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    #relaxing afternoon at home w kiddo!🤗💞

    <p><a class="tm-topic-link ugc-topic" title="relaxing" href="/topic/relaxing/" data-id="5b77f5da7524b700ae64f959" data-name="relaxing" aria-label="hashtag relaxing">#relaxing</a>  afternoon at home w kiddo!🤗💞</p>
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    Happy Valentine's Day Everyone❤🧡💛💚💚💙💜💜🖤🤍

    <p>Happy Valentine's Day Everyone❤🧡💛💚💚💙💜💜🖤🤍</p>
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    #dinnertonight French toast, potato fries w peameal bacon🍞🥓

    <p>#dinnertonight French toast, potato fries w peameal bacon🍞🥓</p>
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    I’ve had dizziness, extreme fatigue, minor loss of appetite (comes/ goes) nausea, and blackouts associated. Had major medical testing done. No clue?

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    Do other people get really #dizzy during #Depression

    When I’m really depressed, I get really dizzy to the point I can’t walk in a straight line. I think part of it has to do with #Dissociation. Anyone else experience this?

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    wide awake

    hi y'all I hope everyone is doing okay I'm awake and in pain, cannot get comfy and find sleep. #chronic pain #dizzy #Awake

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    Hello Again Bronchitis

    I had a terrible cold for over a week that just would NOT go away smh. It kept getting worse and worse until I finally decided to drive myself to the urgent care. I did the little online check in before leaving home (as I've been there many times before and know how long the wait can be). So I get there check in at the kiosk and take a seat, about 10mins goes by and the lady at the front desk calls me up to ask which type of insurance I have, I let her know it's still the same and she tells me they no longer accept my insurance there 🙄🤬 talk about pissed! So I go out and drive myself to the hospital so I can be seen at the ER. By this time the sun has gone down and I'm coughing like crazy but my luck changed because when I get to the ER it happens to be a shift change and there's literally no one in the waiting room! They got me checked in and to the back in less than 10mins. Now I had never been to this particular hospital so of course I had to give the usual medical history rundown and long list of medications I take. But finally I get seen and told that it's not the flu, it's bronchitis, at this point I'm just thankful it's not pneumonia. Having asthma can be a pain especially during flu season because getting respiratory infections, laryngitis, pharyngitis, pneumonia and just about any "lung" related illness you can think of sometimes becomes the norm unfortunately. And to add to that the exacerbation of one chronic illness then usually leads to the exacerbation of another, so my Ménière's has been flaring like crazy and I can't hear shit besides my horrible tinnitus and I've been as dizzy as a baby deer stumbling around. I'm hoping I'm better soon.. I've been stuck in bed for days and everytime I think I'm feeling better I end up over exerting myself and end up right back in bed. Not to mention stressing myself out about an upcoming neurology appointment that already had to be pushed back once and a number of other "life" things I'm dealing with currently. I feel like crap and I'm just ready to be "better" again. 😫😫 #justventing #Anxiety #stressed #fluseason #Bronchitis #chronicasthma #MenieresDisease #bilateralmenieresdisease #vestibulardisorder #innereardisorder #ChronicPain #ChronicFatigue #HearingLoss #HardOfHearing #HOH #Tinnitus #Vertigo #dizzy #nausea #imbalance

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    Ugh, sometimes I think the stereotypes aren't out there as much anymore but then I have a day like today, where I feel judged and discriminated against just for trying to advocate for myself.

    I have to plan my life around when my body cooperates and as such, today ended up being the first day in over a week that my pain wasn't an 8 or higher, so I finally figured I could maybe handle grocery shopping which I tend to put off a lot because it is SO HARD!

    I did everything right to 'prepare' myself--rested for the morning, took my pain meds, used my cane and wore my earplugs. I also usually go to the same store because Im used to it.

    Today that turned out to be a horrible mistake and the whole experience kinda crushed me. First of all, the store was WAY busier than normal, I had to park further away and walk further. Aisles were crowded and noises and my symptoms did a big jump right when I first arrived--if I was smart I wouldve taken this as a clue and just left but I tried to stay an tough it out.

    My brain and my body shut down though and I was barely still standing when it came time to check out. This is where everything fell apart. I went to choose a line and they told me I would have to go to the back of a long singular line and wait to be directed. I felt like passing out and was already close to a breakdown so I asked if I could just wait near the tils until my turn-I was promptly told absolutely not because everyone had to wait. I made it to the end of the line but had to sit on the floor because I couldnt stand any longer. I was just so done and overwhelmed and hurt by the fact that I was treated as an inconvenience and no effort was made to accommodate me--because I "look too young" to need a cane.

    When will people learn that looks do not determine pain or illness and age does not define how someone feels.

    I might be overreacting but I feel more should be done to assist someone who is so clearly struggling.

    #ChronicPain #ChronicFatigue #groceryshopping #Cane #Fibro #Migraine #dizzy #Discrimination #everyonedeservesdignity #igiveup

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    My Ménière's has been giving me hell.. despite my best efforts to "manage" it, my symptoms have been increasingly worst. It has me so anxious because it was REALLY bad at the start of last year to the point that I could barely function with constant vertigo attacks, nausea, and vomiting I lost so much weight and even had hair falling out. My ENT requested I start back keeping a symptom journal in hopes that we can determine which ear is causing the most trouble (bilateral Ménière's problems 🙄). For those of you that have had surgery for your Ménière's which type was it? Did it work/make a difference for you? Any information will be helpful 😕 #ChronicIllness #InvisibleIllness #MenieresDisease #bilateralmenieresdisease #vestibulardisorder #innereardisorder #HardOfHearing #HOH #HearingLoss #Tinnitus #Vertigo #imbalance #dizzy #nausea

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