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Tips for emotional eating?

I think I’m developing binge eating disorder or at least for sure emotional eating, I’m pretty overweight for my age but based on my ethnicity and such we are more naturally curvy or plus sized, but regardless for health and trying to slim down or at least be healthier/ more active and eat healthier or less big portions. What are your tips or anything that helps you personally if you struggle with this or even if you don’t any ideas, or anything you have personally looked up online/ learned in therapy etc.

Thanks!! Appreciate it! Super hard to lose weight but I really need to make a change :c before I gain more weight I’m currently 85kg and 5”3 so it’s definitely too high for my frame. Mainly the thighs and also lately my stomach/waist.

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I’m proud of myself for sticking with the gym this year, even though I’ve had times where I went a week or two without going. I didn’t lose all my progress like I thought. My mental state was much better when I was sticking with it regularly. Even when I didn’t want to go, I still went, no matter my emotional state. Staying consistent with things has been my biggest struggle & while it’s not perfect, I’ve been more consistent than in the past. I hope this inspires someone to choose yourself & don’t allow the battle within to steal your dreams. 🫶🏻 #MentalHealth #Fitness #ChronicDepression #Anxiety #Singlemom #change

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Taking small steps to the great outdoors

Being a badass ‘beddie’ could make a few of your friends jealous. The friends that don’t actually know what your life is like. The friends that you may not have been 100% honest with entirely.

You know, the one who wants to do lunch or beers at the beach?

The one you haven’t said to much to yet because you haven’t had the right moment to tell her you have a chronic illness, and that’s why you haven’t been to yoga or goga?

No one wants to be a beddie or bed ridden. No one wants to go from fit to unfit. No one wants to have their integrity or their friendship questioned.

How do you keep in shape while being in bed?

Housework. (Right!?)

If it’s all I can manage, I do one small chore, then back to bed annnnd repeat. Keeping my house in working order, neat and tidy helps me feel like was active at some point, even if it’s in super slow mode. Plus, I have a huge sense of accomplishment which makes me feel super good about myself. The positive zen vibes makes my home a sanctuary which helps me cope with the mental aspect of being a mom, disabled and single.

I have been increasing my distance walking further away from the house daily, and finally made it to one of my favourite hiking spots.

I am grateful for Mother Nature, and her great vibes. I am grateful that my amazing body was up to the task of getting me there. I’ll share it with you.🌲🌲🌲

#Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain #Fitness #ChronicMigraineSyndrome #FMS #Depression # #

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Mental & Physical Health

Feeling down? Put on your shoes and go for a walk. Did I hear you moan and say "not now"? That's okay - it's always your choice. I know how walking helps your biology stay balanced! Physical and mental health is linked in complex ways yet expressed in surprisingly simple strategies. So when you're mulling it over, take a peek at your shoes - they want to be outside!

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Good News and Bad News

I had my first physical therapy appointment this morning, and breathing a sigh of relief because I was not diagnosed with fibromyalgia. At least not yet.

What I am dealing with is rotator cuff tendinitis in both shoulders, triggered by…drumroll…stress and tension. Different diagnosis, same cause. Even if it had been fibro, I would still be treating it in a similar way. I need to up my fitness game and get back to the prehab stretching and strengthening exercises I used to do, so I don’t spend my life doing rehab exercises and missing out on good stuff. #ontheball #Fitness #Flexibility #stability #corestrength #mindbodyspirit

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I moved #CheerMeOn

So, my fitness routine has always been my holistic remedy of choice. But lately because my symptoms have been so bad, it hadn’t been happening because I’ve been either staying in bed until the last possible moment, or too wound up with anxiety to do anything but get up and get going to work. My depression and anxiety symptoms legit fight each other it feels like.
Anyway, yesterday, after almost two weeks, I managed to push that small part of me that said I deserved 30 min to take care of myself. I managed 30 min. I took this pic because I was proud that I gave myself 30 min for the first time in almost 2 weeks. For me, it was a big deal to push past exhaustion, nerves, confusion, brain fog, etc to give myself some time for the greater good. I’ve also tried to take advice from other mighties regarding my nutrition; and bought some protein shakes to sip on when I can’t muster up strength to eat food. I never thought my mental health would through me into disordered eating territory; but here I am. But, at least for a day; I was able to kind of do something for myself. #Anxiety #Depression #PTSD #DisorderedEating #Fitness #MentalHealth

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Trying New Things #Health #Fitness

I want to celebrate TRYING NEW THINGS! Just this weekend I got a new phone which I promptly tried finding a few apps for tracking my health & fitness on it. I was having a hard time honestly as there are just too many options. So I was talking to my husband about this at dinner last night & he goes "like a fitbit?" I kid you not, he finished his dinner & went and bought me a new/used Fitbit. I am getting it set up to be just like new right now.
From what I've seen of it, it's gonna be everything I've ever asked for paired with my new phone. Add on to this my old phone that I now use as a Kindle Reader, & my laptop for EWTN, movies & gaming... It's as if all things converged in such a way that I would be here today like this. I think just last year I was scoffing at "smart watches". This year, I'm singing a new tune. (Yes, my "Crow pie" tastes fine, thank you 😂)
All because I received my 3rd "death sentence" in my health matters. So here's to trying new things - routines, exercises, gadgets, and diets 📑💪🏋📱⌚🍵🍊🥑?.

#Health #fitnessmotivation #tryingnewthings #Anxiety #Depression #notanotherstatistic