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Abusing my Mother

My mother is the only person who cares about me and I treat her very badly. My mum is always pushing me to do better. Make friends and socialise, get a new job and make more money, get a new car, clean the house up and get a girl friend.

I don't know if my mum realises how miserable and sad I am. I blame my mother for all my problems and she blames herself. She is literally the only person who calls me to see how I am and I push her away swearing at her and threatening her. I think she called me "by accident" after our conversation crying and said it was a mistake. I should feel terrible about the way I speak to my mother but somehow it relieves me of a lot of my troubles.

I am putting all my issues on my mother and causing her significant stress. I don't know how she feels because its all about me. Everything is about me and my troubles. I feel bad about how I speak to her but I think it is more about pushing her away and completely isolating myself. Once I am completely isolated is when I really consider whether my life is worth living. Fortunately or unfortunately, (depends on which way you want to look at it) she will never let that happen.

She will call again tomorrow, sometimes I wish she would let me be but I would be no better off. I love my mother more than anything and she knows that. I got clean and straightened my life out for my family with my mums support. No matter how much trouble I caused her she was always there for me. I feel bad treating her so poorly but she brings the worst out in me.

I hope my mum doesn't feel like she has failed as a mother. I think she feels bad because I am not happy, hurting and suffering.

I think she just wants me to be happy. She is not stupid and can see that I am miserable and hates seeing me this way.

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Full moon effects

Does anyone else feel like their going into an episode every time the full moon approaches? I mean full on mood swings, mind going blank, brief periods of depression, irritability, sadness just all out of whack... #Bipolar2 #fullmoon #MajorDepressiveDisorder #Anxiety #ObsessiveCompulsiveAndRelatedDisorder #calmdown #relax #werewolf


I can stay mad ! But rather not. #highlybothered #cooloff

I don't know if this is a true mental health thing, but I could use the help (and surely, I know others could too). But I've been having problems with anger. I often snap at folks on the phone, I'm impatient with my family, and I get horribly jealous of others who have accomplished more than me. I'm trying to calm myself down, and tell myself that I got a lot to be happy about, but I can't help but always throw a pity party for myself. I really want to snap out of it, so I'm asking for my own best friend - me: how do you all conquer your feelings of rage? Any advice for me?

Or feel free to just share your methods & tricks with everyone else who is struggling to stop "seeing red." I personally just need to placate before I go cray-cray! THANKS in advance! 💛
#CheckInWithMe #TheMighty #ALLtheangryemojis #calmdown #relaxrelaterelease #peacefulminddownloading