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Introverts #introverts #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #PPD #justgivemeaminuteorthree

Introvert’s do not like small talk, need to recharge after spending time with people, and absolutely, hates being asked, “why are you so quiet?”

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Calling all Introverts* & Procrastinators** #BPD #introverts #Anxiety #Depression #MakeMeLaugh

The meeting today has been rescheduled** because nobody* showed up! 😂😜


Does anyone have any idea how to recharge without sleeping so much? i have lots of things to do and im constantly worried about deadlines 😖😣

#Anxiety #introverts #SocialAnxiety #socialbattery #tiredoffighting


The Mighty is difficult for me to use.

I am finding it difficult to use The Mighty. Sometimes I cannot get to the area I want.  Or I continue to get message that a link is sent to my email.  Often this does not work or it generates another message that a link is sent to my email.  I am discouraged in trying to use this website.  Any help will be appreciated.

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Do #introverts have only certain amount of time during day when they can best #interact ?

Have #Introvert #coworker who used to occassionally chat with others, but has #isolated herself almost completely in her #Office #closeddoors every day after got in #relationship #married .


Your worth the world #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression

I'm a suicide survivor. A worthy carefree, vulnerable and sensitive individual just like anyone here.

I just want to open up a part of me and what I know to help somebody.

See life is hostile, people are hostile. I'm saying this cus I'm seeing a lot of self-emphatic expressions on here that shouldn't be. You want healing - this is it;

Nobody will consider you, your pain, your struggle until you become something, and you'll be amazed that those same people who despised you, will look over and praise you.

So please, for the sake of your progress, your purpose ahead, for the sake of no one but your self - brace up, dust your pain off and move further cus greater's ahead.

No need to hover in despair - you'll self destruct and live defeated while the rest of the world moves on fine and well.

Society dims people like we, who are totally 'offbeat' and suffer a lot of inner pain - as irrelevant. Look I know what I'm saying - I've been trampled upon literally, I've been in relationships where those I thought I loved called me out as an outcast, as nobody, cus I was anxious, depressed - a social anomaly.

I've been called all sorts of names; unknown, indivisible, a shy introverted timid girl with no evident signal to surmount to anything.

But look, you can't live life based on mere heresay.

People have a right to opinion but they shouldn't have a right over your outcome.

I'll repeat, the world is really hostile. Everybody is out for their interest, their concerns and all. Nobody actually fully cares. And nobody can care for you as much as you can.

Give yourself the benefit of a relevantly significant living. And give no thought for a second to think that you are anything but worthless.

You are worthy and significant.
You are more than Mighty.