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I need prayers please as I need a financial blessing, I have been off work since September, my short term disability stopped, I have $7.00 in savings and a $100.00 in Checking, please pray that God will come through, and quick, thanks for having me here, thanks for support, care, love, acceptance.

#self -Care
#no Shame
#no support


I can't die and I can't live

Nearly an year ago I had commented on someone's post on Mighty about how I wanted to die because of depression and anxiety but was trying to get better because my family loves me and it will cause them irreplaceable hurt if I died.

I used to live in a different city at that time. Now due to covid situation I have been living at home and I've become worse. Mom won't talk unless to think of a caption for her insta, brother isn't interested in anything but playing games, and Dad, I don't know if he cares or not (fortunately he's living in another city). I have to ask her 10 times for even buying groceries for the next day, and that is when she just has to tell me what and how much, and I buy them. She's also stressed of course, my grandmother has lung cancer and mom has to be involved in everything because her sister (my aunt) doesn't pull her weight. Dad also has stress due to his job and to finish off our family loans, and my brother is a teenager so yes, it is a stressful time for him as well. I don't have many friends and the ones I do either don't understand depression or are very busy. I did make a lot progress with therapy and obviously a lot more has to be done, but I don't know. Why am I even doing this? Sometimes it feels easier to run away or die, but I know I won't do it because I know it will hurt them. But why should I even get better? I don't have many friends, whenever I try to talk about any issue (mine or theirs) it is either met with mockery or shouting. My parents are good people, but this is very confusing. I know that they are under stress, but that shouldn't give them a right to treat me this way, especially after the fact that they are the main reason I didn't kill myself in my darkest moments. Because I didn't want them to suffer. I often think of detaching myself mentally from them but can't follow through it because I care for them. And granted, I'm not a perfect person and have been rude sometimes, I've never refused to listen. I always think about them. I so care. I don't know if they do.

I can't die and I can't live.

#Depression #Anxiety #Familytroubles #familyjudgement #cantdieandcantlive #hatelife #confused #ConfusedAndHurt



I Just being told by my family not to be obsessed with a boy band, don't worship them too much which I don't. There's a few posts that I commented on just trying to give my opinion and those comments are the result after a few attempt to comment because I'm scared of what people think of me.. I like to listen to their music because of the message they carry, its make me think some people understand this feeling.. I have a different opinion about things and they considered me being negative and like to disagree with everything. It's just what I'm feeling and I'm trying to be more expressive of my feeling because I want to be “normal" again, I wonder if coming out as someone depress will they understand me and do not think that I'm just a weak person or as someone with no faith to god
#Depression #MentalHealth #Anxiety #familyjudgement


Need advice #CheckInWithMe

Change is hard to adjust too, especially when it happens within 24 hours. I was promoted, I’m happy and know this will lead to better things. However I have routines i stick too diligently to help my mental health. Everyone is happy yet not letting my grieve and deal with this in my own time. Happinesses can’t come till good byes are said. My mom has been very rude during this entire weekend, constantly turning my sadness around and making it about how I ‘hate’ her or how it’s going to be ‘one of those days’ she’s not being supportive at all and I’m frustrated.

How do you deal with family members who don’t understand that before the sun rises sometimes you have to sit in the rain? #CheckInWithMe #familyjudgement #Familytroubles #MentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety


Does anyone have any tips to get better at pacing? Managing flare ups?

I have over the past two weeks overdone things and ended up having a Fibro flare up where I have had a severe migraine to point where I feel nauseous and have to go to bed to lie in a dark room.
I suffer from family judgement where they think I can do stuff if I tried harder so I try to live as I did before Fibro/ME which results in this cycle of crashing.
#Fibromyalgia #pacing #ChronicFatigue #Flareup #familyjudgement