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My hair is a constant source of frustration. It’s not just the hair loss, thinning, dullness, etc. But also, it’s that it’s exhausting to wash it and pain prevents me from styling it. There are so many losses right now from loss of capabilities to loss of independence that I can’t just cut it all off into a pixie cut. What have you done? #whatdoyoudo #BadHairDay #coping

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Anxious AF at work sometimes

Does anyone get overwhelmed with Responsibilities and duties at work? Sometimes when I'm given feedback and asked questions I get so anxious I shut down and tune out. I'm visiblvisibly anxious at work during to my stressload. How to cope?#Anxiety #workhardstressharder #panic #GAD #catastrophicthinking #whatdoyoudo



A sever #Migraine coupled with my #Fibromyalgia has me sitting here with the worst #Allodynia pain of my life! I just finished a steroid taper so I am sure that is playin a huge role in it. I basically feel like one giant bruise and if anything or anyone touches me it sets of the whole body!

#whatdoyoudo when your #Allodynia is flaring bad? I unfortunately am at a loss when it comes to nerve pain medications. allergic to gabapentin and Lyrica. Antidepressants make me depressed haha. So while I have narcotic pain meds, hydrocodone and Tramadol, they dont do much for this type of pain. I am welcome to all suggestions. Otherwise I will sit here with the motto that this too shall pass.


How do you cope with the unknown? #ChronicIllness #Undiagnosed #Pain

I am struggling with figuring out how to balance my deteriorating health having no idea what is causing it. I just got a new doctor that was actually willing to run tests on me but so far there isn’t anything obvious. I went through this about 15 years ago but it was for a much shorter period and I got better enough to reasonably take back my life- this time though it’s lasting and I don’t know if I should be planning for this forever or hoping it goes away. #whatdoyoudo #UndiagnosedIllness #Acceptance


The struggle

Sometimes things seem so overwhelming that I just want to quit. I find myself praying and wishing as hard as I can to just not wake up in the morning. I'm so tired of feeling. #whatdoyoudo #NeedSuggestions #Bipolar #Anxiety


How do I explain? #FeelingLow #whatdoyoudo

How do I explain that my body often fails me and I’m embarrassed by it? How do I explain that one second I’m fine and the next my world has flipped upside down and I can’t quite stand up straight? How do I explain that I didn’t want to cut all of those things from my diet or lose 40 pounds? How do I explain that I would love to eat three times a day but two meals is already pushing it most days? How do I explain that I don’t want to leave early but if I don’t leave now I might get stuck here? How do I explain that I know my symptoms are inconvenient for you? How do I explain that sometimes all I feel is pain and other times I can’t feel anything at all? How do I explain that I am always in fear that I might pass out or lose control of my legs in the middle of a crowd or at work? How do I explain that I am constantly exhausted and sometimes it’s all I can do to keep my eyes open? How do I explain that I may look drunk to you but I actually haven’t had alcohol in two years because I know my body will reject it for days? How do I explain that I want to be an independent 24 year old but I am so thankful for that extra set of hands on the days that I can’t lift my arms? How do I explain the shame I feel when someone has to help me shower? How do I explain how much love I have for the man that has stood beside me and held my hand through this journey? How do I explain the amount of guilt I also have for putting him through it? How do I explain that there is so much more going on than what you see or what I can tell you? How do I explain that I’ve seen 17 doctors in a year and half and still have no answers on how to fix this? How do I explain that I’m so sick of being sick? How do I explain that I don’t want your pity but would appreciate some understanding or support? How do I explain that I’m tired of explaining? #LivingWithPOTS #ButYouDontLookSick #ReadyForMoreAnswers #FamilyDoesntGetIt


I have this feeling dread in my tummy, I hate it so much I just want to get rid of it but I don’t know how, I’m worried what’s going to happen in my future and keep think that I’ve already ruined it #Anxiety #Worrying #whatdoyoudo

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It’s so difficult to start my day. I wish I can stop this pain. I wish I can stop living. How am I supposed to succeed in life? 28, F #Depression #Suicide #whatdoyoudo


How do you handle when your chronic illness affects the people close to you? #whatdoyoudo #ChronicIllness

What do you do or how do you handle when your sig. other or family is affected negatively? Whether it be mental or physical illness, or both. My husband is sometimes down or frustrated about me not feeling well or being depressed/anxious. (I don’t mean upset with me, just upset at the situation). It kills me every time, my heart breaks thinking about him hurting in anyway because of me. #chronic #Relationships #Marriage