You only live once. #faceyourfears and go for it. Follow your heart, don’t let #Anxiety ruin it. Family comes first. True #Love does exist. You have to let it go to know what it’s like without it. If it’s meant to be it will come back and it will not only work out, but be better than before. Never give up #Hope . Love with all your heart, no matter how foolish it may seem. Always say I love you. Never go to bed mad. Love everyone, but have healthy #boundaries . You never know til ya try it. If you don’t go for it and try it, you will never know and will always wonder what would’ve happened. Don’t pass #Judgement . Do you. Take care of your #Family and #Friends but don’t pour from an empty cup. #takecareofyourself , #replenish your cup daily. Don’t let anyone tell you how or who to love. #BeYourself . The right ones will love you for you. Don’t #worry if they like you or not, you’re not here to please them. Do what makes you #happy . Let them #Talk , they don’t know what’s in your #heart and mind so they can’t make decisions for you and have no right to judge.

🎶Don’t worry be happy🎶
🎶Love is my religion🎶
🎶Life’s a journey not a destination🎶

Living my life to the fullest despite my #MentalHealth
#Advice for everyone #struggling
I live with: #BipolarDisorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Anxiety #Agoraphobia