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I am curious to listen to people with PPD. how were you convinced to get help and get diagnosed? what is your advice to a partner of PPD to approach them to get therapy (solo and marital)? is lying part of the pathology? do PPD lie on purpose? or do they have distorted perception of reality? #PPD #ParanoidPersonalityDisorder #Paranoid

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Introverts #introverts #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #PPD #justgivemeaminuteorthree

Introvert’s do not like small talk, need to recharge after spending time with people, and absolutely, hates being asked, “why are you so quiet?”


Having a good day

God is glorified though our weaknesses.

I have plenty.
Use me, God. I'll go.


Hope your having a good day, Mighties.

#Disabled #Anxiety #Christian #sick #MajorDepressiveDisorder #HidradenitisSuppurativa #PPD



I lost my mom and dad because of my attitude. I've always felt like everybody hates me when they are not talking to me so at first I thought I just need attention. I thought I just needed reassurance. Yesterday, I realized that I've been battling this anxiety since 1st grade. I always feel like everyone judges me in their heads. I tortured myself because I felt the need to because I always feel that I cause problems to everyone. I want to be free but I don't know how. I feel like crying as I am typing this. Please help me.

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Autism parents and the quarantine// anyone else struggling?

I have a 5 year old in the spectrum. His routine has been greatly disrupted between school being cancelled (until most likely next year), his usual favourite places not being an option and activities being cancelled. Meltdowns are so much more frequent and I’m really finding it hard to get through a “normal” day. I have other children (1 and 3) who I am trying to parent as well and just feeling all around guilty not having the usual patience and time for them all that I normally do.

I am so exhausted. My husbands job is considered essential so it’s just me. I realize all of these changes are necessary but I’m just needing to rant I guess. My anxiety is through the roof and mom guilt is out of control.
Does anyone else feel the same right now? #Anxiety #Autism #autismparent #PPD #tired #Guilt


Changing your Thought Process #Anxiety #Depression #PPD

Recently I've started a positivity journal and honestly it's been difficult but I can't wait to start to change my thinking. so if you come across this post, leave a comment about something that makes you smile 😊 #Anxiety #Depression #PPD #Selfcare


I am a mother of a handsome 2 year old little boy, I went through ppd when he was first born on through his first year and a half of his life.

one reason it was hard to get out and do things with my little guy was the fear of being "mom shamed"

I'd like to have a quick rant and maybe a discussion about this.

I dont understand why people on the internet or in person need to shame moms we are all doing the best we can. we should all be empowering and trying to help eachother, instead I have seen people receiving death threats over things that in my opinion are ridiculous to threaten about.

if you dont like what you see online keep scrolling. if you see a mom tying to calm their child down in the walmart isle because they are throwing a tantrum give them a reassuring smile as if to say I get you. its it's ok.

please everyone can we please start empowering eachother instead of tearing others down. If there are other mothers reading this I get some of what your going through I hope you know you are not alone and keep up the great work your babies and children love you for yoyou.

rant over.

#Empowerment #Love #endthehate #weareinthistogether #PPD #parentingstough #standtogether


Postpartum Depression Destroyed Me #PostpartumDepression

I'm so glad that as a society, we're starting to talk about postpartum mental health more, but we still have SO FAR to go. So many people aren't even aware that there are a whole list of postpartum mood disorders besides postpartum depression!

We have to talk about this. We HAVE to share our stories. PPD came into my life and destroyed it, and I had to crawl out and find myself all over again. I'm grateful I was able to find support and help, but so many don't.

If you're struggling, please get help. Don't let yourself believe you're the only one struggling. PPD might destroy you, and you'll need a support team to find yourself again.

#MightyTogether #PPD #Depression #PostpartumDisorders #postpartum #MoodDisorders


#Miscarriage #Stillbirth #PTSD #PPD #FosterCare #Adoption

I am approaching 38 with multiple comorbidities, and several rare disorders. I was five months and 2 days pregnant. But gave birth to a sleeping baby girl in the early morning hours on July 3, 2018. Sadly, however, this was not our first miscarriage or stillbirth. Our first two pregnancies were stillbirths, followed by a several miscarriages, and then this very recent stillbirth. My husband and I are broken over it. We have no family to speak of, we only told my work colleagues (whom I’m only REMOTELY close to) simply because I was very high risk, and they were going to have to make a lot of special exemptions for myself around the office so as to limit my risk even though I work in an office that has fewer than 50 employees so legally, my state, they are not bound by rules of the Americans with Disabilities Act. I already have multiple disabilities, and pregnancy within itself is medically considered a “disability.” I even have a permanent disability tag, not even the short term disability tags that are given to pregnant mothers during late term pregnancy and then even after delivery. I know every mother possibly blames themselves, but I honestly believe that my body was “broken” from a very early age and needed to be “returned to sender.” Believe it or not, we are actually in the middle of the foster-to-adopt process, and have plenty of experience doing such, because I have a Master’s Degree in Social Work and was previously a Family Crisis Counselor for two non-profit organizations. We also fostered two sisters for seven years from birth to age seven. Ideally, we’d like to be able to get them back, but we don’t know if that’s possible, because it’s a sticky situation. My parents live 10 minutes away from us, and they have no idea. I told my one cousin that I’m closest to, because of health and safety reasons, but other than that, I didn’t tell any family. Her response (even though she’s older and has had a miscarriage as well, so naturally, I thought she’d be understanding) was: “I’m really glad you had a miscarriage because during my brother’s (second) wedding wedding we want everyone to be focused on their joy and not you, and to be honest, lately, we’ve had so much death in the family over the last two years, we don’t need to bring attention to you in anyway, so it’s great that she died.” I really have nowhere to turn to except for a priest who I haven’t had yet to see because I just got out of the hospital after blood and iron transfusions because I nearly bled to death after I threw a blood clot, and to be honest, I really don’t believe I love or trust my family anymore. I really believe that I am truly shunned by my family, and the only person I could trust with my life are my husband, my priest and my former teacher who was like a mother. I feel SO completely abandoned by my family (in every gathering an in every situation, it’s like I never existed. Sometimes, I feel like it would be better if I would was never born

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