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° " I Feel Very Drained... I Don't Like Being Sick. " ° #cold /Covid19

° " So On Sunday And Monday... I Was Feeling Great Tuesday And Today. I'm Feeling Super Defeated... I Had To Call Into Work. I Hate Loosing Time. Because I Really Can't Afford That Luxaury. I Have To Go Into Work Tomorrow. Ugh! I Feel Like A Lazy Failure When I'm Sick. It Really Annoy's Me So Much. Idk Why My Co-worker's Come Into Work. I'm High Risk For Covid. I Have Like 3 Co-worker's Who Come In All The Time Coughing And Sneezing. And I Can't Really Get Away From Them. Or The Customer's. So I Got Strucked Down. Sigh! I Don't Wish To Sleep All Day. But My Body Is In Massive Pain. Something Is Going Around At Work. Like Covid Or The Flu. Because Nobody Care's They Need Sale's. ° Sincerely, Your Sick Poet ~ Skaoi Kvitravn #sick #Feelingdown

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Struggling to find a balance

Lately i’ve been struggling with trying to find a balance between taking care of my body and mind and my daily duties. In my family i carry a lot of responsibility with work around the house, cooking, and even taking care of my younger sister. When i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia i knew it was going to be a struggle taking care of all this with the way my body feels while still trying to enjoy my youth years and have fun. Well it’s been a little over a year now and i still can’t find a balance. There really is no balance at all. I bust my ass working at home and it creates so much stress, pain, and negative emotions. I feel like i never have time to take a break and care for my body and mind the way it really needs and it’s causing me so much pain physically and mentally. I’m always being asked to take care of something and it’s exhausting. I love my family and i love to help but they still see me as the healthy 20 year old who could do anything when really i’m the 22 year old who gets exhausted from taking a shower… I guess i just came here to vent and get that off my chest but if anyone has advice on my situation i’m all ears. #Fibromyalgia #burntout #Feelingdown

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#Christian #lonely #Feelingdown #Depression

Today it just hit me again. I am extremely lonely 😞. I have been lonely most of my life, and sometimes I can push it aside. Today though it’s one of those days where I am feeling hopeless despite the truth.
I don’t want to live my whole life with literally only a few friends that I rarely or barely speak to. I need more Christian friends near my age. I’m not against having old and young friends, but I need some around my age.

I’m 32 years old I have OCD, ADHD, Aspergers which is light Autism and mild Tourette’s. I’m so tired of having virtually no friends! I’m in a state of feeling despair of ever being able to function as an adult as well.

My anxiety drains me and leaves me less functional especially in the evening. I have trouble sleeping. I’ve been rejected by fellow brothers and sisters who couldn’t or wouldn’t understand me. (Not that I should blame them too much, I would have avoided me too.) Still the cliques really hurt me. I still struggle with anger from old wounds.

I feel like a child trapped in a man’s body. Trapped in a vortex of struggles that I fear I will never overcome in this life. I have hope for after this life and I should not box God in saying that I can’t overcome these diseases I suffer from. For all of my inadequacies He is strong 💪! He is my strength! I don’t feel these truths or any of the truths that are in God’s Word. I know that I can’t rely on feelings; they are too fickle. I’m not sure I am surrendered enough to God. I know I am a work in progress. I’m just so tired and overwhelmed and despite the truth I still have never ending anxiety!

I don’t want this anymore! I want to be free from this!
Still all of this will be used by God in my life. If he leaves me with my thorn or removes it, to Him the glory will go🙂
Thank you for listening and letting me vent. I have to talk about these things sometimes.

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Without her I would smile a lot less 🥰

I love my girl sooo much and am so happy that she is in my life. Wouldn’t want to miss her for the world even if she sometimes frustrates me when she has her stubborn moments. My life would be a lot less fun and smiles without her.
Right now I am feeling down and just knowing she will sleep next to me later on, males me feel better already.
So I really hope her picture makes you smile as well.

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I’m feeling down. No energy. I’m so sleepy and tired and empty. I feel a hole in my heart. why? aside from #Grief maybe #PMS #Hormones #weightgain High functioning #Depression #SuicideLoss


Just venting out my feelings,

The media told us the world will be back to "Normal", in a year or to. Then being told to wake up from this fantasy world. about normal life. All during the#COVID19 #covidanxiety lockdown. I had the hope and feelings of "normal" life. My hope of people being vaccinated is what will brings things back to normal. Of course some changes are going to be made. I get that and understand. That's going to be expected. I think it's just why people say things. All the negative feelings. It can become toxic and bring you down. #Feelingdown #Depression So what does that even mean? We all should keep wearing masks forever. Keep school/work online. Keep staying 6 feet apart Keep #SocialAnxiety Keep Social distancing? Don't go back to doing social events. That we keep staying home? I mean of course i understand people many not want to hug or shake hands. I do like people keeping space in lines and what not.

I do understand the persons post about not connecting with people on here. Finding it hard, I agree. Sometimes it takes time.


Workplace bullying

I think I'm being bullied at work. This lady always tells me to do things and assumes I'm just a cook and cleaner (I'm an allied health practitioner) today she told me to put on gloves and get something out of the toilet that a kid had put in there
I have gotten to the point I don't want to go to work anymore and I only just finished my first month. I talked about it today at a meeting and just started crying, others have mentioned it happening to me before and were concerned about it.

Anyway it's going to be bought up to the big boss and I'm terrified of what's going to happen, what if this women hurts me or my partner or our cats? It wouldn't be hard for her to find my address. I feel sick from it and I really just want to move back to the city I was at before accepting this job. I just wish I could go back and not apply for this job or not have told people about it and ignored it. I don't want anyone to get in trouble and I kept people back later today because of talking about it and I don't want those staff to get in trouble because in supposed to leave there 1 hour before I left today.

#Anxiety #Depression #Paranoia #Bullying #Work #MentalHealth #Feelingdown


Being Serious This time

I’ve been on the low end for almost two months now and things have been getting darker as the weeks go by. I know that I have to go back to see another doctor again, maybe I might have to take medication this time around. I do plan to make some changes in my diet and see if that helps. Rearranging my bedroom is another idea. What I really need to do is to get motivated to do what I need to do to move forward in every aspect of my life. #Depression #change #MentalHealth #Low #Feelingdown

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just having another episode of depression

a lot is on my mind. I think I’m going to hsve to change my major. the department I am currently trying to get into feels rigged almost. my bio grade is currently an F because of my test anxiety. yes... a 50%. I got the lowest test score in the class and this was after I studied for days and went to my classes. now I’m worried about what a major change would mean for me and my future. I want to change from Anthropology/Biology (split major and trying to get into the bio department is the hard part) to an Anthropology/ Archeology major.
I have since spiraled downward, missed some classes because I’m having trouble getting out of bed. my self esteem is so low I’m on the verge of tears 24/7. I have found I’m easily frustrated, lathargic, and jumpy. currently I’m trying to will myself to take a shower. its just lots of stress... besides school there are other stuff but people don’t want to read a long post as it is. thank you for reading my long paragraph. I need support. it’s just been super hard for me mentally recently. please #CheckInWithMe.

#Anxiety #Depression #Feelingdown