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    A little #Inspiration . A little #Advice . Hope this makes you #smile ❤️

    You only live once. #faceyourfears and go for it. Follow your heart, don’t let #Anxiety ruin it. Family comes first. True #Love does exist. You have to let it go to know what it’s like without it. If it’s meant to be it will come back and it will not only work out, but be better than before. Never give up #Hope . Love with all your heart, no matter how foolish it may seem. Always say I love you. Never go to bed mad. Love everyone, but have healthy #boundaries . You never know til ya try it. If you don’t go for it and try it, you will never know and will always wonder what would’ve happened. Don’t pass #Judgement . Do you. Take care of your #Family and #Friends but don’t pour from an empty cup. #takecareofyourself , #replenish your cup daily. Don’t let anyone tell you how or who to love. #BeYourself . The right ones will love you for you. Don’t #worry if they like you or not, you’re not here to please them. Do what makes you #happy . Let them #Talk , they don’t know what’s in your #heart and mind so they can’t make decisions for you and have no right to judge.

    🎶Don’t worry be happy🎶
    🎶Love is my religion🎶
    🎶Life’s a journey not a destination🎶

    Living my life to the fullest despite my #MentalHealth
    #Advice for everyone #struggling
    I live with: #BipolarDisorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Anxiety #Agoraphobia

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    Tell me what you do to take care of yourself! 💜

    You may have an elaborate routine or you may be saying “I don’t have time for that!”

    If you think you do not have time to take care of yourself I want to challenge you to find 5 minutes at ANY point in the day just to do something for you.

    Self care does not need to be this elaborate bubble bath, massage, wine kind of thing. It could be as simple as “today I’m going to drink my coffee while it’s still hot” (every teacher ever laughs at me when I say that).

    #Caregiving #self -careKit #takecareofyourself

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    Can we please take care of ourselves more then ever now!
    I now from experience I put my own body into shock and was causing my body to shut down! With all the stress and anxiety...


    Christmas and all its joys..

    so it was the cities Christmas market today and after a pretty busy week, I felt up to going, with the new all weather coat and my work boots (steel toes) we walked uphill and down dale, it was a bit damp but nice to get out and get some Christmas treats, and as we got back to where we parked, embaressingly, i had to be helped off the bus..mortified..when we got in the car, he asked how long have you been in pain..my answer: after the first hour..so hubby drove us home, made me go to bed (im in work tonight) and brought me pain killers and a hot water bottle. Im still learning this but..IT IS OK TO TELL SOMEONE WHEN IT HURTS..IT IS OK TO SAY "i need a rest"..christmas is only going to get busier, take time for you too xx #Christmas #takecareofyourself #Fibromyalgia #Pain

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    🚲I need energy. I wish it were available for purchase online. I would even brave the store in the midst of anxiety if I could get it there. Energy is something we all need to get through each day. But we are not all allotted the same amount. Some take for granted how much energy daily living really takes because they are not in short supply. They don't have to think about it much. Energy is something I think a lot about. Probably because I have a deficiency in that area and it seems that every little thing requires it. This week I have appointments every day in addition to my full time job. I have the Chiropractor 3 days this week, therapy once, and the dentist twice. Taking care of myself is exhausting. No wonder I never made it a priority. I'm pushing through now. I'm learning to prioritize myself. But if anyone finds energy on sale somewhere, please let me know. I'd like to place a bulk order. #CheckInWithMe #MentalHealth #ChronicPain #exhausted #tired #takecareofyourself #Energy #ChronicFatigue


    Proud of Myself #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain

    There was a time a few years ago when I would have (and often did) put my employer before my health. If I was asked to do something beyond my reasonable ability I would say yes because I didn't want to disappoint the boss or company. That mentality is partially why my health is so bad today.

    Well, I am proud to say that I have finally learned to stand up for myself and to ensure my health comes before my employer's wishes. Turning 30 really did something to my brain! :)

    I work as a unit clerk in a hospital part-time (two 12 hour shifts a week). I can occasionally pick up a shift here and there, but I have made it very well known to my managers that I cannot work three 12 hour shifts in a row, as it would be detrimental to my physical and mental health.

    So far, this hasn't been an issue. Until now. Because we have lost a few full time clerks, my manager had to put me on Team A for the hurricane (before/during), instead of Team B (after). This happened less than a week ago, and means that I have to work and sleep here (on the floor) for as long as the storm is here. A couple of days would have been fine, but the way it has worked out they were wanting me to work today, tomorrow and Thursday, while sleeping here tonight and tomorrow night.

    I knew that this would cause me a whole host of issues, so I finally stood up for myself. I informed my manager that I am part-time for a reason, and that I would be happy to work today and tomorrow, but I will not work Thursday. I anticipated push-back, but was pleasantly surprised when she agreed to work with me on it.

    All of this is to say that you have to be your own advocate. If I left this job they would have a replacement almost immediately, but my health would remain the same. I love my job and don't want to lose it, but I'm only 30 and I've got a lot more life left in me.

    Take care of yourselves! <3 #takecareofyourself


    me and my shadow #takecareofyourself ; #Depression #AutoimmuneDisease Is it coming back? I have been in remission for nearly two years I think the disorder is flaring. I need to care for myself more, or would it come back anyway? Have been lowering meds for a year. Maybe lowered too far?



    Tattoo healed, heart hasn't #takecareofyourself

    My tattoo has healed, but my heart hasn't. Michael's death was a huge trigger for me, but I'm doing my best to take care of myself. I encourage you all to do the same. Everybody has something to talk about. Take care of yourselves. Not sure how many more people I can handle losing, I'm quite tired of it. Call that counselor you've been meaning to call for the last few months, call that friend that you haven't talked to in awhile or maybe you just talked to yesterday, wave at a passerby, smile at the cashier ask them how their day is going. Don't wait for somebody else to help you or make the first move, you be the one to take initiate and do it. #takecareofyourself