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New to tabletop games

Hi everyone. Ive never played a game like Dungeons and Dragons , but I’ve wanted to for a long time. Can you guys tell me how and where you find a group to play with?

#Games #Bipolar2 #ADD #Chronicfatique #ChronicPain

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1:13pm on Sun, April 10th 2022

Day in and day out. Day in and day out. I’ve been getting the same thing. You look at my face and be told you look like a child. Looking young will never be the actual issue. Being treated as such is. I’m 32 years old and I’m constantly treated as though I’m 17. No matter where I go, I’m not taken seriously. I’m literally baby talked. This literally angers me and people think this is okay. No! My hair is extra curly when it’s wet and I’m told I look like Michael Jackson! Making sounds too. Don’t get me started when I’m really upset or really get angry and start crying.

“You are acting like my daughter”
“Your just like my daughter”
“Don’t give me that woe-is-me”

Respect? Im not given that at all. Im also remotely respected if im around someone who is respected. That’s it.

I’ve been diagnosed with with #Anxiety , #MajorDepression #Chronicfatique and #Fibromyalgia . No one even checks up on me or tell me it will be okay. I’ve been told many things

“You are too young to be depressed”
“What do you need to be depressed about”
“Add 30 years to it”
“I seen my mom fight to live through Cancer
“Oh you can sit in the car, while I go to the event”

My dad doesn’t even understand and that’s the only parent I have. To be told I’m always crying that “woe-is-me sob story or literally tell me that he doesn’t even believe me. He doesn’t call me anymore either. Probably mad that I have yet to fly back home to Pennsylvania even though I never have the funds to do so. Dating was even worse because they can’t handle when I get severely sad for no reason or have suicidal thoughts.

Constantly I have to explain every little thing, every little choice and every little movement. I constantly have to explain why I’m always tired especially when I’m an active individual; athletically active.

As a content creator and brand designer, being online is my solice. Sometimes, I wish I was online because at least I can filter out all the bad and negative things. I walk around this Earth feeling more by myself as I get older.


Loss of Routine

I need a schedule to keep myself on track, like school or work, because I cannot reliably self motivate to get things done without outside pressure. For the past few months my routine has been pretty unstable due to going from in person to online learning (which was a stupid decision on my part and am in the process of rectifying) and reducing my work hours. Now that I am doing school online, and don't have the pressure of "Oh boy work is at x I have to get this done before then" I've started to really slack off. Besides getting a concrete schedule back in place which is what I'm working on, does anybody have any tips for defeating the part of your brain telling you to just not do something and do something fun like play video games instead? I'd appreciate it. #Depression #Chronicfatique #Autism

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5D Diamond Drill

This is what I’ve been doing lately. I love being crafty. I also like being able to accomplish things, which isn’t always easy for me anymore.

I use to crochet. I use to restore and paint furniture. Heck, I use to do a lot more, including hair. Lol.

This has allowed me to satisfy my artistic side. I don’t have to think to much, which is nice with the Fibro Fog. It doesn’t require a lot of movement. So it’s right up my alley, for now.

It’s very satisfying and I enjoy seeing the picture coming together. It gives me something to anticipate. The satisfaction of completing a project is wonderful.

If your looking for something, but are limited in what you can do. Give these a try. It may be something you enjoy.

I love this one, I’m actually going to frame it. I love the bright colors and it turned out how I wanted.

#FibroFog #Chronicfatique #Fibromyalgia

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I’d love to hear your victories! However big or small ☺️

I managed to spend a few hours working on a university assignment today ☺️. Nothing too difficult mentally, and I did it from the comfort of my bed, but it took the motivation to do it, and concentration I haven’t had in weeks.
I’ve made big progress in the assignment, relieving some stress regarding making the deadline!
What’s your victory? However big or small, please share it! I’d love to celebrate it with you! #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #FunctionalNeurologicalDisorder #SeizureDisorder #Migraine #HemiplegicMigraine #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #Chronicfatique #PanicDisorder #Costochondritis #NeurologicalDisorder #Autism #CheerMeOn #CelebrateTheSmallWins #Recovery #MentalHealth #positive #Positivity


Dreaming when you’re tired #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #Chronicfatique

I applied for college last week, for counselling skills level 2. They’ve reserved me a space & I find out next Thursday if I get a place. I’m so excited but at the same time, so worried!
What if I can’t get out of bed? What if I’m so busy trying to remember things, that nothing actually sinks in? I have so many what ifs!! Who would want to be counselled by me?!!
I’m trying to take one day at a time & try to enjoy each moment as it comes but my mind monkeys seem to be taking over! #Notgivingup


#Chronicfatique Have any chronic fatigue patients found something that helps decrease any of the fatigue or other symptoms?