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Foot cramps

#cramps #musclespasm #Sleep

I’m new here. I don’t have an official hEDS diagnosis, but I have three specialists who believe I have it. I don’t care if it’s diagnosed, as long as I get appropriate treatment.

Every night I have several painful cramps in my feet. They start when I relax and try to go to sleep, which makes me have trouble relaxing. I tried muscle relaxers and tonic water, as per doctor, but it doesn’t help. I just had an “aha” moment: maybe these spasms are caused by subluxations.

Has anyone else had this problem, and has any strategy to ameliorate the symptoms worked?

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Cleveland clinic team.. hope I find answers..

I see cleveland clinic team of doctors this Thursday.. I’m trying not to get my hopes up. I just need a diagnosis.. it’s been four years of just symptom management... has anyone had any luck at Cleveland? I was accepted at Mayo as well.. but chose cleveland. I’m an icu nurse.. been on disability since covid in November.. want to get better and back so bad.
#Undiagnosed #Hope #ChronicIllness #hyperandrenergicpots #sickthyroid #covidlonghauler #Undiagnosed autoimmune disease #MemoryLoss #musclespasm


Suggestions for involuntary muscle spasms due to Seroquel (quetiapine)?

My boyfriend has bipolar type II and twitches in his sleep. He takes a dose of seroquel to help him fall asleep every night but I’ve noticed that the twitching is frequent throughout his sleep. I’ve attempted to do some research but I can’t seem to find much on the subject. I did come across something called tardive dyskinesia if anyone is familiar with this term or if it’s associated with seroquel I’d love to find some answers. We believe the twitching is due to the seroquel but we’re not sure where to turn.

It can get frustrating for both of us since his twitching often wakes both of us up, so I am wondering if there are any options out there we could try to help him with these involuntary muscle twitches (the twitches basically jolt his whole body)

The only thing we’ve tried so far was a prescribed muscle relaxer, but that didn’t seem to help. Any suggestions or light on the subject is much appreciated.

Thank you! #Bipolar #Bipolar2Disorder #seroquel #involuntarymovements #musclespasm #Sleep #help #Quetiapine


Most Recently developed a #Twitch or #musclespasm in my neck within the past few months. Extremely painful. Has anyone ever developed this? #Pain

Within the past six months, I have noticed some of my days starting off extremely painful. I will wake up, and it’ll feel like I was in a car wreck and have the worst whiplash. In the beginning, I had no clue what was causing it. Maybe I slept wrong. But than one day my dad approached me with a confused look on his face and asks me if I am okay! Now I’m confused. I asked why?? He told me he was watching me through the window for 10 mins and that I was continuously twitching my neck. Now everything makes sense. If you have experienced this along wth anxiety or ocd, what do you find helps you?


Well That Was Unexpected #BackPain #EhlersDanlosSyndrome

I'm starting to see a new chiropractor and the way this doctor does new patient appointments is actually in two steps. The first step was to go in to get heat signature readings on the muscles and test the nerves along my spine. As well as getting xrays of my entire spine. Then today, I met my new chiropractor for the first time. I like him a lot and I think we will be able to work through my back problems together. But man I was not as prepared to learn how bad my back is as I thought I was. I found out that there is beginning deterioration of my L5, with a slight curve of my mid back. Now those two things I can handle just fine. I wasn't nearly expecting for my C1-C7 (neck) to be so misaligned. Where a healthy neck should have a curve to it, mine is almost completely straight. All of that then explains the severe muscle tightness and slight compression on some nerves along my back. However, now we begin the very painful process of carefully and slowly adjusting things little by little. But my muscles spasm really easily and that causes a lot of extra pain. It all feels like a shock tho. I'm 19, I've never played competitive sports and I've been in chronic pain for 4 years now. I'm surprised my back got so misshapen so quickly. The doctor thinks that helping realign my neck should also decrease my migraine and headache symptoms a lot. I hope that's true because they've been getting really really bad. It's going to be a long, extra painful at first, and hard road ahead to fixing these problems. #newdoctor #newplan #Hope #musclespasm #Migraine #Headache #itgetsworsebeforeitgetsbetter #ChronicPain #ChronicDailyHeadache

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Fibromyalgia symptoms? #Fibro #musclespasms

I was just diagnosed with Fibromyalgia a few days ago, after years of people telling me it's all in my head. The doctor finally got me on Lyrica 4 months ago, which helps significantly with my every day pain (except in my low back--I have degeneration in on my lumbar and SI joints from years of gymnastics). My question is, after a stretch of feeling good and doing too much, I will get a pop in my neck out of no where (usually when I wake up in the morning) and all my upper back/neck/shoulder muscles will spasm, and it's a sharp pain like a pinched nerve but 100x worse. Any movement, even trying to sit up to take pain meds, will leave me screaming. Only rest will cure it, and it can take days to weeks to recover. If I overdo do it, my muscles can get. very weak, sometimes to the point I collapse or can't hold a pencil, and it comes and goes as it pleases. Does anyone else deal with these? Are these normal for fibro? #Fibro #Fibromyalgia #symptoms #musclespasm #muscleweakness #BackPain #fibrosymptoms #ChronicPain