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Seroquel Help

#MentalHealth #seroquel #BipolarDisorder

hello everybody, I'm looking for some information on "daytime perscrption" of seroquel xr.

Please no nightmare stories, that won't help! I just can't find any information online about if this is even done. Has anyone seen any information about this? Have links?

Would be so grateful as I am struggling badly.

My doctor has suggested taking it in the day, since I have paradoxically weird effect of , believe it or not, not sleeping when i took the seroquel for sleep. (it was because of the interaction with another drug). But was totally sedated the next day.

Long story short! I've never heard of seroquel being perscribed in the day.

I expressed my concern, and my doc let me know she has down this with other patients. I'm worried about being knocked out in the day. For short story-ness, i know there are other drugs, this is the one I can be offered right now.

Thank you. Gentle wise souls, please respond.


Seroquel withdrawal

No scary stories please🙏! I have been on 100 mg for help w fibro for sleep 💤 and mood (even tho it’s a low dose). I’d like to ditch it for health reasons. I can get to 75, but always chicken out. Has anyone used medical marijuana or some other method of weaning off? Zzzquil, (trazedone is out and so is hydroxizine🥲). I already use supplements. I’ve tried them all. I don’t drink coffee or alcohol or eat a heavy meal. Sleep hygiene is tight. # sleep #Fibromyaliga #seroquel #MedicalMarijuana #Alternativemedicine


Anxiety attack when lowering Seroquel

Hi all, I’m taking a low dose (350 mg) of Seroquel XR to help me with racing thoughts and insomnia (Keep the hypomania at bay). I tried lowering the dose to see if I can stop oversleeping in the morning and I got a horrible anxiety attacks that lasted a couple of days. I was convinced I was gonna die of a heart attack.

Has this happened to anyone when trying to withdraw slowly? #seroquel #Anxiety #RacingThoughts #PanicAttack #Bipolar


Have any of you taken Seroquel and had your muscles feel like they were "shredded" or "ravaged" by it? And also painful joints? I am still suffering

#BipolarDisorder #seroquel


New prescription. New to everything. #seroquel

I’ve had depression, anxiety, ideation, general crisis episodes since I was around 12 (29 yo now). I’ve sought psychiatry for the first time recently after realizing I’ll never just get better (yes I’ve done lots of therapy).

But after just a 20 minute talk he prescribed me with seroquel. I was already nervous about an ssri. But does this mean I have a different diagnosis other than depression? What is it going to feel like for me? Am I going to need it forever?

I’m scared obviously. But I’m also scared I’ll kill myself eventually if I don’t help myself. #Bipolar #Suicide #seroquel #Quetiapine


Abilify or seroquel?

So I have recently been diagnosed and I'm about to start meds as soon as possible. Because of my age only a very small number of antipsychotics are licensed for my use, therefore I'm going to on either aripiprazole (abilify) or quetiepine (seroquel). I know there is a difference in the side effects, but I was wondering if anyone has experience with either of these two or just being in antipsychotics, preferably atypical, in there adolescence. Apologies for any spelling mistakes and any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks xx
#BipolarDisorder #Antipsychotics #Abilify #seroquel #Aripiprazole #Quetiapine


Should I not have children if I am bipolar?

Hi all, I am a 30 year old woman that is currently on medication to prevent bipolar mixed episodes (depression with racing thoughts and insomnia). I always wanted a family and I am now in a stable relationship, but I am not sure if I can get pregnant while on these meds, also I don’t know if my kids will inherit this condition. The whole situation makes me really sad and hopeless. #Bipolar #seroquel #moodstabilizer #Pregnancy


Was Up and Now Not So Much

#Bipolar2Disorder #seroquel #changemeds #wantagoodday

Came back from holidays where I was on a crazy high and weaned myself off seroquel to see if I could loose the weight it put on me. All was well till I hit a speed bump at work and then I didn’t want to anything again.
So back on the Seroquel I go, week 1 down and still so tired in the morning.
I remember now feeling numb and very complacent before holidays, now I know why.
It seems I’m either fighting the feeling of something is wrong or the I don’t really want to’s.
Thank goodness for Netflix and kitty cuddles.
This too shall pass.

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