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Welcome to #november 2023

Hey Friends. How are you today?

I am at work at the moment and I'm about to head home soon. However, I wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you. I #Care about you, too. I know that this group is not as large as many others, but I just want you to know that this is a place where you can #Talk and say #Whatever your heart needs to say. Just remember to be loving and kind when you say it.

Sometimes we #struggle to deal with things like #Anxiety disorders, or #panic disorders. For me, I have both. These types of things hit me at night when I least expect it. I want things to get better for my job life, and I feel like it will help me with my #Anxiety and make it so that I feel more #proud of myself or that I can #accomplish something. #MentalHealth is so important to keep on the front of my mind when it comes to working. One of the major things I hope to do in the near future is have my own business, but I need the help, the love, and support of those around me in order for me to do what it is that I need to do and function.

Lets #Pray that tonight I do not have to deal with an #AnxietyAttack and that I can #Sleep peacefully. Please share your thoughts with me!

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#Cat in the #NewYear

Here's placing my commitment to engaging in positive thoughts that will work positive energy that will materialize my wish/prayer that this year, & many following, will be MUCH MUCH BETTER than 2022 was to/for me.

And I #Hope & #Pray that 2023 bring MUCH #Joy , #peace , & #relief to #all of us that #Suffer from #devastating effects of #ChronicIllness , especially those of us whom are asked to #endure #ChronicPain , especially those of us, that suffer continuous non-stop pain, especially those of us who's entire body is afflicted, for I do know that #Pain does kinda cancel out/prevent us from any/all pleasurable #Emotions . At least, personally speaking, I'm always miserable, & since I lost my cat a little past last New Year (of 2022),, so went my smile, & any & every semblance of the person I was. The person I liked being. Please, #god , give me a sweet cat soon. Very soon, I'd really #hate to #Lose hope again. So please don't hold back on my #blessing of a cat too long. I need #help & #relief . Please don't make it all disappear into the #dark #pit I've lived in. For all too too long. #please bring me #light & #Hope to see this to its fruition. I need to bring home a Cat. Know that. You do. , I ask,in #Jesus ' name. Thanks for reading my post, all you caring & supportive #mightyfriends 🙋💗🍬 #MightyTogether #peace

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Need prayers!

My husband is having surgery today, just asking for some prayers that God would guide the doctor's hands without any complications. #Surgery #Pray

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I need #Prayer

Hello, I just joined. I’m Laurel.

I had #Surgery on Wednesday for a #Cataract in my right eye. I had surgery on my left eye 2 weeks before. I have #Fibromyalgia , #chronicvertigo , #Deaf left ear and #HOH #HardOfHearing in my right ear, #MDD , #Anxiety , along with many other medical issues. My left eye was nice & easy. My right eye got a scratch on it in the first 24 hours, It has yet to focus. I have antibiotic eye drops along with the 2 anti-inflammatory drops. So many drops!

I want my sight back so I can drive our daughter around. We #adopted our 2children from Russia in 2004. Our daughter has #FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome). She is afraid to drive, so she still lives with us. Without sight, even with glasses, I can’t drive Gabby around. Please #Pray for my sight to become sharper.
Thank you 😊

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The #Depression is Crawling In

I am sure I am becoming depressed. #Pray for me because this is going to be rough. My doctor did warn me that depression could run around sometimes during these months. It seemed to be that the short period of time in which I was really at a solid, even happy was just that : short. I am going to just wing it and see where it takes me. So glad I quit smoking because no matter what they say on this subject smoking totally made me moody (I know because I tried quitting about three other times for extended periods of time). Nicotine totally put me in moods and I am glad to be rid of it. (about Dec 8, 2021 clear of nicotine). #smokingcessation My parents are going to have to look after me. But you know what? it doesn't seem so bad....I just have to know not to listen to those songs that creep in and get you fu**ed up and in a mooooooooooodddddd. I know one for myself and I ain't sharing it because it is soooo disturbing to me and I do not want to hurt other people by sharing it. #Music I believe that I can overcome this based on the evaluation of other times #BipolarDepression came upon me to cease me. I do believe I am able to do this. I can totally do life with this Depression. I know it doesn't even at all depend on the optimism I can feel at this moment when it is not exactly going on or from study habits of what it's like for me when I look at it and wonder about if there are things that make me cry or upset or emotional. Maybe it's conquerable because I do know myself pretty good and can totally say I can stay away from this and that as all the details go that seem to have me in tears. But anyway I am sure I have one thing right in my life and it's living with my parents. I may totally depend on them but I'd be hitting rock bottom without my Mom and Dad. #Parents

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Selfie Sunday

My answers: Hot bath every evening, text my mom, there's a time for books and a time for movies, I believe in both, need to do both more but I do pray more than meditating.

#Selfcare #Depression #EndTheStigma #thisorthat #Anxiety #Parenting #Disability #meditate #Pray #mom #selfiesunday #ReactiveAttachmentDisorder #ConductDisorder #Disorder

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Toxic Positivity

Some of you know that I am a Personal development coach advocating positivity in life. I talk about adding value to oneself and most of the time, I encourage positivity. However, I am also aware of the negativity toxic positivity brings- it can slowly drain us mentally and physically.

So today, I am venting, letting out my true feelings for today. Today, I am angry! I am angry for not feeling well all the time. I am angry for not being able to plan things, declining clients, and family activities. I am angry about how unpredictable #HemiplegicMigraine is. I am angry that I can’t control my body. I am angry that we #struggle

Okay, now that I’ve released my feelings for today. It’s time to chanel that frustratuon into something helpful. I am going to rest, take a nap, take my medicine, drink some tea and #Pray that tomorrow is a better day.

#Migraine #Dystonia #ChronicIllness

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RIP DAD #Pray #cancersucks

Last week was one of the saddest weeks of my life, on Monday November 30th I lost my dad to prostate cancer, and on Friday of the same week I broke my elbow... I don’t know what else life has in stored for me... it’s to much to handle at the same time... #brokenelbow #Vasculitis #AnkylosingSpondylitis #prayforme


Social acceptance

Has anyone else thought about that being an alcoholic and or addict is more socially acceptable than saying I have an emotional or mental issue? Just thinking about how many people lives would be saved or changed if just saying “I need help”. #Pray #Bekindtoyourself #noshame #youmatter