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#angels jus kep aperin

" Ho is to say dat a smil ore an outstrchd han🤝🏻 from a strangr is note an act ob an angel in disguis"
(Author unow)



#angels on Earth

Have you ever met a stranger and felt an instant connection; you both start sharing your experiences, strengths, hopes. You part, feeling lighter than air. Has a stranger ever approached you, sensing you might be struggling, and says a few words of inspiration you sorely needed. Have you ever seen a stranger and knowing they were hanging on by the skin if their teeth? You instantly bond and are blessed to help the person feel strength, hope? I've been extremely blessed with all of the above experiences. "Angels", metaphorically. These experiences felt "other wordly.". We are angels to each other. Has anyone had these types of experiences? What feeling(s) did you have afterward

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#angels walk with us and amount us.

Feeling anxious that the world will go to fast again for me to keep up.


Angel #angels


Every person who appears in your life with a need could be an angel. They are saying “Help!” What can be more basic than asking/pleading for help?

I am no angel by a long shot but this is a good platform. I can relax. I feel like I am helping as you have helped me. I pray for our community. I am a Baptist.

Stay mighty. Hold each other up. I get motivated by the morning posts from Tylina.

We are all trying to live well.

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#angels #greif #PregnancyLoss

I’ve been struggling a lot with feelings I can’t explain and have never had since April of this year when I lost my two baby girls at 20weeks pregnant. Some days are better then others and I try to just deal with it but sometimes I get so mad and so angry at everything.

The other night I had a dream that scared me, it was about dying. Me dying...... at one point in the dream I was young and then the other point in time I was very old but I felt said and not accomplished.

And I know this is going to sound cliche but I felt that way because I was dying and had never had any kids. The only thing in life that I want is to be able to share the love I have with children of my own and the thought of dying without doing that scares the shit out of me.

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2angels sent from above

I am a mom to two Angel's with two differnt chormosognes and both of my babies were not breathing at birth both were in NICU son has down syndrome nicu21 days daughter has turner syndrome NICU 9 days worst days of my life both have a lot of issues but doing well now
They are 19 and 14 #angels #DownSyndrome #TurnerSyndrome #mybabies #son #Daughter #strong #Anxiety #Depression


I'm Surrounded by Angels

Went to the ER today. Another really bad IC flare, but they suspected a kidney stone, so they did a full-torso CT scan. They found a "cystic mass" in my right breast. They don't know what it is. Yes, it could be cancer, but I didn't go there for anything to do with my upper body. Why the doctor today decided to look higher than my navel, I do not know, but if he hadn't, who knows how long it would have gone undetected. On my right shoulder blade, I've got a breast cancer ribbon with angel wings and "Mamaw" & "Aunt Gail" on the ribbon. I don't know what this is (yet), but I know I've got angels looking after me.
#52SmallThings #angels #Tattoos #BreastCancer #InterstitialCystitis


I love you, Yes I do, and your angels love you too!

Angels here, angels there, call on them they're in the air. Gently now they say to you, "You can do this! We love you."
#WarmWishes #angels