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#CheckInWithMe trigger warning #Sucidialthoughts

One question has anyone else start to notice when they start to feel when they’re giving up on life???

Bc rn I’m making a lot of the same decisions I made when I was lonely and suicidal and I do not want to go back there 😕


I don’t always wanna be here, some days I don’t see my purpose. I don’t have friends I can call on or family that actually cares. I’d always wonder if I’d close my eyes where would I drift off too..


Cry Without Tears #Poetry #MightyPoets

Cry without tears,

keep it all inside.

they prey on your weaknesses

vulnerability is a crime

Be strong!

no matter what you’re going through,

keep telling yourself

all your dreams will come true.

The world is a stage

and we’re just puppets in the play.

eat the lies they feed you,

let them mold you like clay!

Cry without tears

while you internally drown,

slowly dying

without ever making a sound!

They’ll praise you when you’re gone 

and speak highly of your name,

knowing all the while you lived

they intentionally ignored your pain!

I've been using writing prompts to break my writer's block recently. Another poet I follow on Instigram shared the prompt: "Cry without tears" and this was my take on it. 

Often times, people with mental health issues (myself included)feel like they need to be strong all the time and not let anyone know what they're going through because of the negative stigma about mental health issues and also fear of being perceived as weak.  Thus making us feel like we're never really being our selves; we're living our lives to please others and go with the status quo.

Let's BREAK that stigma!!!

#Depression #Anxiety #Sucidialthoughts #MentalHealth


Get out my head!

I wonder how many people that don't suffer with mental illness would last in the brain of someone who does,
I personally get a set of negative thoughts
"you're not good enough"
"you're a failure"
"you're dirty"
"you're partner would be better off if you were dead"
"you'll never be enough"
That go on a loop in my mind, the voice saying these thoughts is my voice but different in a way,
I wonder if people that don't suffer with this, would record themselves saying these lines and then put it on repeat on low but enough to hear them and then for them to go about their day, how long would it take for them to get annoyed of the "thoughts", how long would it take for them to start feeling sad and hopeless?
Could they cope talking to people, doing their work etc whilst hearing the negative lines on a loop? Over and over?

#NegativeThoughts #Depression #Sucidialthoughts #Anxiety #EUPD #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder


Uggghhhh #helpme #Depression #Selfharm

Today I’ve been thinking about #Selfharming again but I’ve gone almost 4 months without doing it. I have #Therapy in the morning and I know she’s going to ask me if I’ve had urges to #Selfharm or if I’m having #Sucidialthoughts and I don’t know how to answer her! #CheckInWithMe please

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#Depression #Alcoholism #BingeEatingDisorder #Anxiety

it's true. I'm sick of my family not respecting me and basically looking down on me. I'm sick of being treated as if I'm an idiot. I'm sick of looking like this. I'm sick of my brain and mentally fucked. I'm sick of Life being so shitty and annoying. I'm sick of the lack of respect I get. I'm sick of snapping at my three year old. when he grows up he will hate me(if I make it to him being an adult). when is it gonna get better? why do I crave pills alcohol and food on a daily basis? why do I have constant migraines and vertigo. why am I always so stressed out.

what is it gonna take for me to be happy? I'm sick of faking it. and the daily grind. I want to be skinny and happy. yet I'm a fat disgusting ugly worthless stupid mentally fucked up loser. not feeling sorry for myself and don't want any pity. just stating the obvious. take one look at me and you would say and know it's true. whatever. nothing helps. life sucks. fuck it.

#Sucidialthoughts #Worthlessness #BenignParoxysmalPositionalVertigo



How do you explain to people that you just don’t want to be here anymore. I’m exhausted.

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