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    Life will never stop sending you triggers and obstacles to deal with. It is therefore up to you to conquer these challenges within yourself.

    Does anyone have tips for dealing with the seemingly endless challenges that life presents? I try to find the gold within the situation….there is always something there! And I use mindfulness to not let thoughts get me down! Can anyone relate?

    Thanks for sharing your experiences and suggestions.

    Speaking of thanks for all, I was hoping we could acknowledge everyone who writes a new post or comments within posts below by giving them a ❤️ I know it seems like a small gesture, but many people here have never opened up to anyone before and being open and honest with strangers can be quite scary. So, if we could show our gratitude with a simple heart, I’m sure they would really appreciate your support.

    That’s how this group can be the most helpful… “listening” to and supporting each other!

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    When you come out the other side (and you will), everything is unbelievably beautiful and brighter. And continuing to function to your best ability while depressed is like lifting really heavy weights every day. You’ll be amazed how fast your mind moves when you come out the other side.



    Having survived to date with complex mental illness for 35+years including a handful of separate occasions where my life has been supported for example, on life support in intensive care (ICU), CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation), in ICU despite hepatic and renal failure; and years fighting Atypical Anorexia where body weight has seriously jeopardised my life I am desperately passionate to share a thought #ifyoufeelhelpless Everything feels hopeless now, and helpless. Everything feels dark, you may feel little or of no worth, there are no options left. Much of what your head is telling you is a perceived as a threat to your reason to live. These are feelings although very real, they will pass, feelings are meant to be felt, validated, believed. Talk to someone, tell someone how you feel. #ifyoufeelhelpless perhaps you may be able to say to your self " This will pass. I can reach for a pinch of self compassion for where I am  right now. If I can tolerate how I feel for a second, perhaps I will bear this for a minute. If I can tolerate and challenge how I may be feeling right now for a minute, I may be able to learn how to bear this intolerable 'head space' for several minutes, and perhaps an hour. If can bear it for a day, I have done so before. And tomorrow is a new day. This will pass. I am safe, strong, I can protect myself. I have felt hopeless and dark before, yet I survived. I'll survive this time too". It seems fickle to suggest this at a time when you feel helpless. This is not said to minimise the seriousness of where you are right now, and where you may have been for a long time - fighting whatever demon/life event/s you have been unable to escape. These words come from someone who has experienced years, where suicide ideation/suicidal feelings are a firm default setting, and a constant background. Please challenge the reality, that YOU MATTER! with sincere empathy, with hope and strength wished for all x