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    Stay true to you. #encouragement #Selflove

    You are a superhero. Don’t let anyone tell you different. ☺️💚 #Motivation #TRD #TreatmentresistantDepression #Wednesday

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    Wellness Wednesday: Steroid-Induced Diabetes

    Steroid-induced diabetes occurs when blood sugar levels rise unexpectedly in response to the use of steroids. In both steroid-induced diabetes and type 2 diabetes, your cells do not respond to insulin.

    When people with diabetes have too much cortisol in their system, their fat and muscle cells become less responsive to insulin. Before deciding on a treatment, it’s important for a healthcare professional to check your health and your potential for high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) and insulin resistance. For some people, it might be possible to treat steroid-induced diabetes with just diet and physical activity, but others may need oral diabetes medications or insulin.

    A person's environment and genes can both affect the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

    You may be more likely to get type 2 diabetes after taking steroids long-term if you:

    🔹have close family members with type 2 diabetes
    🔹have overweight
    🔹developed diabetes during pregnancy (gestational diabetes)
    🔹have polycystic ovary syndrome
    🔹are 40 years or older and white
    🔹are 25 years or older and are of South Asian, African-Caribbean, or Middle Eastern descent

    Symptoms of steroid-induced diabetes are similar to those of type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes. In some cases, symptoms of steroid-induced diabetes are not noticeable until blood sugar is significantly high.

    Source: Healthline

    #DiabetesType2 #prediabetes #DiabetesType1 #Steroids #Health #GestationalDiabetes #ChronicIllness #wellness #Wednesday

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    Wacky Wednesday

    Every day will have a different theme to End The Stigma:

    Medication Monday

    Tuesdays are For Friends

    Wacky Wednesdays

    Therapy Thursdays

    Family Fridays

    Society Saturday and

    Selfie Sunday

    Ok, so what's Wacky got to do with Ending the Stigma? We need humor relief midweek. We live the stigma and it can be hard. Wackiness helps.

    What wacky things do you do to help you smile?

    I wear mismatched, silly socks. I have pizza socks, unicorn socks, alien socks. Sometimes they are hidden under my pants and sometimes I rock them with a dress.

    #Humor #EndTheStigma #MentalHealth #Depression #PTSD #OCD #Anxiety #PanicAttacks #EatingDisorders #ADHD #Fibromyalgia #MentalHealthAwareness #Fun #Wednesday #BipolarDisorder #Autism #Asperger #LGBTQ #Schizophrenia

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    Grab What You Need!

    I REGULARLY forget to show myself grace and forgiveness. Today, I really feel like staying inside and watching a show instead of going on a walk, so I am going to show myself grace and listen to my body!

    #MentalHealth #mentalhealthmotivation #Wednesday #Anxiety #BipolarDepression #Depression #PTSD #Schizophrenia Empathy #Grace #freedom #Forgiveness #attention #Love #patience #Gratitude #youvegotthis #feeling #emotionalhealth

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    Looking out, not looking down

    I saw this image a few days ago and decided to save it. Today I realized why: I was in a super vulnerable state of mind and was allowing my flare ups to take me over physically, mentally, and emotionally. I caught myself on the verge of tears all day as I held on to my chair and felt the vibrations in my legs and arms literally move through me as I sat at the front desk answering phones back to back- and trying to stay “together.”

    I asked myself, “how many more hours of this?” “when can I go?” “how can I get up and leave for the day, and just say ‘I can’t stay in this chair’?” Did I do any of those things? No. Even if I wanted to, there are consequences.

    Even if I wanted to, I knew there’s no way I would have a job tomorrow. So I stayed. I stayed because I realized, I had something to lose. Not just my paycheck, but I would lose to my condition. Whatever this is, and I had no legitimate excuse to back me up besides “I’m hurting.” So I kept my face on, wiped the tears, and kept my mind off the struggle.

    While scrolling through my phone just hours later, this photo reminded me of my moment from earlier.

    I kept going. Leaving behind the opposition to myself about “going” to not only let the stress and pain cause me to make a mistake by leaving my place of employment, and looking back to acknowledge I’m stronger than I thought I was in overcoming a truly long and cumbersome hike, and say “I made it.”

    Which inspired me to head to the gym after dinner- felt good in the moment, but regretting it now lol

    But it’s all good, I made it. Don’t forget to take your supplements before bed, my friends. Good night !

    #Hope #PainAwarenessMonth #Wednesday #FlareUps #Painsomnia

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    Happy Wednesday #Wednesday

    What’s your smallest step?


    Back to normal..

    Work is back to normal after the festivities. It’s been a long, boring day. Which means.. I’m now glad to be home in my pjs and ready for the soaps to start. Ahhh the simple things! #Simplethings #Wednesday #Idliveinpyjamasificould #Guiltypleasure