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The InBox I never remember is there.

I am not on here 24/7 and If you send me a message and a week goes by it’s because I’m busy trying to live and I’m on many other platforms. I am not ignoring you but if you block me because your pants are in a knot because of it I’m sorry but not all of us on here can be 24/7 . I have a brain injury and never remember to look in the message box even if I have notifications on. I probably will forget . So please don’t be rude because 24 hours went by and I didn’t see your message on here. If you block me I will block you. I have over 100k emails to get too. I do the best I can but I don’t sit here waiting for a message. This has happened now at least 5 times. #rude #Impatient #weareinthistogether .

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The masks we wear everywhere
Your maybe not aware that you are somewhere
Everyday it was so hard to bear
But in this life of ours just keep holding and look up there
Say your prayers
Hope is coming and help is everywhere

#MightyPoets #Depression #Anxiety #weareinthistogether


To everyone in this group

I read your stories everyday, and I feel empathy to most of them, as at some point in my life I felt like you felt, or still do every single week.
Sometimes I even share the smallest details, it’s almost scary.

But all this tells me that in a world where I’ve often felt like nobody else could understand what I was going through, and I was alone and hopeless.. I am not the only one, and we’re in this together.

It feels good to be able to help each other out.

#livingwithbpd #weareinthistogether

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I am a mother of a handsome 2 year old little boy, I went through ppd when he was first born on through his first year and a half of his life.

one reason it was hard to get out and do things with my little guy was the fear of being "mom shamed"

I'd like to have a quick rant and maybe a discussion about this.

I dont understand why people on the internet or in person need to shame moms we are all doing the best we can. we should all be empowering and trying to help eachother, instead I have seen people receiving death threats over things that in my opinion are ridiculous to threaten about.

if you dont like what you see online keep scrolling. if you see a mom tying to calm their child down in the walmart isle because they are throwing a tantrum give them a reassuring smile as if to say I get you. its it's ok.

please everyone can we please start empowering eachother instead of tearing others down. If there are other mothers reading this I get some of what your going through I hope you know you are not alone and keep up the great work your babies and children love you for yoyou.

rant over.

#Empowerment #Love #endthehate #weareinthistogether #PPD #parentingstough #standtogether