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Drew and colored this. Liked how it came out. This was made a few days ago. After that these days havent been so good. Family drama. But they can handle themselves. I'm just going to treat it all like how I have been. If it doesn't concern me I shouldn't care...but yesterday my father got hurt. Because of my brother. So how can I not care or feel some sort of emotion? I do. I feel alot but keeping it in will only hurt. Idk what to do guys. I really dont. I want to leave but I dont have anywhere to go. I gotta stick it out...which sucks because I'm hurting to. But that all goes unnoticed. Ive been applying to jobs but I'm starting school in a few days so juggling will be tough and no one has responded to me that is a legit job. I'd love to work at a library. Or at my campus but I cant get what they need for the application. Not during covid... #StrugglingWithEmotion #Depression #Family #Advice #AdviceWelcome


I need help.

It seems to be a cycle with me that I will be ‘normal’ (for me this is a chronic struggle w/depression and anxiety) However, it seems like there is usually some sort of trigger that sets my body, nerves and emotions off. I can only describe it as my emotions being rubbed raw. It usually only lasts a two days to a week before I’m ‘right’ again this time it’s lasted almost three weeks.. how do I go back to normal? It seems like I’m constantly shaking, the smallest things will set me crying or struggling to catch my breath. I just feel overwhelmed almost constantly. Is this overstimulation from anxiety? Should I talk to my doctor? #overwhelmingemotions #ineedhelp #StrugglingWithEmotion

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Really Ugly Time

Just when you think you are doing ok sort of cruising along with life. Then bang it happens all over again.

Had a really ugly night with horrible reliving nightmares/flashes. Today I feel so emotionally full of pain and the tears just keep flowing.

I want to keep fighting but there is no strength to do so at the moment.

There are some things I don’t understand and probably never will. I don’t understand how he was such a loving husband and a great father to my brothers but so horrible and abusive with me. Was I such a bad child to him. I just don’t get it.

I feel so haunted .

Bloody hell while doing this post I got interrupted by my drs surgery my dr wants to see me about blood results . Probably some thing else wrong.

I’m over it all.

I’ll pick my self up and get back to cruising with life just not today.

I’m tired.

Love Jules🦋🦋🦋

#ComplexPosttraumaticStressDisorder #MajorDepressiveDisorder #Anxiety #StrugglingWithEmotion #ChildSexualAbuse #Trauma #Recovery #ChronicPain #DiabeticNeuropathy


#StrugglingWithEmotion #LostLove &BrokenHeart #Need Help

In 2017 I Met Someone, We Became Good Friends. That Friendship was Rare for Me... it Became strong Connection to Being FWB... for some reason we could not Break the Strong Connection we had... (And Of course We had Argument, fights, Days without talking.) I Even Helped Her with Finance and Was Able to keep the Roof Over her & the Kids.. (saved from court order to Leave property)
In 2019 Dec.. I went away for 4 Months... And while I was away Every Day I used to Call Her....

But Wen I Came home after 4 Find out that She Had Already Moved On with Another Man...

She Dint Want Anything To Do With Me WaTsOeVeR....


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Touching the edge

I have a very close friend struggling with depression.
She's living far away from me.
I am doing my best to keep in touch, but I can't help feeling ignored when she doesn't reply. It's been three months she's in this pit, she doesn't want any external help and I did everything I could.
I wish I were more strong to keep going on this way. Social avoidance is a very common behaviour regarding depression, bit It's truly hard dealing with this when you feel ignored almost all the time.
This selflessness It requires has been too much for me.
And I realized I haven't been trusting my friend the way I did before.
My moral dilemma is walking away in a moment like this.
My emotional dilemma is walking away from a friend I still love.
My social dilemma is keep going on with something that has compromising me, I am struggling to do things I do in my life.

Naturally, I don't know what to do.
Just sharing

#Depression #felling like i am not a good friend #friend #StrugglingWithEmotion #helpingadepressivefriend #friendshipstruggles


#brokenheart #confussion #Love #StrugglingWithEmotion

Broken hearted

Hey guys
This is my first time using anything like this, I’ve been struggling bad and thought I’d give it a go.. sorry it’s a long one 🤦🏼‍♀️
my Names Brenda, I met a man about 6 months ago, we fit like the perfect puzzle. Got along had no issues. He always took me out paid for everything we even went to the Gold Coast for a holiday and for me to meet his children, our conversations were deep, he consistently told me he loves me and will Marry me one day and so on.. life was bliss and I was in love ! Then just the last week I noticed he had been becoming a bit disrespectful of me in the bedroom, and then just the other night he asked me to meet him out at the pub. I got there and all was fine we laughed and kissed no issues ... until I asked if I could add him on Facebook ... we blew up he looked at me like I was scum on the bottom of his shoe, he began to yell at me “you don’t know me at all do you, you know nothing about me “ and “ you need to go home you’re drunk(id had one beer) I demand you go home “ and he turned his head and pretended I didn’t exist, wouldn’t respond wouldn’t look at me and when I cried he laughed at me like he was empty. This continued for a little longer and more was said but it’s more how he looked at me it scared me he was so empty .. I left him alone and later he walked up and gave me a beer and winked at me and left. I woke up to a text message saying I had too many red flags and he can’t do this , his finished and wished me good luck. He ignored my calls and texts and I haven’t heard from him since
How can things flip like that ? Has anyone been through something similar ? I feel I was dating a stranger after seeing that .. how can someone throw you away after all the connections we had and just delete you ? I’ve been struggling getting through this it’s effected me bad, I wake up during the night crying, I’m filled with a sick feeling to the point I can’t eat, I’ve lost all my energy and I’m so numb and sad.
I thought he was the one but I feel like I just got scammed
Please help 💔😢


I’m tired #Anxiety #breakdown #exhausted

I’m tired. I’m exhausted. I’m absolutely done with dealing with people. I want to hide in a hole and sleep for days. My bed is comfortable and is my safety net.

I’m at work. It’s Wednesday and everything is going wrong. I manage a store, my assistant manager called out for the third day in a row. My senior employee who is going part time needs either an hour and a half lunch or 4 hour lunch. I’m at my store by myself for 5-6 hours. They don’t understand I am picking up their slack, trying to get all my paperwork and my job done while doing theirs. They apologize or say thank you without realizing they are running me to the ground.

This is the second summer, I am getting short staffed and I’m the only one who has to be at the store 5 days a week for close to 11 hours a day. Yes, it’s my job but the lack of respect or realization what I am doing is going unnoticed by my employees and even my boss. I’ve been with this company for 3 years and I honestly love it but what I deal with at my store, no other manager has had to deal with for 2 summers in a row.

I want to have fun at work, I want to be a manager who has employees who are going to be at the store when they are scheduled. I want employees who realize the things I do for them on a daily basis. My life gets put on hold for them. I have to stay late if they call out or need to go home early. I can’t call out and I can only go home early if I am fully staffed.

I’m tired. I’m exhausted. I’m done. I want to sleep. I don’t want to stress and I don’t want my anxiety through the roof at work. I want my bed.

Please send help or advice to curb how exhausted I am from work. #Anxiety #exhausted #StrugglingWithEmotion #strugglingtoday


Feeling nothing

Sometimes I feel something...but I can never figure out exactly what I’m feeling. So it’s like I feel nothing...

#BPD #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #EmptyInside #StrugglingWithEmotion