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Chocolate is the Best Medicine!

Chocolate in most of its forms usually works for me! (Although often, for medical reasons, it is only a visual pleasure.) Word Bath is my morning meditation/writing exercise where I ask myself for a word for the day and then listen to whatever definition emerges.#chronicillness #Alternativemedicine #alternativemedicines #UlcerativeColitis #crohnsandcolitis #AnalCancer #themightysite #TheMighty #anxietyrelief #Ptsdrecovery


Alternative medicine vs. western medicine #MentalHealth #Safety #Medication #Caregiver #Parent #Selfcare

In my community (broadly speaking) there is profound mistrust of the medical establishment. I understand how it developed to be honest. Doctors and nurses and other health care professionals aren’t always sweet, polite and understanding with people whose language and culture aren’t “mainstream American “ (whatever that is) but this has created a huge subculture of anti vaxxers, potato on a burn and fermented food and so on. While I think using traditional and natural remedies are great it’s only great as an ADJUNCT to regular typical medicine. And it must be regulated. Any housewife with an axe to grind should not be able to hand out potent nature based cures with no training and accountability. And just cause it’s natural it doesn’t mean it’s safe . Hemlock is a natural poison.
There was a recent hellish story of someone who was under the care of a natural healer for a psychiatric condition who ended up profoundly psychotic with tragic results. In that case only the natural healer has been charged! The individual has been hospitalized!
My point is: as uncomfortable as the need for psychotropic meds is they are quite often a huge blessing!! And safe
Re the question you have: there is a monumental push from clergy, community leaders and medical establishment to encourage Covid vaccines
Thanks for listening I apologize in advance if someone was offended #Alternativemedicine #Care #Family #Medication #Caregiver

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Ketamine Injections #Alternativemedicine #KetamineTreatment

I’ve been on psych meds for over 15 years. I’ve given it my all. I’ve always had an underlying feeling they did not work. This is only my experience. At this point I’m on Lamictal but am considering ketamine injections as an alternative. I was wondering if any people have done it and their experience. Ty


Could it really be just a mold problem? #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #ChronicFatigue #Alternativemedicine #functionalmedicine

So, I saw a new doctor today and I feel like he took more blood in one sitting than I've had drawn in the past three years. It was exciting times.

He took me seriously.

I repeat. He took me seriously.

He acknowledged my hypermobility by how I was sitting and just stopped his train of thought and was like, "Can you put your hands on the floor without bending your knees? Oh, look at your knees bending more than normal... What do you mean no one has taken you seriously?"

I find that either doctors dismiss me, or are shocked that no one has done anything to take me seriously. No middle ground, ever.

After we talked about my autoimmune diseases that I have diagnosis for and my being hypermobile, we moved onto the onset of my issues. Some have been my entire life, the hypermobility, sprained ankles, joint issues, etc.

So, we started talking about the biggest thing that happened to me when my symptoms went from mildly problematic to life altering. I was living in a house basically held together by mold and rat poop.

Now, this journey has made me skeptical of stuff insurance doesn't cover. I've always preferred natural remedies when I could use them. (Mostly because I'm fond of being a kitchen witch doctor/mad scientist when I have the energy.)

Anyway, I know that people have either sworn by natural/functional medicine or think it's a way to take advantage of sick people looking for answers.

My Bud, who also lived in the mold house is allergic to penicillin and never struggled with any adverse health effects. My mom and my daughter, however, developed almost permanent sinus infections. We ended up living in the mold house for almost 10 years, due to financial difficulties.

At the end of 2018, we moved. It turned out that this house also had a severe mold problem. (My mom's bedroom wall like...crumbled where the old duct system was/the airflow went.) Every single vent grew mold practically half way up the walls no matter how many times we cleaned them.

We've now bought our forever house. It was built in the 2000's, where as the past two house were built in the 30's and 50's. We had it thoroughly inspected for mold, and since we've been here (about a month) there has been a noticeable difference in the severity of my symptoms.

Has anyone had this same issue with mold? Am I crazy? Or am I just maybe allergic to copious amounts of mold?

I've gone down the mold rabbithole more than once, but don't know what to believe. Am I going to continue to get better now that I'm not living in a mold house? Am I going to eventually have to move to the dessert? Can mold even really ruin your life?

I've been gaslit by so many different doctors. Dismissed. Accused of being a drug addict. You name it, I've been called it and handed a card to a psychiatrist.

I just don't know what to believe anymore. I don't want to get my hopes up. My shoulder angel and devil have been arguing ever since I got home and it's starting to make my head hurt.


Seroquel withdrawal

No scary stories please🙏! I have been on 100 mg for help w fibro for sleep 💤 and mood (even tho it’s a low dose). I’d like to ditch it for health reasons. I can get to 75, but always chicken out. Has anyone used medical marijuana or some other method of weaning off? Zzzquil, (trazedone is out and so is hydroxizine🥲). I already use supplements. I’ve tried them all. I don’t drink coffee or alcohol or eat a heavy meal. Sleep hygiene is tight. # sleep #Fibromyaliga #seroquel #MedicalMarijuana #Alternativemedicine


Pain relief (massages )

What type of massages or things can I do to relieve chronic pain mainly in my back. I have a lot of knots and tension and inflammation. I have done chiro, massotherapy, physio, and acupuncture. ( I have scoliosis and EDS and am 16) could cupping help? #ChronicPain #Alternativemedicine #EDS #Scoliosis #Pain #question #help