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Finding Solutions!! #FibroFog #Fibromyaliga #Findacure

This incredible website is using the power of crowdsourcing to figure out solutions to our medical conditions. Take the survey at StuffThatWorks and become part of the answers to our own questions. We have a chance to participate in creating the world’s largest database about chronic conditions.
Check it out!
#Spoonie #CheckInWithMe #FibromyalgiaDiagnosis

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Happy Lyme Disease Month! Day 2

10 facts about Lyme disease! These are some scary statistics, but they are true and people must understand how dangerous it is so someone out there will find a cure!!!
#lyme #LymeDisease #LymeWars #LymeWarrior #ChronicLymeDisease #lymeproblems #ChronicIllness #COVID19 #Spoonie #SpoonieProblems #Findacure #findacureforLyme

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I do have hope that one day a cure for MS will be found but it might be too late for me unless it can heal a damaged brain not just stop the process.

My first MRI, pre diagnosis showed a tiny white spot in the middle of my brain and I have not looked at them since I broke my neck 4 years ago, it’s just too hard to take in but I know its affecting my white matter, front horn has most of the damage. White matter is what controls your body functions, including breathing and keeping our hearts beating.

So I feel like I HAVE gone from incurable to terminal considering the most likely outcome.
This has been a hell of a year, I lost MY dog last year and then I lost my other dog early this year, they were my protectors but also my friends, then I had a major relapse, followed by EColi from eating lettuce and possible surgery on my legs to repair my tendons that have strained due to spasticity, surgery which I am not sure I can survive. I been sicker than usual every single day this year, I am physically weak.

I have tho been living with MS for about 20-25 years, so I do consider myself blessed, for the time given (even if at times the pain was unbearable) I been married 3 times, which has kept it interesting and I been rescuying dogs that simply had no chance due to the abuse and neglect and they have been my joy of life, my purpose. I have a dog with severe PTSD, scars everywhere, he was a stud bc he is so cute and I burn with anger at the people that hurt him.
I have rescued 3 dogs like this, two others I literally got off the euthanasia table, one terminal and a 3 month puppy who got run over and the owners couldn’t afford to pay for surgery to fix him, he lived 16 years and was my doggie soulmate. I can’ rescue MANY dogs but I know I have made a difference in the life of these dogs even if their lifes were short. I have made many mistakes but this I got right.

My point is, yes MS blows but we still make a difference in the world and we are important to many, we matter. Lives have been saved and hopefully I have inspired others. We did not pick this, we didn’t do it to ourselves, we had no choice and little explanation.

I know that I am still going to fight and NOT give up and when I HAVE to go I will not go quietly. I would like to grow older, grayer, more wrinkld and spend many quiet years with my husband and doggies, I fight for all of us.

Please continue the research that has brought great advances on caring for brain disorders but please, we must find a cure!

#Findacure #Pain #MS

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This is my opinion, what do you think? #Pain

When ALL you have control of is your dignity, why make us beg? We have undeniable pain, we have already proven that, hence the diagnosis. Making us beg for medication to help us endure our pain is cruel and in my opinion, ignores our human rights.

I‘m in pain, right now in what is called break through pain, beyond our regular pain. My muscles and joints are being destroyed by spasticity, I also have to live with the feeling of stepping on electric eels that bite.

Nothing stops the pain and the only thing that come close is Morphine.

#Findacure #MS #CRPS #Pain #Fibro



absolutely agree and this condition arises above everything else I have....the “ok days” are still pretty tough and I find it so difficult and energy zapping to explain myself when I just have to cancel something~ very grateful that I could retire even though I miss work so much, huge void there.


Gastroparesis #Gastroparesis #Baddays #nausea

Do you ever feel like some days your stomach is worse than other days? I have none diabetic mild gastroparesis and some days I feel okay , rarely do I ever feel great, feeling just kinda okay is my normal. But then some days i feel like my stomach doesn’t work at all.... and I feel down right HORRIBLE... 😔is this just me or does anyone else have these ups and downs?
#RareDisease #Findacure