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What fun, mostly healthy snacks do you recommend?

Looking for a compromise between kale chips & twinkies. Please share #hungry Snacker


#eating feels hard from my #Depression

my body will be starving to the point where i am in pain but i don’t feel hungry?? my mouth doesn’t want any food in it and nothing seems appetizing? i was able to eat a smoothie this morning but now it’s 7pm. this is my first post i’m kind of confused about everything lol #eating #Depression #newhere #hungry #Food


Advise please #hungry # nausea #postoperation # insomnia #exhausted

I’m hungry I’m tired but I’m scared to eat anything cause I’m post abdominal surgery. I’m grateful I’m recovering don’t get me wrong but I’d love a cracker, a cookie a biscuit. Nothing on my ok list gets my appetite. Going and I can’t sleep my family had sweet noodle cheese pie from a neighbor (yum) (no) greasy veggie soup (yum, no) yeast cake, cinnamon buns etc I came down to the kitchen but...

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I am a fool

I am a fool. Why you ask? Well I was doing great today. I woke up and got dressed. I even put on makeup for the first time in weeks. I had a banana and took my medicine. I went outside on the front porch and read...for 3 and 1/2 hours. I kept hydrated and had a small snack. I came in the house and helped my sister decorate cupcakes. I was doing really great. Then I took my dog on a really long walk. That was a mistake. Halfway through my walk I realize that I haven’t eaten anything all day besides a banana and a couple of pretzels. I finally get home and I am shaking so bad, my brain is foggy and I can barely open my eyes. Lessons learned from this? Know your limits. Keep up on hydration and make sure to eat. Be gentle with yourself.
#PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #LivingWithPOTS #ChronicIllness #shaking #lowbloodsugar #Headache #tired #Walk #knowyourlimits #hungry #Forgetfulness

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Loneliness and boredom. #lonely #hungry #Needadistraction

To many thoughts to pick one. Im new to all this. Hopefully I find friends who need a chat as much as I do. :)

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Fussy eater - help

Okay so I’m living with my partners parents and I’m very particular about how I like my food. Been trying real hard over the past few weeks to just eat whatever is cooked but there’s so many foods I just don’t like the taste of (for example I like rice but she always puts onions in it along with other random stuff which always changes and I can’t stand onions so picking it out is a nightmare!) I’ve let her know a few dishes that I don’t like so she will do something different but she keeps doing all these new dishes that I don’t like and really don’t want to offend his mum but I just wanna eat a whole meal that I actually like 😭 #Food #help #Advice #hungry


Hungry #hungry

I’m really not in the mood to eat anything in fear of putting weight on and I’m tired and in a depressive mood, any ideas?


It's bad again.

Cw: ED

Currently so enveloped in anxiety that I am jittery, faint and nauseous. I am not eating or caring for myself very well. The gagging is still a thing. So stressed my self image is once again distorted and so tired/lacking fuel that I have an incredibly short fuse. And so anxious about death that I'm avoiding medication/PRN. Uhm.


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