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    Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey, more like, wakey, wakey, back is creakey! #SpinalPain #ChronicPain #makeitgoaway !

    Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Rian and I am challenged by a constellation of chronic pain disorders. They are taking a toll on my life and my relationship with my partner and I just needed a place to go where there were people who would understand what I was going through. Thanks for letting me join, and hello there! #LongTermChronicPain #40andUpClun


    Anyone here have/had an intrathecal spinal pump implant? It’s months after post op and I’m concerned. Is this normal?? #ChronicPain #SpinalPain

    My lower abs feel almost detached. I’m very petite and the medication reservoir six out of the side of my abdomen. When exercising I can’t contract lower abs and this can only increase back pain if these muscle atrophy. And then the Bloating and almost overnight weight gain that’s occurred despite no change in diet, no period since implant, & more. Is this normal?? #chronicbackpain #intrathecalSpinalPump


    Coping during Covid19

    Spinal pain does not stop nor can it be ignored during this time of physical isolation. Like everyone else I am concern about the Coronavirus, my family, the economy and so much more. The stress of the unknown and instability just weighs on the body like a truck. And for those of us suffering from spinal pain it just makes the pain so much worse. That combined with having to stay home with very little mobility it’s a recipe for painful disaster.

    That’s why I am being very intentional about staying as active as possible while still maintaining physical distancing. For me I chose to continue my physical therapy at home on my own based on what I remember from my therapy sessions as well as doing core exercises. All I need is a mat, 2 lbs weights and bands. I also go for walks every day to strengthen my heart and get some cardio. Lastly I am very selective with what I eat by avoiding foods that cause inflammation like dairy, gluten and sugars. I also increased in my diet things like ginger, mint, turmeric, spirulina, fish and avocado.

    Staying physically active in conjunction with reading, praying and journaling is helping me mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically which reduces my pain. I recommend that those dealing with spinal pain or any physical pain, try to stay active. Find what works for you, whether yoga, floor exercises, walking, meditation or any other way to keep your body active. There are great videos on all types of physical activities on uTube. Do a little research on which ones you want to try then set up a daily routine for yourself. You’ll be glad you did. #COVID19 #spinehealth #spine #Fitness #quarantine #SpinalPain

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    #So frustrating#Depression#Angerissues#SpinalPain

    Well I spent all day trying to change my situation I’m in because she wants more than I could give her. Tried to find a place where living in my car that is not illegal or even get in a homeless shelter or housing program. Unsuccessfully, all I got was we can’t help you but call this number and they might, I must have called 50 homeless help numbers and all the same answer every time and I called the city halls of at least 5 cities to find a legal place to park and sleep in my car without being arrested and losing my car and everything I have. All telling me no it’s a crime to be homeless in their city. I am afraid, angry, frustrated, and hurting body and soul. It is so sad, if you are not broken and not broke your free to be anywhere you want to be. But if you can’t work because you are mentally, physically disabled and still trying to get your SSI. You are a criminal. Yet the governor is pushing to help the homeless especially the mentally ill, the opposition is fighting against it. Because it will cost the state millions, while the rich are living it up with tax breaks, the middle class and poor are paying the bill. Then more people become criminals. WTF is wrong with people, Can anyone tell me? Sorry for that rant but I had to get it out of my head.


    Chronic back pain: Remedies/Relief/Help

    Hi there !

    My husband has been suffering with severe back pain for about two years now. The pain came very suddenly and strong. We went from spending every weekend at Disney walking about 12 miles daily, to now where he spends most of his time in bed, on the couch or if he’s lucky on some days he can sit up in a chair and go on the computer. He has several herniated discs and stenosis in a few regions of the spine, with the most pain coming from a torn disc that is pinching his spinal column in the thoracic region of his spine. We have had every test run, tried every therapy and used medicinal suggestion given to us by several doctors and nothing is providing a substantial relief for my husband. We have also been to a neurosurgeon who was extremely rude and offered no help, stating that the reason why my husbands back was the way it was was due to sleeping incorrectly and that his spine wasn’t the issue. To say we are fustrated is an understatement, all I would like for my husband is some relief so he can get back to living his life and we can continue living ours together. So having all of that said if anyone knows of any remedies that have helped to give some relief such as a mattress, brace, medication or surgeon/specialist. Please let me know!

    Thank you for all your help,


    ##ChronicPain #ChronicSpinePain #SpinalPain #SpinalSurgery #SpinalFusion #ChronicPain #SpinalStenosis #ChronicIllness


    What do you do when no form of pain management is working?

    I’m in so so so much pain. It’s just getting worse. I’ve tried Physio, massage therapy, chiropractors, weed, injections, infusions, so many different types of pain medication.. nothing works! I can barely move. Laying down no longer provides relief. At least my anxiety and antidepressant medication is working a little cause this is so not a life and I’d be severely worse mentally if I didn’t have that to fall back on. All because this idiot decided to not slam on his breaks in time and hit me instead #ChronicPain #PainManagement #BackPain #Musclepain #Anxiety #SpinalPain #CheckInWithMe


    A new pain?

    I have chronic pain and nerve damage in my spine. However, recently my spinal pain has been horrendous, and it’s not like usually. It’s a sharp pain that shoots up my spine and down my tailbone. It begins around my L3 L4 area. It causes my legs to go numb and go into windows of partial paralysis. I have gone to the ER once this week but they treated the pain and sent me on my way. I have a dr appointment next week. I’ve tried any and all of my pain killers. Has anyone dealt with something like this? Tips to help soothe the pain until I can get to the doctor? #SpinalPain #Pain #ChronicPain #Nervedamage #help