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    I’m Fine

    I Didn’t Always Talk About Pain – I would say “I’m Fine”

    I think the main reason for not talking about it was that I was in denial.

    I didn’t want to admit that I couldn’t do normal activities because of my pain, so I just didn’t want to mention it.

    I mean, if you ignore something, it will go away. Right? Nooooo I was wrong!

    I would say “I’m Fine” Because simply it was easier than explaining.

    When you live with pain there is no simple answer. How long would it take to say exactly how I was instead of hitting the default answer?

    I didn’t want to talk about pain. It was depressing and I wasn’t ready to accept.

    The change came when I ACCEPTED that now I had a different life, I needed time to adjust, to re examine my dreams and goals and have time to grieve for the body I had pre pain.

    It was after this that I was able to start talking openly about my pain, I stopped saying “I’m fine” I started speaking my truths and wow, it was liberating.

    It was like therapy, everything came tumbling out. I was open and honest.

    I think that talking about pain can really help people.

    It can be a release for some people because it’s normally more helpful to talk than to bottle something up.

    Talking about it can help other sufferers to know they are not alone.

    Getting support is paramount and for many people, the best support comes from other sufferers with the same condition.

    Also talking about it can also mean spreading awareness.

    We have to talk about pain. Because if we don’t, who will?


    #ChronicIllness #livinginpain #Pain #painawareness #beyondmydiagnosis


    All I know IS pain


    To join the “festivities” I have had an abdominal spasm now for several days, nothing moves in my gut, no normal belly sounds , nothing passing through.
    This is not constipation but that is ultimately what the ER doctors will say it is every ER visit. The pain is unbearable, I am literally folded in half, just sitting here.
    I am actually thankful is not a chest plate spasm, bc you feel like you can’t breathe and triggers my anxiety. I can’t raise my arms, can’t grasp, can’t hold my own weight up. This is #Spasticity you just never know when or where it will strike.
    May I ask other spasticity sufferers what works for them?, part of my problem is severe dehydration and that doesn’t help.
    (My home has a disabled shower but no tub so I can’t soak)
    #MS #Spasticity #CRPS
    Much love to y’all, I hope you get some relief soon.


    What NOT to ask/say to someone with Chronic Pain...

    So I’ve been searching high and low and recently reached out with a question about the most irritating comments or questions those of us battling chronic pain face on the day to day. I decided to make a list because it’s absolutely fucking necessary and possibly jotting down some of these will help those of you trying to help those with chronic pain. Basically what not to say or ask, OK? So here is goes:

    -Just don’t think about it
    -Just think happy thoughts
    -I hope you feel better soon
    -“So and so” has it way worse
    -At least you get to miss work
    -I think you just need to drink more water
    -Maybe shedding a few pounds would help?
    -Have you tried Yoga? Cycling?
    -Have you been to acupuncture? Chiropractor?
    -Have you seen a therapist?
    -You’re too young to be in this much pain
    -Boy you don’t look like you’re in any pain at all
    -Have you tried DBT? CBT? ECT?
    -Have you tried mindfulness?
    -What about essential oils?
    -Have you tried CBD? THC?
    -Have you ever thought about going to a hypnotist?
    -Have you tried the tens unit?
    -Have you tried warm water swimming?
    -Joint injections? Steroid injections? Botox? Trigger point injections? Dry needle therapy?
    -Lidocaine patches?
    -Have you ever tried Ice/cold packs?
    -Have you ever tried to ask god for help? 😬🙄 What about going to church?
    -Do you go to PT? Do you own a traction device?
    -You must not be in THAT much pain
    -Well at least you get pain killers
    -Aren’t you afraid of getting addicted?
    -You can’t be on medication all of your life
    -Don’t you think you just need some fresh air? A vacation?
    -Have you tried chronic pain therapy groups? Do you try and connect with others dealing with chronic pain?
    -Have you ever thought about changing your diet, maybe that’ll help the pain?
    -Have you tried Turmeric?
    -Have you ever tried to look on the positive side for once?
    -Oh it’ll be over before you know it
    -But you looked fine yesterday why aren’t you at school/work today?
    -Why do carry so many meds in your purse?
    -What would happen if you all of a sudden got pregnant?
    -Why don’t you just move if you don’t like the winters here?
    -Maybe if you thought positive ...
    -Always complaining
    -Well at least you lived.
    -You’re still in pain?
    -I forgot you were even in a car accident! How long has it been?
    -Maybe you should take up a hobby?
    and yeah there’s more so feel free to take the reigns on what wasn’t said. There’s books to be made here with all the answers to this never ending question of “What NOT to ask/say to someone with Chronic Pain...” some of these questions I know aren’t intended to hurt the person suffering from chronic pain’s feelings but please try and understand just a little harder. Think before you speak and know first and foremost that the word “chronic” means FOR LIFE. ❤️ #ChronicPain #InvisibleIllness #PainAwarenessMonth #TraumaticBrainInjury

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    Almost to Friday 🙌🏼

    When the going gets tough,
    Remember to tell yourself
    • breathe •

    #Anxiety #Stress #PainAwarenessMonth #Selfcare #Meditation #MightyTogether

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    Looking out, not looking down

    I saw this image a few days ago and decided to save it. Today I realized why: I was in a super vulnerable state of mind and was allowing my flare ups to take me over physically, mentally, and emotionally. I caught myself on the verge of tears all day as I held on to my chair and felt the vibrations in my legs and arms literally move through me as I sat at the front desk answering phones back to back- and trying to stay “together.”

    I asked myself, “how many more hours of this?” “when can I go?” “how can I get up and leave for the day, and just say ‘I can’t stay in this chair’?” Did I do any of those things? No. Even if I wanted to, there are consequences.

    Even if I wanted to, I knew there’s no way I would have a job tomorrow. So I stayed. I stayed because I realized, I had something to lose. Not just my paycheck, but I would lose to my condition. Whatever this is, and I had no legitimate excuse to back me up besides “I’m hurting.” So I kept my face on, wiped the tears, and kept my mind off the struggle.

    While scrolling through my phone just hours later, this photo reminded me of my moment from earlier.

    I kept going. Leaving behind the opposition to myself about “going” to not only let the stress and pain cause me to make a mistake by leaving my place of employment, and looking back to acknowledge I’m stronger than I thought I was in overcoming a truly long and cumbersome hike, and say “I made it.”

    Which inspired me to head to the gym after dinner- felt good in the moment, but regretting it now lol

    But it’s all good, I made it. Don’t forget to take your supplements before bed, my friends. Good night !

    #Hope #PainAwarenessMonth #Wednesday #FlareUps #Painsomnia


    Brighton Beach

    I have this thing called Chronic Fatigue
    And it claws at me, greedily

    It hangs off my bones
    Like soaking wet clothes, that never dry

    My body bows to its weight
    Often I can’t lift myself out of bed for days

    I want so much to articulate how I feel
    To show them that this pain is real
    But the fatigue has seeped into my bones
    Replaced blood with stones, I feel like I’m Brighton beach
    Hundreds upon thousands of mini rocks
    Sharped and stacked up inside of me

    But I can close my eyes and visualise
    A ‘me’ where my mind is alive
    Where I can follow conversations without it being a massive exertion
    I might be with you physically
    But mentally, I clocked out long ago
    My brain has switched its light off and gone for a nap at home

    And it won’t be woken
    That’s where I should be
    To the world I’m smiling
    But interally, I feel like I’m being squeezed

    I have this thing called Chronic Fatigue
    No one knows where it comes from
    But right now it lives in me
    I’ve provided a home to some invisible thing
    I’m nice like that

    You don’t get a choice with what body you get
    But you do have a say in your mindset
    This thing has taken a lot from me
    But I won’t ever let it stop me from being me

    #ChronicFatigueSyndrome #PainAwarenessMonth #Acceptance #ChronicPain #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #InvisibleIllness #self   


    Why We're Asking You to "Explain Your Pain" This Month #ChronicIllness

    September is #PainAwarenessMonth -- a time for people #ChronicPain  to speak out about the challenges they face. 

    So we're inviting you to share what your pain is like using the hashtag #ExplainMyPain . What does your pain feel like? How would you describe it to someone who hasn't experienced chronic pain? What do you wish others knew about your experience with pain and the challenges you face?

    You can also support other pain warriors by commenting and "heart"ing their posts. Thank you for your  courage in speaking out and fighting through pain every day. We see you and we're so proud of you.