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Let’s talk CBD.

This is a topic I think a lot about because I find it’s a common recommendation that non-disabled people like to doll out, especially to individuals (like myself) living with chronic pain and/or anxiety. I’ve experienced no relief with CBD and mixed results with THC (it’s legal where I live and you don’t need a medical marijuana card) — so much of it depends on dosage, strain, and whether or not you’re consuming or applying something that’s actually been federally regulated.

Some questions to consider when answering this post:

🚧 What challenges or barriers have you faced with using CBD as part of your treatment regimen?

💰 How accessible and affordable have you found CBD to be?

🙋Any tips or strategies you’ve employed? Which of your symptoms benefit the most?

👿 Have you faced any judgment or stigma for using it to manage your symptoms?

#Anxiety #Depression #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #Disability #CBD #CannabisCorner #MentalHealth #Spoonie #RareDisease #PanicAttacks #Migraine

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Cannabis and bipolar disorder

I use cannabis for arthritis, glaucoma, and my mood disorder and anxiety. Mostly for my mood. It is the only way i have to regulate my anxiety because doctors dont want to prescribe anti-anxiety medicine. I find cannabis more effective than codeine #4 for pain. I have adhd and it doesnt help my attention but i can work through that. Its not a perfect situation but it gives me so much relief to my mood and pain thank goodness. With adhd its a constant search for dopamine. Not like an addict but just to feel normal and motivated to have a productive day. I hate that i feel less than because of this but it is how God made me and i have some wonderful creative and intellectual gifts because of it. Im in grad school with a 99% average in my class now. Im super happy. I used to be super depressed to the point that i weighed 125lbs. Im supposed to weigh 175lbs. Im better now. Partly thanks to cannabis. I hate the stigma around it and my adhd meds. Makes me feel like my docs think Im just trying to get high when i swear all i want to do is function to the best of my ability and not be in so much pain. But at least we are medically legal in my state. We are making progress. I want to work to take the stigma off off adhd and pain meds for people who desperately need them to function. #CannabisCorner #Bipolar #ADHD #productive

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No one here anymore?

Hi there. I am not sure if I should be here or not. I'm a mixed bag of conditions. Right now I'm cycling mildly - just a slow up and down. I had been hypomanic for over a year, but it started to blossom and get out of hand, so I asked my p-doc to adjust my meds to bring me down just a tad. Well, I went down a little too much, so now we're trying to raise me a little. He is such an amazing man in how he figures out a cocktail that will work for me. I feel like I'm a burden, but it's his job and he really enjoys it! lol We've been together 17 years now and it's been an amazing relationship. He suffers from mental illness as well and so he's a 'real' person to talk to. He understands the shit I go through, and he always to me like a peer as opposed to a patient. I'm so thankful for him. Other than that, I have an incredible husband, three adult children and two beautiful grandkids. Mental illness has been in my life forever - my youngest memory of feeling 'different' is at 4 years old. I'm turning 54 in a few weeks. That's a long, bloody time to be sick. * sigh * #BPD #BipolarDisorder #CPTSD #Anxiety #SuicidalThoughts #CocaineDependence #SubstanceUseDisorders #CannabisCorner #Suicide

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I dont know much about algebra but i know one plus one equals two.
Cause we aint got nothing without love..
Darling you got enough of the both of us.

Hey and i dont know much about fighting,
But i will fight for you.

So when my days look low,
Pull me in close and dont let me go.
Make love to me
So when the worlds at war,
Let our love heal us all.

#Music #PTSD #CannabisCorner

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In a bad place right now... (picture: because who doesn’t love a cat in her own stroller? Lol)❤️💕🐱🐶💪🥰🤗

I’m anxious. I’m leaving in an hour to go to the hospital for an urgent MRI on my brain. I’m having the MRI at 10:30pm. The symptoms I’m having, of course, are scary in itself and the fact I need to go now, but that’s actually not what is bothering me the most. Covid is pretty bad where I am right now. The hospitals are over run with Covid admissions and they are trying to make as much room as they can by sending patients to field hospitals and anywhere else that there’s room. I’m pretty much walking into a burning building as far as infection goes because the one I have to go to is one of the worst out breaks in my province. I can’t have anyone come with me for support so my husband will drop me off and wait the few hours in the car. If anyone has had a brain MRI, it’s more terrifying than most MRIs because you have to wear a cage-like contraption on your head/face while you’re already trapped in a tiny space for up to 60 minutes and you can’t move. I’m hoping I won’t have to wear a mask inside the machine as well. The last time I had one done 5 years ago, I was able to take an Ativan to calm (and it was still scary!). But this time, because of my symptoms and blood issues I can’t take anything. I’m have terrible coughing spasms (not Covid related) so I don’t know how I’m going to manage that when I’m not supposed even move. I think this is warranted anxiety, but obviously still unpleasant. My parents had to take my dog to look after her for me for a couple days, so I don’t have that important support. My cat is wonderful but she gives love on her terms only lol 🤷‍♀️ Any kind words or wishes would be appreciated ❤️💕💪 #Anxiety #BipolarDisorder #ADHD #PTSD #EatingDisorders #SensoryIssues #InflammatoryBowelDiseaseIBD #Allergies #SinusTachycardia #Hypertension #GastroesophagealRefluxDisease #ChronicPain #Nerve and joint pain #geneticblooddisorder #chroniccough #nausea #involuntarymovements #rashes #Fatigue #AutoimmuneDisease #DryMouth #Nightsweats #Endometriosis #kidneycysts #OvarianCyst #enlargedlymphnodes #Virus #Infection #CannabisCorner #MedicalCannabis #Isolation #Loneliness #nightterrors


Does anyone have experience with nerve pain?

I live in Canada and Cannabis is legal here now. Stores are starting to pop up. My first experience wasn't great. The shop owner was more like a dealer. I have Pudendal Neuralgia and I told him it was painful for me to sit. He promised that with his product I would be sitting comfortably in no time!  uh yeah - didn't happen.  I live in Niagara Falls and have noticed some new shops. I want to explore this further but would love some input from the community.  Not looking for medical advice - 3 docs have already told me to try it - but they don't know what the best form is. 


Why doesn't cannabis help me?

I've tried every strain and edibles and oils with all different ratios of THC and CBD and it doesn't help my pain at all. Does anyone have a suggestion that might help?

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