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Be kind

This is my awesome son. He was born three months premature only weighing 1 lb 13 ozs. I was pregnant with twins. A boy and a girl. After multiple miscarriages. We finally got pregnant through IVF. I was the happiest mommy ever. Until HELLP syndrome caused us to have an emergency c section. They were afraid I wasn’t going to make it. His twin sister, Allison, passed at 11 days. We adopted my beautiful daughter from South Korea. She’s a blessing to my heart also.
This little boy is the most beautiful soul I’ve ever known. He’s endured years of bullying. Because he wasn’t exactly like everyone else. I’ve cried many tears for his pain.
He’s currently battling juvenile arthritis Like the hero he is
Miracles like my Sam should be cherished. Not hurt. I’ve been a special ed teacher for 20 years. Because my beautiful brother who had cerebral palsy. I watched him be treated differently, stared at, picked on for years. I wrote a book for my sweet Sam To help others. That have endured having a premature baby. Hope. Is a wonderful thing. As is kindness.
Sam has the most beautiful, empathetic soul. Even after all he’s been through. He knows he is a miracle, loved, and cherished. ❤️🙏

Let’s all be kind to everyone. #Kindness #Antibullying #Love #Arthritis

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Have a beautiful weekend friends #Bipolar1Disorder #PTSD #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Antibullying #Anxiety #Love

It’s been a gloomy day. I got some sunshine for a few minutes early this morning 😌😍🌥


Workplace safety #CheckInWithMe

I came to work triggered today, I don’t feel safe at work. Not only does my grad school bully works at the same company as me, but in the same building, the same department, and the same hallway, but we share a wall. This woman has gone out of her way to twist, manipulate, and lie since day one when the bullying started. Now she wants to threaten me and my livelihood because she needs to feed better about herself. I’ve chosen not to engage in the childish games she’s playing, I’m not a child and I’m not playing into the twisted games she wants. This is what bullies do, and I won’t take part. How dare this homophobic woman turn around and say “I can report you to management and you wouldn’t have a job.” How dare she justify what she’s doing and has done with “god loves and accepts all of us that are straight.” How dare you! You do not deserve to be in a profession that helps people when you have only hurt people. #Pledge2EndBullying #Antibullying #MentalHealth #CheckInWithMe #lgbtqbullying


Due to COVID-19 kids bullied my ten year old sister.

You wouldn't know from looking at my sister and I, but we are of Japanese and Korean decent. It's a part of our heritage we wear proudly, due to this many people in my sister's grade knows of our ancestry. However, we live in a small town with little diversity...

Once COVID-19 started to be more wide spread and worked it's way into the United States, the bullying started for my sister. My brave little sister was hurt, and angry! She straight up told these kids the facts, but she knew something had to be done.

After telling my parents and I what had happened at school, she notified her wonderful teacher. This led to all of the fifth grade teachers having a serious talk with their students. They said there was an individual that was of Japanese and Korean heritage that was being bullied. They strictly said if this was to go on, there would be serious consequences.

I am amazed by my baby sister everyday. It makes my heart break that she went through bullying like I had as a child (also due to the fact of what my heritage was). This has to stop, bullying is never right. I'm sure she wasnt the only Asian American bullied during this stressful time.

Also as moms/dads/sisters/brothers/etc. we need to make sure we're setting the right examples. ALWAYS. Bullying is NEVER right, no matter what. Teach your kids to be the good example, not the bully.

#COVID19 #COVID -19 #Bullying #Antibullying #Brave #sisters #babysister #proud #proudsister


Avoid stress #Stress

While feeling like I have been hit like a freight train, pain running rampid, and no for sure cause they say to avoid stress. Well, I work in a pharmacy (stress), single mom (stress to provide), and now my daughter's school principal thought it was ok for some kid to grab my daughter's chest and not call me (huge stress). I am furious! My daughter should feel safe and secure in school. The boy has gotten no punishment. No he is not the athlete. My daughter is. So after a week and a half I emailed the superintendent. He called me that night. He was not happy. He assured me that the principal will be calling me. Someone has to stand up for her daughters no matter how much it hurts. #Stress #Antibullying #donttouchmydaughter #Pain #NervePains #pharmacy

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