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    Existential dread
    Keeps running through my head
    Like a hamster on a wheel
    Just keep moving
    Never feel
    But it still creeps up from behind
    That aching nothing in my mind
    And this moment should be sublime
    My heart keeps beating but it’s blind
    I wait for death but I’m afraid
    Life keeps moving
    And I keep fading
    In my head
    I just keep waiting

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    Some poetry from last night

    I think I need to invest in a nightlight.
    I can no longer sleep without fear.
    I'm a full grown adult and the dark makes it worse.
    It makes me wanna retreat to the soft glow of the kitchen and cry.
    Every single night I face my trauma head on.
    It rears it's ugly head and I can't help but scream.
    I'm so tired.
    I think I need a nightlight.
    Ya know the ones made for children with an irrational fear of darkness.
    Yup that's me except my monsters are real.
    It really happened and I just wanna sleep...

    #MightyPoets #Poetry #CPTSD

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    NO TITLE NEEDED #MightyPoets


    Please tell me that we can look ahead with no worries for tomorrow,

    Let us have just one day that's not filled with such suffering and sorrow,

    Those of us who give a damn have to step up for a change,

    I'm tired of seeing the helpless become victims of the deranged,

    Whoever you pray to in your prayers tonight, pray for a little peace,

    These are dire times, but collectively we can make the madness cease...


    #MentalHealth #BipolarDisorder #Depression #Anxiety #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #PTSD #Suicide #CheckInWithMe #MightyTogether

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    Community Voices

    I wrote this back when COVID first hit and we were sheltered in place🖊✌️
    Enjoy 😉

    The Battle

    I've been sitting at home due to the shelter in place about to go crazy walking the same trace. I have never seen something so brazen and bold, COVID-19 will grab and take hold; black, white, young or old it doesn’t discriminate we’re all a foe! It has taken so many away COVID-19 is the devil today! We may never be the same again so just keep praying and praying Amen! Maybe we can defeat him today but knowing the devil he’ll try and stay .... God is stronger than him any day we will fight this battle as we pray! We’ll rejoice in victory when the battle is won. We will thank God for HIS only Son.... because without HIM we’d lose for sure but our God is powerful, solid and pure! The battle will rage for a little while more, until God’s children have come home for sure! HE will patiently wait for that day, for us to come back along the way! The way HE wanted from the start ALL HIS children never will part! We will spend forever with HIM and never have to battle again! Goodbye devil it’s the end of your reign, we have endured enough of your pain! So we’re saying to you our last farewell; you ferocious demon, go back to hell!

    Written by:
    Dawn H

    Hope you enjoyed this 😁

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    Battles of the Mind a poem by me

    <p>Battles of the Mind a poem by me</p>
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    True story

    Another traumatic experience to add to my story.

    Makes it hard to think and everytime I close my eyes there it is again.

    Again and again...

    Something I never wanted to happen again happened again.

    I think I'm a little screwed up in the head.

    Like a wound up clock ticking away.
    My mind forever keeps leading me astray.

    I snap back to reality "How are you doing?" The doctor asks.

    "I'm okay." I say with a painted on smile.

    #CPTSD #MightyPoets #Poetry #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Complex Post Traumatic Stress

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    Keep Fighting

    <p>Keep Fighting</p>
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    Listen - Poetry by Woo

    <p>Listen - Poetry by Woo</p>
    Community Voices
    Community Voices

    I am...

    <p>I am...</p>
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