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To My Teenage Son The Truth About Your First Love

I dread the day you come home and tell me about that girl. The girl in English class to shy to talk to you, but smiles when you look her way. The girl who you finally built up the courage to sit with at lunch and in your own unique goofy way managed to get her number.
I will smile and listen as you talk about how beautiful her eyes are when hit by the sun, and how her smile makes you feel butterflies in your stomach. I will laugh when you talk about your first date and how you were so nervous to kiss her you nearly missed. I’ll let it slide when it’s way past bedtime and I catch you up late at night talking on the phone for hours because neither want to hang up first. I’ll hide back the tears when I hear you say you love each other for the first time and your floating on cloud nine. I’ll lie in bed remembering when not too long ago you were a little boy and i was the one that held your heart like she does now.
I dread the day you fall in love with a girl for the first time.
Because then, after days, weeks, maybe even months, it will come. The phone call, text, the note passed between classes in the hallway… the breakup that will break your heart.
I will feel every ounce of your pain. It took seconds for someone to break what took me nine months to create.
But your first heartbreak will teach you something valuable. It may be the first time but it won’t be the last time you go through this, but you survived it before and you will survive it again. Until one day you will finally meet the right girl, and she will make you be able to understand why it didn’t work out with all the others. Love my sweet boy is trial and error, but always worth fighting for.
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Sons need Fathers

Sons need fathers. I never had a father in my life and it left an emptiness within me for a very long time. I made a decision to never leave my son. I made a decision to hug him at least once everyday I am alive. He is my best friend and I love his unique, beautiful spirit.

His name is Luke Caleb Warner. His name means ‘shine with your unique spirit.’ May life never dim your light my son, keep shining, I love you buddy. #Father #Fathers #Fathering #son #Relationships


2angels sent from above

I am a mom to two Angel's with two differnt chormosognes and both of my babies were not breathing at birth both were in NICU son has down syndrome nicu21 days daughter has turner syndrome NICU 9 days worst days of my life both have a lot of issues but doing well now
They are 19 and 14 #angels #DownSyndrome #TurnerSyndrome #mybabies #son #Daughter #strong #Anxiety #Depression