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    'round my neck

    I just posted this poem on another post but realized it's 4 months old so here it is again

    #PTSD #MightyPoets #BipolarDisorder #somuchmore


    hand 'round my neck
    not in a sexual way
    hand 'round my neck
    c'mon, it's only the start of the day
    hand 'round my neck
    tight as a noose
    I try & I try
    But can't break his thumb loose
    up at his height, I beg silently
    I pray to any entity
    for him to release me
    barefoot heels hit the wall
    barely five foot three is no match
    too small
    for his six two tall
    But someone in the universe
    must have heard
    & had my back
    bc out of nowhere
    my body lands, slack
    deep down I know he's not done with this attack
    he had screamed in my face
    that I was to die
    and that he'd then leave this place
    go tell my family 'hi'
    out of state
    facing my fate
    -ACS 11.2021


    OMG I feel like such a loser

    I have to be in bed by 6pm because I just can't take the pain anymore. I work so hard to get to 6 and still feel like a loser when everyone else in my family is getting together for fun. # # #chronicillness

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    Now and Forever More #MightyPoets  #Love #Hope

    Who takes care of you when the dark shadows of the world are knocking at your door.

    When your light is dimmed, your blind and you can't see anymore.

    Look inside, you'll find that beautiful bright light. It's there inside, growing and waiting for you to connect and explore.

    It's hope and love, just open it, they are knocking at your door. Reminding you, you are enough, you are loved and you don't have to be scared anymore!

    You have the power to save yourself, you always have. You are beautiful and so much more!

    #MightyPoets #Love #Hope #YouAreBeautiful #Healing #ShadowWork #light #enough #Grow #scared #Scars #somuchmore