #dissociativedisorders #Dissociation


    Social anxiety is my worst enemy #SocialAnxiety

    I have a super important family event in 4 weeks and I’m freaking out already. So many people will be there that I’ve never met before, and it scares the living crap out of me. I wonder if how I look will be enough, if the dress I already decided on wearing will be pretty enough, will the shoes match? I’m so scared to go but I know I have to. I’ve always struggled with meeting new people, but this is so important to my fiancé and I can’t let him down. I’m afraid that I will break down and disappoint him. I know he will never be disappointed in me and is my biggest supporter, but it still worries me. I don’t know what to do, my minds racing with thoughts of how I will mess it up, how I will leave bad first impressions. I’m scared and I don’t know what to do. #feelingscared #overwhelmingemotions #overthinking

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