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Invalidated by the "professionals"

What are you supposed to do when the people that are supposed to help you don't seem to listen or even care that much. I've been with a home based treatment program but because of lockdown here it's just been via calls every day except yesterday when they called yesterday and i said i was having suicidal thoughts and self harm thoughts again they just said "well it's good you didn't go through with it you don't give yourself enough credit" so that felt like they didn't even care and they said they won't call again till friday so i straight up said I'm scared i will hurt myself and then they barely did anything about it. Every night I'm in pain and crying myself to sleep and now feel like nothing can even be done about it.
#Anxiety #Depression #sleeplessnights #scared #MentalHealth

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Why is this so hard?

Tonight i'm crying. Before posting for the first time here, i was thinking a lot. It's really hard for me to share my emotions and be vulnerable. But tonight i'll try because it's too hard for me to handle alone...
My cat has been my only support for 14 years, but she's really sick. I'm so scared and i can't live without her. I always told myself "as long as my cat is alive, i will live too." but now my world is about to be crushed. I don't know what to do. I guess being able to write this makes my heart less heavy... 💭

I'll spend the night with my cat. Good night everyone and thanks for reading. 🌙

// english isn't my mothertongue, sorry for the mistakes #pet #petloss #Sadness #Depression #Loss #Cat #sleeplessnights


Don’t know why I do this

Having the hardest time trying to fall asleep. Not only does this really annoying song keep playing itself on repeat in my head, but every time I try to get relaxed even a little in bed my body automatically jerks me awake all of a sudden. I just want to sleep. It’s 1:00AM, and I have to be up by 5:30 for work. It’s going to be a long night. #sleeplessnights #Insomnia #Sleep


I need prayers please as I need a financial blessing, I have been off work since September, my short term disability stopped, I have $7.00 in savings and a $100.00 in Checking, please pray that God will come through, and quick, thanks for having me here, thanks for support, care, love, acceptance.

#self -Care
#no Shame
#no support

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Green bug, what's the secret you're keeping? #ADHD #sleeplessnights

I am tired. And not sleeping again. I have to turn off my phone. Maybe that will help.

Have fun dear people. I'm going to try and find the secret behind the green bug 🤔😉🐞
#ADHD #Sleeplessnight


Give me your best sleeping tips! #nosleep #sleeplessnights

I have the hardest time falling asleep at night, and I've tried everything! I typically don't fall asleep until about 2 or 3am, which causes me to oversleep because once I'm asleep I am a heavy sleeper. When I oversleep, I'm late for work, and now I'm at risk of being written up for it! I can't have that. What are your best tips to calm the mind and fall asleep earlier, to wake up earlier? #Anxiety #Nightowl

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#Snapchat fun

#Painsomnia has hit and I can’t sleep. So I’ve been snap chatting and listening to the crickets outside. #Pain #Insomnia #sleeplessnights

What do you do to keep yourself entertained and ignore the pain?

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I'm really having a hard time sleeping I can't remember the last time I had a good deep sleep. I tried taking sleeping pills hoping it can help me because I'm really frustrated my energy is draining my brain feels like has air inside. I bought 2 sleeping pills after taking the first pill it feels so weird because I feel dizzy I yawn my eyes are closing. But when I finally fell asleep I my thought is still running I fail to have a good deep sleep. Then I tried again two nights after the first pill hoping it will work as what it is supposed to do the feeling is just the same i even got a bad headache and my nightmare visits me again i wake up crying out load.

I just want to sleep i just need to sleep even just for one night. Im already draining myself.

#sleeplessnights #nightmare #sleepingpillsnotworking

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Why, why must I remember at 12:41 am??

I am lying in bed. It's dark. I am tired, but not very tired. I start to drift a bit and then, WHAM!!
My eyes pop open. My body begins to move. I only notice that it is 12:41 am once I am halfway out of bed!
There's nothing that I can do about that phone call that I meant to make before 5 pm
Arg!! I spent all day moving from one necessity to the next and that phone call slipped my mind! But at 20 til 1 in the morning, I can't sleep or rectify the issue. Grrrr.....Arg! Arggity-Arg-Arg- Arg!!!!

"Don't mind the crazy lady in the corner mumbling about stupid business hours and evil spells. She's a regular here. Harmless, but a regular."

#sleeplessnights #Anxiety #Depression #Upallnight