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I need prayers please as I need a financial blessing, I have been off work since September, my short term disability stopped, I have $7.00 in savings and a $100.00 in Checking, please pray that God will come through, and quick, thanks for having me here, thanks for support, care, love, acceptance.

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So Overwhelmed

I’m not a frequent poster but I’ve had this app for a while and visit occasionally. My best friend/roommate uses this app regularly and has found it extremely helpful.

I’m really sad and terrified. My bestie (we’ll call her Cassidy) went to the hospital this Monday in an attempt to prevent her from killing herself. It was in her safety plan as a last resort and she followed it through and through.

While I’m very thankful that she’s receiving additional support, I know she and I are both concerned about rent and other finances. Cassidy has had it rough for a long while. She hasn’t been able to find full time employment for over 6 months and as a result doesn’t have health insurance. She makes too much to qualify for government assistance and yet too little to meet the demands of day-to-day bills.

I try to help her when I can, but I’m now struggling too. Unfortunately it costs $1000 a day at the hospital and when I’ve visited/spoken in the phone, she’s anxious about how she’s going to pay for her medical expenses and isn’t able to focus on getting well.

I’m trying what I can to find resources, try crowdfunding, and praying. I feel like I’m running into walls. I’m so discouraged and heartbroken.

The system is SO flawed. The people who are trying to do everything they can—get treatment, take medication, go to groups—it’s so hard on those individuals who are trapped by finances. I understand why they would need a way out. I feel like there’s not enough support or resources out there.

This was more of a vent post, but if anyone knows of any resources that may help with our situation, please let me know. We live in Arapahoe county in Colorado.

And please, PLEASE, send prayers and positive thoughts toward Cassidy Sanchez (alias used). I just don’t know what to do. #sad #MentalHealth #PsychiatricHospital #Financialcrisis #Stigma #NeedSupport #Prayersneeded #Help4Cassidy