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#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder and #Bipolar Progress in This #pandemic

😬😰 My #moodswings are getting tougher and tougher but I know I have to go through the process of feeling my emotions to determine what needs to be addressed in order to recover and #heal . That was a long sentence. Dropping my guard and being completely honest with my therapist weekly has been helping tremendously. My highs are incredibly great and I love life and the people in mine; ready to take on my next steps, knowing the huge #progress I’ve made. But the lows, eeph! They are not getting any easier. When I’m low, I am loooowww. Meaning, the jumps from subject to subject on any #SocialMedia with various tones to them... they’re all very real. I’m trying to be as #authentic as I can be when it comes to sharing my #MentalHealth “career” 🙃 as a #peer and, hopefully soon, as a state certified specialist.

I don’t know what’s going on in the world, but all I know is that I have #goals I’m working towards. In this climate, what I find helps is seriously just taking it day by day and listening to your body when it’s done. I read in a study by the APA, (American Psych. Association), [I need to look up if the APA did this study or another organization] at the beginning of the #pandemic that we should be #Mindful of how far ahead we try to make concrete goals or plans. It basically said to take it slow because in cases like these, making those permanent decisions are being affected by pandemic #Anxiety and may set yourself up for #failure due to the uncertainty and instability of a #Crisis . AKA the goals might not be #accessible due to a,b,c #Shutdowns etc.

-I’m all over the place and I appreciate anyone and everyone’s #patience with me while I’m going through this... process.
-Having some #attainablegoals for yourself is helpful for taking things one day at a time
-Listen to your body. #rest if you can.
-Be proud of your progress even when no one knows.

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How do you know when to go to the doctor? Should I go?

I've had chronic pain for a few years and haven't gone to the doctor in almost a year. I considered going a few months ago when I had really bad stomach pain or when my menstrual cycle began getting irregular (it has remained that way) . Or a few times when my legs just kinda give up. Or about my shut-downs (I won't talk or move for 1+ hours). Today I had bad chest pain for 5-10 minutes. I can't drive so I would need to inform someone else of my symptoms, only problem is my anxiety prevents me from saying anything to anyone, including doctors. #ChronicPain #Periods #Confusion #Shutdowns


Self medicating to feel numb

Taking plenty of Benadryl and liquor or whatever sedative I can get my hands on. Just want to shut down #numb #Shutdowns


If you have #Autism , #SensoryProcessingDisorder or other sensory issues and #ChronicPain , does your pain ever cause #SensoryOverload ?

If so, what does it feel like? Does it ever cause #Meltdowns or #Shutdowns ? What coping strategies do you use?

I have sensory issues related to my #CerebralPalsy and have experienced this. Pain can make sounds and touch (even where it's not hurting) overwhelming for me. Winter and therefore pain is coming and I wondered how others handle this. #Disability #ChronicIllness