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    × " Now I Have To Be Constructive On My Day's Off "× #Sigh #Annoyed

    × " I Really Hate People Now... I Can't Chill And Rest On My Day's Off... I Have To Do Thing's With My Time Off. Like Mind Your Own Business And Worry About Your Life... I Don't Have To Live My Life On A Constant Go Here Do This All The Time. I Just Can't... Sibling's Are Fucking Draining And Love To Micro-Manage Other's. " × #Annoyed ☆ S.K. ☆

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    × " My Sanctuary & Safe Space Are Litterly Kind Of At My Job " × #Sigh #Lowmood #Insomnia

    × " I Feel So Out Of Place Sometime's When It Come's To My Sibling's They Make Me Feel Like A Failure In So Many Way's. This Is Why I Keep Alot Of Thing's That I Have Been Through In My Life To Myself. Because All They Do Is Critique Me... Or If I Want A Partner In My Life. My Happy Place Is At Work... Because I Get To Destress My Sibling's Stress Me Out. This Is Insane... So I Was Thinking About Doing The D.N.A Testing Thing Because I'm Adopted... Now I Have Decided NOT To Go Through With It.. Why Because One Of My Sibling's Just Did It... And It Turn's Out Thier Biological Father Is A Child R**** Predator.. So Yeah It's Best To Be My Unique Self After All... My Mighty Family Is Right Here... And I Couldn't Be More Happier To Have This Better Gift. " × Sincerly, ☆ S. K. ☆ #overthinking #Thought 's

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    Depressive episode

    Going thru a depressive episode right now. I know my depression is mild compared to many- but it still knocks me down. Trying to keep up with housework & job & family is extra tough right now. People don’t understand why a person can be so tired #Sigh Gotta push through it though

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    i did laundry on Friday, and then Saturday a baby shower.
    ive been asleep for days!
    i miss the old me I have been mourning her for years.
    My dads birthday is the 27th and hes been gone since 05

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    Doctor: “I want you this new medication in addition to melatonin before bed because it will help with the pain and is extremely sedative.*
    Me after taking the medication: *lying wide awake in bed at 5am debating what would have happened to the world if Christopher Columbus never reached America*

    #Sigh #Insomnia #Anxiety #Depression #BPD #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #EatingDisorders #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #ChronicPain #ChronicFatigueSyndrome #MentalHealth #RheumatoidArthritis #Fibromyalgia #Memes

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    Tolerable to a point..

    Does it ever feel like you’re accepted and loved but only to a point and once you pass that point people are just annoyed with you and don’t want you around anymore? Is it because I find things funnier for longer than most people normally would? Is it because I’m very attached and like engaging with you because I’m comfortable being myself? Am I just annoying? Am I really only tolerable to a point? It feels like people start to push me away when I get to be too much and they either stay and try to change it by telling me to stop or they just leave and ignore it until it passes and I’m “me” again... maybe it’s just my head getting to me right now but then again maybe it’s not... I don’t know anymore #lost #imsorry #Anxiety #Annoying #Sigh

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    My anxiety keeps making me overreact

    I keep overreacting about things. Thinking things are my fault and that my family don’t like me or aren’t getting along. And that my friends no longer want to be friends, and that my bf is going to leave me.
    Really my family are just having outside pressures and we all still get along fine. My friends have their own lives so sometimes are busy and my bf loves me still he’s just busy and struggling.
    What should I do? Should I get counselling? I need to get my shit together :(
    #CheckInWithMe #Sigh #help #:(

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