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Mental Health

Today is World Mental health day,so today i want to share my perceptions on Mental illnesses,always it is ignored among neurotypical people, it is the most unaddressed feelings in many people, which slowly takes them to suicidal actions, Today disorders are labelled with many names, which is making assumption in peoples mind that they not ready to accept their illness, people are taking mental illness as Ashamed , they are taking mental illness in wrong way hiding in themselve , Feelings and thoughts needed to be cleared and shared. Giving my example i always share my feelings and thoughts with Neha, Which makes my heart healed with heavy thoughts giving peace to my body and soul. Being different is not painful when you have someone who cares you, who loves you, with whom you can share all your emotions.

To be mindful one should listen to their inner voice, more you talk to yourself, more wider you grow with healthy mind. Its time to know yourself more then to be judged by others. your mind need your space to read your emotions so only you can change yourself towards being mindful.

Nine things to keep in mind to be healthy mentally, they are..
1. Emotions are always connected with Gut, so Gut feelings are very justifiable.
2.give some space to yourself, understand insights to know better You..
3..Give your Tummy some good feeling, connect with food what you eat, giving my example,I always have food with more connection while eating,with more good thoughts in mind.
4..Food we intake are the gut feelings filled in it, more healthy the food intake more positive thoughts we build..
5..Give your body more Movements, Music, Meditation..
6..Thoughts are so unpredictable. always clear negative thoughts with talking with your Iñsight, if its not clear to yourself then share it with your near and dear one's.
7.Talking is easy then to follow your gut feelings but you have to care your Mental health, quitting from negative thoughts will disturb your life. it should be cleared..
8..In this competitive world everyone is racing to Win but winning should not be the goal, your focus should be the race towards experiences, Racing is always with your Whispering thoughts..
9.We fail to be mentally strong because we are not able to cope up with emotions, today what people need to understand is gift of life is to give happiness to your soul, if you are not happy insight then whatever outside pleasure its all temporary.

-Navneet Kulkarni...

#mental health#mental illness #clear it#Share it#Treasure it#Grow it#

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Now and Forever More #MightyPoets  #Love #Hope

Who takes care of you when the dark shadows of the world are knocking at your door.

When your light is dimmed, your blind and you can't see anymore.

Look inside, you'll find that beautiful bright light. It's there inside, growing and waiting for you to connect and explore.

It's hope and love, just open it, they are knocking at your door. Reminding you, you are enough, you are loved and you don't have to be scared anymore!

You have the power to save yourself, you always have. You are beautiful and so much more!

#MightyPoets #Love #Hope #YouAreBeautiful #Healing #ShadowWork #light #enough #Grow #scared #Scars #somuchmore

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Indoor Gardening

🌿🌸Indoor Gardening is a great hobby. Requires daily attention & care. It's great cuz it's not strenuous & it's indoors. For ppl like me who can't do strenuous activity & are #Homebound .due to #ChronicIllness. &/or are #Disabled in their mobility. Such as , for me for example,, #ChronicPain. #nervepain due to #Fibromyalgia . ....., 🌱The top left is my new "SPATH" plant🌿 - also known as a "peace . lilly". As you can see by looking at the pic next to it, that it is one of the easiest plants to #Grow indoors. Living in an apartment., I don't get enuf sun for most plants to live long. The SPATH, however, does best in "filtered" sunlight.
If you. like having indoor plants , you might want to pick something from that illustration. ( the bottom pic is my begonia🌺 & my fig tree🌳. (My sister got me a "grow light" last #Christmas cuz they, like a lot of plants, require more sun 🌞 .)


Gardens #Garden #Grow #Ride

#52SmallThings . I have enjoyed drives in the country, stopping to take in the beauty of nature around me. I have also started working 20 minutes a day on some flower beds. I used to be an avid hard-core gardener and outdoors lady—now I find joy in just doing things I love just a little less longer than I once could...but that’s okay. It makes my heart happy and fulfills my soul. I stay present and practice gratitude thoughts while pulling weeds and planting my garden.

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Progress #Grow #progress #happy #Life

Keep on being you ☺️
Grow at you’re speed and be happy ✨
You should never have to feel bad about the place you are at in you’re life