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tips on how to self soothe when I feel the crisis is arriving

I've been wondering lately: what are some things you do or seem to help you prevent your crisis from blowing up? Is there anything you've found helpful, even if just for one time?
I'm really curious to know this, because I've been struggling particularly with this one, lately.

Things that have helped me through the years are retiring and just be by myself for a while, especially if in dark places or in nature; light candles or watch fire; trying to find an alternative way to see the situation; lie in the dark and breathe, eyes closed, pretending to be void; listening to music; singing the music; pet my cats or pet animals in general; smell nice things; dance by myself when I'm alone; change my look just for the moment; also when I'm alone pretending I'm a different person and act accordingly; writing down what I feel; distracting myself; taking pictures; drawing.
This is what comes to mind now, but there may be more ways I'm now forgetting. 😊
(Still I've been a bit of a failure lately, because even if I have ways sometimes the urge is much much more intense and prevales 😞)

Can't wait to read yours!

#BPD #Crisis #prevent #prevention #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #soothe

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Went for a hike :D Steelhead Falls

I’ve only been only 2 hikes my entire life but I live close to many hikes especially now, I went with a mental health clubhouse program group really thankful it was beautiful! #hike #Health #Support #happy #excited #Walk #enjoyed #overjoyed #thankful #Anxiety #helped #soothe #Relaxed #beautiful #MightyTogether #newhere #New

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TELEVISION recommendations

Hive mind: what are your favorite *calm* tv shows, especially with queer and/or feminist characters??? Help a queer out I've exhausted my list.

Please don't reply with shows that aren't at least somewhat calm! #PTSD #Fibromyalgia #myalgicencephalomyalitis #CFS #distraction #soothe