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Feeling like you aren't worth it.

Sometimes I feel as though I'm just a pawn in a game. And the game is life. But I'm one of those game pieces that nobody ever uses and eventually gets lost, and never found or remembered. I feel as though if I left this world, nobody would care or think of me when I was gone. The universe seems so fake, and so do the people and things in it. Everything seems so unrealistic it's unreal. I have an invisible hole in the middle of my stomach that I can constantly feel. Some days I can barely feel it and I forget about it, other days I can feel it so badly that it physically hurts.

Know that you are important. It is so hard to believe and I feel like a hypocrite for even saying this because I can't even take my own advice. It's weird trust me, but I feel as though everyone in this world has a purpose except for myself. It makes absolutely no sense I know. I can't even explain it. But I think that everybody who hasn't experienced it yet needs to wait a little longer. I know that waiting sucks ass. I know that you want your chance to come now to really figure out who you are, and what you are here to do, but from what I've learned; waiting is the key to life. But don't think waiting is the only key. There's a whole ring of keys left. You just need to find them and hopefully, they will help you along the way. I haven't found my keys yet. I hope you find yours. #Depression #empty #youareworthit

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Everyone has their bad days where nothing seems to be going right and it feels like you have nothing left to give but I promise you that there are better days ahead and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Please #dontgiveup #youareworthit

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#releasenegativeattachments #survivingabuse #increaseselfawareness #youareworthit

The above picture is similar to one that was used in a fabulous websites visual and verbal on steps torwards breaking cycles of abuse. The abused is drinking from large bowls of toxicity. This lesson suggests , try to fill one bowl with something healthy for just you. An activity you want to try? A soothing mantra? Anything!! At your own pace, meditate and reflect, and move to another bowl; visualize the toxicity pouring out and you pouring your new healthy (anything!) filling the next bowl. Think of how you will feel when all your bowls are filled with pure love for yourself.
Maybe this will help someone?

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Hey you ♡

Hey you ,yes you reading this right now , you that is feeling low or lost , you that has no one else to speak to or understand you, the you who is still here after everything...
#youmatter #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #CheckInWithMe #Endometriosis #youareworthit #lonely #Insomnia #DistractMe #Bekind


BPD diagnostic, what's next?

You just got diagnosed Borderline Personality Disorder and you are certainly wondering what is going next, what it means, how severe it is.

Here are some hints and clues from my own experience of this unexpected journey.

Being diagnosed BPD is unlike diagnostic of a disease. It is a dysfunctional illness affecting your mental health from a "standardized" scheme.

It doesn't turn you into some kind of freak or serial killer monster. You are and will remain a worthy human being able to contribute to the well being of this world.

In fact, until this diagnostic you were already suffering from BPD without being aware of it. It sets up very early in life because of trauma. And those traumas are not as awful as being abducted, raped, physically abused, etc. No, just feelings abuses, either voluntarily by a person or by mistake, because we all are imperfect human beings. There are some clues it can be genetically based too.

At a final stage, BPD is definitely set in you at teenage. Many, people like me could live with it, unnoticed, until age of 47. It all depends of various factors, making BPD a very unique illness to each of us.

Knowing this will help you putting words on it and help you understanding your behaviors.
Because BPD is mostly this, unexpected behaviors from a standard point of view.
It doesn't make us inferiors, in fact BPDs are known to be smart individuals, and we can still make a living.
We "just" (it is do easy to write 😆) need to learn to take care of ourselves. To me, this journey in rediscovering myself, taught me to share. I don't hold onto myself feelings as I was before. But only with trusted people. Obviously.

My first hint to start feeling better, rather than healing, which is not appropriate to BPD is:

Love yourself as much as it is missing. Hug your inner child for hours.
Laugh from your mistakes. Do not get upset when you break or drop something, it was meant to happen.
Forgive others to forgive yourself. Let it go.
Be true to yourself.

Once you have started this, be willing to get better. Engage yourself in therapy. Search for hints to improve your wellbeing.
PINTEREST has been - and is still - a great help to me. It even leads me here. 🙂

You may eventually use DAYLIO, an Android app to track you mood if you wish.

And never forget, you are NOT alone! ❤

#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #borderliners #borderlinediagnosis #Selfcare #loveyourself #youareworthit


#MentalHealth motivation

Tomorrow is my 28th birthday. I honestly never thought that I would make it this far, but I am so grateful that I kept holding on with the help of my support system. While life still drags me down sometimes, all I can do is try to find hope within even the littlest things.

I have made it this far in life and I refuse to give up on my fight to make it through. Although I still may not be exactly where I want to be in life, I am closer to reaching my goals each and every day, and I am finally proud of the person that I have become.

Whether you can see it in yourself or not, you are strong; you are courageous; you are WORTH it!

Since writing this, I can only be grateful that I have made it this far, and hope to inspire others to keep fighting. Your fight is worth it; YOU are worth it!

#Depression #Anxiety #BipolarDisorder #MentalHealth #PTSD #keepfighting #youareworthit