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If your body is a temple, mine must be dedicated to some dark, sadistic god of chaos and destruction

With long standing diagnoses of fibromyalgia, PCOS, fibroids, IBS, a pinched nerve at C4/5, PTSD, depression, and eczema. A more recent diagnosis of ME/CFS. A pending diagnosis of degenerative disk disease (awaiting MRI). And an upcoming visit to a genetic counselor, for screening purposes due to my sister's recent cancer diagnosis and extensive family history of cancer. I had an adventure yesterday evening:

Insert long story about symptoms (symptoms my doctor dismissed not two weeks ago) and feeling unwell here, followed by a call in to Telehealth an ambulance was sent out to my apartment. Three lovely paramedics showed up. Hooking me up to their ECG machine they detected regular PVCs. My other vitals were good and the PVCs weren't frequent enough to be life threatening. Not wanting to drastically increase my exposure to Covid I opted not to be taken to the hospital, on the understanding that I would continue to monitor my vitals and call back if there were any changes.

Today I need to follow up on the second part of my decision not to go to hospital: call my doctor's office and arrange for blood tests, an ECG, Holter monitor, and referral to a cardiologist. Such fun!

I am not looking forward to having to follow up on yet another health issue when it's hard enough to pursue care for the others!

#ChronicIllness #Fibromyalgia #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS #PolycysticOvarySyndrome #UterineFibroids #PTSD #Depression #DegenerativeDiscDisease #PVCs

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Anxious Heart

Is anyone taking beta blocker for irregular heartbeat? Does it help with anxiety. Care to share your experience.
#Anxiety #PanicDisorder #Depression #PVCs


#Scleroderma #Crest

#Gastroparesis #raynauds #Hypoxia #PVCs #Anemia . #pottssyndrome #EsphogusDismotility #GERD #hashimotos #Hypoglycemia #Migraines #ReactiveAirway #HiatalHernia #So MuchMore....= #autoimmunecringeworthy ... that's how I feel anymore.
Yet with still with so many saying I look "so great!!" on the outside (well meaning, of course,) it's a common thing said to me / people with an auto immune, Scleroderma, chronic illnesses.
But I find explaining myself now that my "problem list" is SO LONG that I almost feel like I AM the nightmare.
The problem.
It's cringe worthy.
And isolating.
And lately,
Anxiety producing, which is
something new.
I can't put my finger on the pulse of what I'm anxious "of" exactly, but the "feeling" is flat out horrible.
When I go to a specialist they want me to stay "in their lane" only = i.e. not discuss anything other than what they specialize in.... This becomes difficult when your disease affects so much (see list above) h
If I get told a new diagnosis, (like recently one of, #Gastroparesis ) after so many other diagnosis's, it wasn't so much surprsing or earth shattering as it was worrisome...
The conversation was short.
Will we ever talk about it again?
Is that it?
Do we move on?
Is it now another word on my list?
And I say that kindly as my Dr's are great. But you see what I mean?
"What now?"
He goes to another patient.
I have another Dr's appt.
Did that happen? Matter?
On the outside, I look exactly the same. Internally obviously "we" know the "drill"... I asked "is there a cure?" "no, no there is not".
But I get explaining this messy situation I am living or sharing it or talking about it to people would be probably odd.
But right now as I may be a #Auto ImmuneNightmare on the inside and appear ok on the outside. I'm actually feeling #Anxiety and #Uncertainty & I wonder about all the different diseases /diagnosis's progressions.
But I guess these #Thoughts come with the territory.
Thanks for listening.