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I lost my no

That’s serious. This is two days in a row where I tried for public safety and had issues.yesterday I was driving through a construction zone and a man tried to direct me with a shovel through too small a space to drive through a lbd I stopped moving and he tried four times. Then the equipment moved and he was standing in it and moved and I could too. He screamed at me I should call the cops. So I filed a complaint with the governor’s office. Then today a man hit my truck and ran back and forth over the front of it like a saw. He hit me four times. He was clear and hit again. I was screaming STOP and laying on my horn and he wouldn’t stop or listen. Maybe I won’t even make it to the end of the year. I haven’t got no. He hit me four times and I couldn’t stop him. All they did was file insurance. I probably won’t be here by the end of the year. I think every vulnerable young girl should carry mace or something #everyone


Abnormal or par for the course?

Should I be having a harder time with normal, everyday issues because of what I’m going through???? Are you??
#everyone #ChronicDepression #Fibromyalgia #Epilepsy #Auto Immune#RapeSurvivors


Any one have a special fibro towel? #linenfibro special towels for fibromyalgia

I’m one of those who put off bathing or showering bc of the pain sometimes ( the water, temperature, dryness of skin tightening cus of age, drying off etc). Yet every time I’m in a tub, I think

“how wonderful this is!! I should do it every day!!” Then I worry again. I’m trying to get a routine, buy nicer soaps, candles, etc to reward me.

Now I need soft towels. Any ideas from my sisters??
#Fibromyalgia #BipolarDepression #Depression #everyone


would you rather your mental health be referred to an illness or a disease?

I think I know majority answer, but I wanted to ask anyways because some I love very much has just called my mental health a disease and I flinched when he said it. afterwards, he could tell that it hurt my feelings because I started crying ever so slightly, once I turned away from him and then he asked me to turn back around and then he saw me. #mentalhath #Depression #AnorexiaNervosa #BipolarDepression #everyone


Wishing Everyone A Happy Halloween!

I know everyday we are facing problems but try to find one thing that makes you smile. Wether it's a treat, a memory, someone, or whatever. Just find at least one. Happy Halloween and I hope you have a great day.

#Depression #SuicidalIdeation #Anxiety #ChronicIllness #Agoraphobia #BipolarDisorder #PTSD #everyone


Being grateful for this community

I am so glad that I found "The Mighty". It is so good to know that others have struggled an that there are good people out there that want to continue to try to make their lives better an are really trying to get thru their mental illness the best that they can. I find so much positivity on here. #positivitymonday #Love #everyone #happyi #happyi



# I have a mental disability and because no one sees a physical problem- they believe I don't need to be receiving it..... #drives me #Disability