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Excited and scared

Today is my second day without alcohol once again. Been struggling to stop drinking for the past 7 years but so tired of the ups and downs i just want to be sober for once and all. Need to go to meetings but i feel i don’t connect cause im atheist or free thinker, and im afraid to hurt or disrespect anyones feelings or believe. #SoberCurious #SOBER #SOBERLIFE #

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Transformation requires deep, intentional, sometimes ugly times of taking action but the results are worth it!

This was hard to read the first time...hard to digest...hard to own...but dead on accurate! Untruths you've carried in your body...had to think about that. Own created demons...that rang true right away! I like the basic blurred font, it tells the story itself in a way #Depression #Anxiety #BipolarDisorder #BipolarDepression #Bipolar1Disorder #Disability #MentalHealth #PTSD #HIVAIDS #Addiction #AddictionRecovery #SOBERLIFE #SurvivorsGuilt #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #PeripheralNeuropathy #hivlongtermsurvivors #Migraine #Grief #Selflove



On October 9th I made it one year sober. I am very proud of myself, but at the same time it seems so strange. I have friends who still party all the time and I never see them. I have friends that are sober as well and I never see them. However, both love to jump on their soap box when I do something and they disagree. I had an alcoholic beverage while out to eat with a friend. I had a problem with alcohol because I used it to cover up my emotions. I am not that person anymore. I refuse to go out with the purpose of getting drunk. I didn't think I was wrong to have one drink with my supper. It didn't go any farther than that, but I have friends on both sides mad at me. Now I'm letting everyone down.. I haven't had a drink other than the ones I allow while I am out to eat. I don't have any alcohol in my home and I don't go out to drink. I wish they would be as involved in my life on an average day as they are when I make a post that I had an amazing meal and there is a beverage in the picture. I have a lot of mental illnesses so I know I can't drink in large amounts. I am taking care of myself and I wish that people could just be proud of me for that. I don't intend to give up my sobriety ever and I also don't plan to give up my freewill. I'm not a bad person. I'm not a failure. Sobriety is different for everyone the same way drinking is different for everyone. It's really hard for me not to lose my temper on my "friends" so I am just trying to get it out here. I'm fucking hurt though. Not a single one congratulated me on my year. They see a picture on the 24th of my plate of pasta with a glass of wine and have to tell me how I am throwing away all of my hard work. When I explain that I have battled my demons and I've taken control over myself again they continue to tell me that I am dumb and selfish. I don't know if I can be nice to them for much longer or if they even deserve it. Am I kidding myself for thinking that they could just get over it? Should I even want them to try understanding? I thanked them for caring and trying to support me. I just wish they wouldn't attack me when I try to explain things to them. None of them ask me how my health is or if I'm still in therapy. Just jump right to I'm a failure. Grrrr



So for as long as i can remember i have always numbed out my feelings and emotions and this past week for the first time i actually allowed myself to feel feelings and let myself feel uncomfortable and cry. I didn’t need to self injure and i didnt need to drink away my emotions. What a world it was to reach out to my sponsor and feel the feelings. #amazed #feelingfeelings #SOBERLIFE #proud

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newbie saying hello!

Hey there! thought I would introduce myself 👋🏼 I just stumbled across this app accidentally and I’m so glad I did. I’m shana from London, I run a tiny nonprofit support group in my home town for mental health. i have #BipolarDisorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder and the lovely #PTSD a nice little cocktail 🍹 I’ve just recently started #SOBERLIFE I’m only 21 days in but have a long road ahead of me.
Say hello Id love to meet other people that can relate 🖤 ps that’s my dog, dingo 🖤

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I can’t express enough how the IamSober app has helped me out. When panic attacks of churches and being around men keep me home from AA meetings, this online community, app, inspiration, and daily pledges keep me going and remind me that it’s just a day at a time. #SOBERLIFE #Alcohol #AddictionRecovery #Hope #Positivity



Sobriety is so blah, dull & flat. It’s like being awake all the time. It’s so tempting to reach for the bottle, pill, joint...pick your poison. Pretty much anything to numb the mind & thoughts on my mind. Not being able to chase away with something is exhausting! #Sobriety #Depression #Anxiety #SOBERLIFE


Suicidal thoughts

Constantly having suicidal thoughts, on not wanting to be here anymore. Just living day in and day out wishing I wouldn’t be here in this situation any more. I feel like I’m a burden on family and friends because I keep having to ask them for rides places. Yet they keep asking me if I’m driving yet and the answer is still no. I have a car just haven’t gotten the insurance yet. I’m constantly thinking of what could happen to me if I drive again. On one hand I could gain my independence back/freedom and on the other hand I could get into another car accident. I know I can’t do anything to stop the second scenario, so people say; what’s the problem, why aren’t you driving yet? My anxiety is at an all time high, I’m shaky all the time and I cannot do anything to stop it. So I journal my thoughts down to get them out of my head. I keep thinking what’s the point of me living anymore, I am slowly loosing hope and my faith because I can’t understand how a God can love me when I’m a Trans Man. My body’s going through some of the changes, yet my family can’t take a second out of there day to dig deeper in questions. Do they really love me? I don’t feel the love right now. This pain in my brain just won’t go away, people don’t get me I’m a rollercoaster of emotions and I can’t even understand them myself. Does it really get better? Who knows. #SuicidalIdeation #Pain #mentalhealthcheck #gettingbetter #confused #MajorDepressionDisorder #generalizedanxiety #Hypervigilance #Hyperattentive #Insomnia #Cantfeelthelove #Feelingemotionssober #SOBERLIFE #Masking #Shareemotions #Nocommunity #Transman #lost #Hardtoaskforhelp #Strugglelife #Strugglebus #Life

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