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More than just sensory overloaded and totally exhausted.

Today is a crappy day. It started when I woke up and read the news. There, I read about the next Corona actions. Now, they are about to reduce our range of motion to 9 miles. Although I know that I'm not a big fan of traveling long distances because of my travel sickness, I got furious because of this negative news. I'm also afraid of more ordinances and more severe ordinances by the politicians, like curfews for example.
Just because of this negative news, I got sensory overloaded and I had a slight meltdown and a panic attack. Later, we cleaned the kitchen, and the strong smell of the cleanser caused a headache and a shutdown. My neighbors in the apartments next to mine and in the apartment above mine are always arguing loudly with their wives. Now, I am extremely drained and exhausted, and besides this, I have a headache, an upset stomach, I feel sorry for having a meltdown, a panic attack, and a shutdown in that same afternoon. I also feel sorry for getting rude and aggressive because of my anxiety attack and my meltdown. The only thing I want for now is just skipping the rest of this crappy day as it is sensory hell and unsurvivable for me. I even don't want to watch wrestling tonight, although I'm always looking forward to watch it. I don't know to cope with this crappy day. #Anxiety #AutismMeltdown #Autism #autismspectrumcondition #AutismShutdown #Drained #ExhaustedAlways #exhaustion #chronic Gastritis #Chronicexhaustion #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS #SensoryOverloads #SensoryDisorder #SensoryIssues #Depression #PTSD #AutisticAdults #AutisticExhaustion #deadinisde #aggressive #depressed #aggression #Anxietyanddepression #AnxietyAttack #AngerManagement #Feelingsorryformyself #feelingunabletofunction #feelingdeainside #EmotionalBlackouts #mentalblackouts

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Just "Take it easy" they say.

I really hope that someday I will be as insensitive as the people who wish me to "take it easy"!
- Why are you sad?
- I think I have anxiety disorder, and I keep on having dreams about recent war, I wake up every time with fear and hard anxiety.
-Oh, Just take it easy!

after 10 minutes
- however, you seem to be sad, what has happened?

And this is when I realized that people keep on asking "what has happened? why are you sad" just because they are getting bored in this situation. They ask you just to hint "please, smile, pretend you are ok, and don't break my mood".
No one asks "why are you sad" because of empathy and willingness to help.
So I wish that one day I can do the same to them, really, Instead of hearing and empathizeing I will just say "take it easy, man", that's all.
Sorry for this kind of aggressive post, but I hate people with low emotional intelligence. #Anxiety #Fear #Emotions #dreams #takeiteasy #Disorder #Empathy #aggression


Anger and schizophrenia

After conducting research I've learned the link of #aggression and #schizophrenia. It's hard to see someone dealing with psychosis due to such a #traumatic #Childhood experience.

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