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I'm new here!

Hi, my name is Ladrondeguevara. I'm here because I am always tired and I suffer from chronic costipation and I recently found out my ALPis low. I am always tired and also feel dehydrated and I have upper back pain all the time.
I stopped drinking 3 months ago and I been eating junk food to cope with the cravings.


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3 Benefits of Physical Disability/Chronic Illness Ministries

“My coworker said she was experiencing back pain…can you believe someone OUR age is having those kinds of pains? Are we really that old now? Do you have those kinds of pains?” A peer in my church’s young adults group asked.

“I mean, yeah,” I laughed awkwardly, “I have cerebral palsy.”

“Oh yeah…that’s right,” the peer said. “I guess it’s different for you.”

It is different for me. It’s different for me because I am different than the others in mainstream ministries. Or am at least made to feel different. As a young person with a physical disability, I don’t always fit in at church, just like I don’t always fit in at large. And while the church has made great strides in being more inclusive to those with intellectual disabilities, children, and their families through respite ministries, those ministries unfortunately don’t always meet my needs as an adult with a college degree, an apartment, and a full-time job. Enter physical disability/chronic illness ministries, which are opportunities for adults with physical disabilities and chronic illnesses to minister to each other. Here are three benefits to having physical disability/chronic illness ministries.

Provides Community In a physical disability/chronic illness ministry, no one acts shocked that I’m a 29-year-old with aches and pains. People understand the shame of being prayed over for miraculous healing and struggle with the stigma of being on government assistance. They understand each other in ways even friends and family members cannot. They address each other as peers and adults.
Provides Mentorship. Physical disability/chronic illness ministries are led by those with physical disabilities and chronic illnessThe Problem With 'Disability Ministry' Leaders with disabilities understand and empathize with those they are ministering to in a unique way. As a person with a disability, sometimes it’s easy to think, “that’s easy for an able-bodied person to say,” when being ministered to, but being led by a fellow person with a disability removes that barrier. People with disabilities feel safer being discipled by and opening up to others with disabilities, and feel empowered, encouraged, and challenged when they see someone like themselves in charge.
Provides Accessibility One of my main challenges to not being involved more in Bible studies at my church is finding reliable transportation. Many physical disability/chronic illness ministries meet on video conferencing platforms such as Zoom. Not only does meeting on Zoom make it accessible for those in a particular church or local community to attend, but it also opens groups up for others in the disability community to attend from across the country and around the world. This global community is most welcome, considering many times, people are the only disabled person or one of the only disabled people in their churches. Spirituality among People with Disabilities: A Nationally Re... Other accommodations that physical disability/chronic illness ministries can provide are close captioning on Zoom calls, audio versions of study materials, and more.

Physical disability/chronic illness ministries can make a significant impact on the lives of Christians with a variety of medical conditions. If you are a Christian with a physical disability or chronic illness, consider using your challenges to encourage others. If you are a Christian without a physical disability or chronic illness, consult with those with physical disabilities or chronic illnesses about starting a ministry. Just like good missionaries focus their efforts on training locals to lead those in their community, churches should focus on training those with disabilities and chronic illnesses to minister to their own community.

The Problem With 'Disability Ministry'

Non-disabled individuals are making decisions and creating ministries based on good intentions and perceptions, but not actual lived experiences.
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When you are depressed or in pain what would be the most supportive thing a friend or loved one could say to you? What would be the most comforting?

I can get pretty bad social anxiety these days, and I always fear people will say “What have you been up to…?” I know they would mean well, but the honest answer would be that I've been busy going to doctors, PT & therapy appointments..and practicing self care… treating pain in four parts of my body, off & on for hours each day. But I really don't want our conversation to focus on discussing this…as I often feel a need to explain further, answer the inevitable questions and hear their concern, and often sympathy I’m definitely not looking for!

Even if people say positive things like “You look great!” I think… if they only knew how I feel INSIDE…(I have been dealing with numerous Invisible Illnesses)

Can you relate to these?

What would you like people to stop asking? What have people said that you felt was callous, unsympathetic or uncaring? What words have been the most hurtful?

When you are struggling, what can people say that would help the most? How can they let you know they’ve got your back? What if you could have someone say (or not say) anything you want to make you feel better…What would you want to hear?

Please share your responses to the question(s) that speak to you the most ….your experiences, and what you would (and wouldn't!) like to hear. I find that in hearing other members' responses to them they often could basically be telling my story and we are on similar journeys. I have found this opportunity to empathize with each other here helps me feel less alone!


👍We just went soaring past 2,500 members!👍 It seems that I just posted about 2,222 so recently. I am humbled and grateful that you all have joined me here and are sharing this journey connecting with each other! It’s become more than I even imagined when I started this group a few years ago…let’s keep asking for support, offering it, and empathizing & being there for each other! 🤗🫶🩷🤝👏🤝🙌🤝🩷🫶🤗

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Monday morning hugs #

Need a quiet cry, bedrest..
Nonexistent therapist.
Monday morning. Workinng from home, but back pain. Work anxiety. Long week ahead. Long painful 4 day weekend (US) not expected rest.
Last Monday I was in Urgent Care in the afternoon, and Emergency room in the evening unil 9 :30pm for back pain (UTI).
Back no spasming, but still hurts.
Medical fears fighting work fears.
Must go. Must be logged on to phone lines in 2 hours, and still need meds,then food.
Thank you for temhe cry space this morning.
And how are all of you?

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Dealing with two conditions - and chronic pain

Dealing with Chronic Pain and Bipolar Disorder at 57

I'm 57 years old, and I face the challenges of Chronic Pain and Bipolar Disorder (Type 2). It all started when I was 20, during my final year of engineering. I used to get chronic headaches every day, especially during stressful times like exams.

The doctor in India labeled it as tension headaches and gave me Haloperidol for a month, which helped. However, soon after, I began experiencing intense morning anxiety attacks that lasted for hours. It got so bad that I had to skip a job interview due to a massive anxiety attack during a train journey.

Feeling overwhelmed, I even considered ending my life but sought comfort from my dad. Eventually, I stumbled upon a book about mental health and realized I might be dealing with major depression or manic-depressive illness. A visit to a psychiatrist resulted in a prescription for Imipramine and Diazepam, the latter providing much-needed relief and helping me regain control.

Despite side effects, I joined a Master's program and, with medication, achieved stability. However, stopping the meds led to a rebound of anxiety, causing me to leave college for a job. A stable routine, yoga, and a supportive work environment provided temporary relief, but I refrained from seeing a psychiatrist due to various reasons.

Life took a positive turn when I got into a prestigious management institute. However, in 2000, chronic low back pain emerged during my time in the UK. Relocating to the USA didn't resolve the pain, but managing it through John Sarno's approach helped.

At 38, extreme morning anxiety attacks returned, marking the beginning of a challenging journey with two conditions: Chronic Pain and Bipolar Type 2 with mixed features. Despite a supportive family, I had to stop working at 55 due to chronic pain making it impossible to hold a sedentary job.

Managing each day is tough, especially during flare-ups and mixed episodes. Grateful for my supportive family and available medical options, I acknowledge the ongoing challenge of balancing both conditions.

Exercise helps with depression, but it worsens pain and anxiety during flare-ups. Daily routines are beneficial, but sticking to them becomes challenging during difficult times. Aging exacerbates chronic pain, adding stress to Bipolar Type 2.

Things that have helped me, even if just a little, alongside medications:

Daily routine

Planning tasks that bring joy

Support groups for Chronic Pain and Depression

Mindfulness meditation

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Surgery for specific pain issues

Daily walks, considering limitations

Regular breaks from sitting

Reading philosophy books for mental strength

Talking to close friends for distraction

Planning enjoyable activities with my wife

Exploring nearby places with my wife as much as possible.

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Little Victories

I’m actually pretty pleased with myself today.

This morning I went and had my flu and Covid vaccines done. Then I came home and I changed my sheets and bedding, followed by a lovely hot shower, and then I wrote two pages of my novel after being stuck with writer’s block for ages. I’m a little sore after all the movement, but I got through it. All over and done with now - I can rest. 😌😴

My GP is always telling me that I should celebrate every victory - even the itty bitty ones. I’ve made myself a lovely hot chocolate with a dash of Bailey’s Original as a treat, and I’m huddled up with my fluffy hoodie on now, all cosy like.

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My Not So Mighty Moment

When I was in high school, a middle aged teacher showed up to class with her hand in a cast, courtesy of a wild bowls incident. Being an all-girls school, naturely this was a source of gossip. After some discussion, we crowned it the 'Most Geriatric Injury Ever Conceived by Teenage Minds'.

Fast forward to the present, and here I am, ready to steal her crown!

Enter Taryn, the Yoga Clown 🤡

Last week, while channeling my inner 'Warrior Pose' at my local MS Centre, I felt a small pop in my
chest that definitely wasn't my inner peace bursting forth. By the end of the session, my neck was brewing with what felt like the beginnings of a migraine that could rival a Shakespearean tragedy. So I did the logical things—a hot bath with lots of magnesium, dinner, and an early night with dreams of being a yoga guru.

Clearly, the Universe had other plans...

I woke up feeling like I'd been rear-ended by an invisible truck. It was like the whiplash injury I got in a car accident a few years back, but with a hefty dash of facial acrobatics. Pain in the left side of my neck, ear, sinuses, and teeth—because apparently, you can sprain your face doing beginner yoga.

As I start to feel less like a human pretzel, I can't help but chuckle about the absurdity of it all. So, to anyone needing a laugh: if you ever feel silly about an injury, just remember me – the person who went full Cirque du Soleil with her face in yoga class 🤗

#DistractMe #CheerMeOn #ChronicFatigue #ChronicFatigueSyndrome #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #Fibromyalgia #Headache #Migraine #Endometriosis #PolycysticOvarySyndrome #MultipleSclerosis #BackPain #Laugh #Meme #BruisedEgo

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I'm new here!

Hi, my name is EmmaEyelashes13. I'm here because I live with chronic lower back pain, sciatica and nerve damage. I had L4 L5 spinal fusion surgery, a disc replacement and a pars defect repaired 5 years ago. After the 6 month recovery period I had 3-4 “good” months and I really felt like I was on my way back to my old life before pain took over my entire existence but unfortunately it was short lived. After pleading with my gp’s for the last 3 years to be referred for a spinal cord stimulator assessment, I finally have an appointment at Guy’s and St.Thomas’s hospital in London next week. I wear an external Tens machine on a daily basis, I find it a welcome distraction from the trickling water/bugs crawling on my legs/burning/pins & needles/loud static sensations. I really miss my old life and the capable person I once was…because I’m no longer living my life…I’m just existing through it

#MightyTogether #Anxiety #Depression #ChronicPain

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Bad day does not = bad life

Today is a new day and also my family game night. I’m tired already and it’s only 3:30ish, game and dinner are around 5:30.
I’ve been pushing myself a lot with cleaning and other things lately. My fibromyalgia has been really bad and so has low back pain that I think is caused by my Tarlov cysts.
I just want a day/night to chill and not worry about “keeping up appearances “. I don’t know when/if I’ll ever have a day to “recover” anytime soon. #Fibromyalgia #TarlovCysts #ChronicPain #sooverit #frustrated

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🎉 I’M BACK!! 🎉

I’M BACK!! It’s been a very difficult few months as I have been dealing with several different issues and treatments for my health. Thankfully I am slowly recovering, feeling more like myself & will hopefully be posting more than I have been in recent months. I am very grateful to you all for their ongoing support & encouragement, it means more than I can say. Thank you all!

#FND #fndaware #fndwarrior #ChronicIllness #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #Anxiety #MentalHealth #Depression #ChronicFatigue #BackPain #MightyTogether

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