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Anxiety & Security cameras

For years now, I have been trying to convince my husband to invest in a security system.
We even applied for a refinance & home remodeling money to get several projects done and one of them includes a set of cameras/system.
Does having a security camera and or system give you peace of mind or does it make anxiety worse?
#Anxiety #securitycamera #PeaceOfMind

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Love the one you're with

Love seems expendable to some people, but I don't see it that way. Love is patient, love is kind. It is not some expendable thing ever in time. It is the fuel to the fire of everything. All you need is love. And all the love in the world could become someone's secret treasures. And sometimes a person hasn't known love, trust, or empathy in such a long time that they think anything about anything. It gets put in their hearts like a diamond no matter what it is. And this person showing them just mild attention doesn't know what they are in for. All because of the fact that they ever had the kindness to even pay some attention to them. It seems like that person was in a dark place, This just human act of kindness makes someone reel in enjoyment they ever paid attention to them. And for all goodness sake, these small things make it seem so worth it to live.

#Suicide #Love #PeaceOfMind #schizoaffective

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The Challenge of Forgiveness#forgive #PeaceOfMind #Empathy

Who hasn’t been hurt by life events? Probably nobody. Maybe you or someone you love has suffered a heartbreaking loss, a debilitating injury, or a serious illness. No matter the circumstances, deep wounds can lead to anger, resentment and cynicism.

Physical and emotional burdens can accompany our painful experiences prompting serious questions: “Why is this happening? How can I forgive the fact that my child has cancer? What has our family done to warrant such unfairness? Yet clinging to bitterness sets us up to pay emotionally, and spiritually.

We live in an imperfect world, and sometimes forgiveness feels impossible. Whether we lose a job, endure a divorce, or face a critical diagnosis, we constantly encounter unresolved conflict in need of forgiveness.

When we are able to make peace with the reality of this imperfect world, we essentially forgive that reality for being what it is. One could say that we agree to coexist with imperfection by not letting it consume us.

To forgive has many emotional and spiritual implications. It also means different things to different people and is a central value in many faith traditions. However, to forgive does not excuse the loss or harm done but does help loosen its grip on the recipient of that loss or harm.

In my experience, to forgive is to shift from anger to empathy and to a new outlook on life. This releases us, not by ignoring the rough passages or pretending everything is fine. Instead, it opens a path to coexisting with life as a whole rather than focusing on a single painful event.