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Crazy issues outa the blue #Fibromyalgia #spasms

Strange muscle spasms in my forehead, wth these mysterious issues suck. Plus My feet are painfully swollen.

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Help With Fibromyalgia

Hi everyone,
I was wondering if anyone has tried Flexiril, a muscle relaxant, (I can’t think of the generic brand at the moment) for any Fibromyalgia pain. Mine is taken for as needed. I get horrible spasms all over my body, especially my back, and they are impossible and uncomfortable to get rid of. Gabapentin and Lyrica do not work for me. I just got it yesterday. Has anyone had any success with this or are there any downfalls or side effects? #Fibromyalgia #musclerelaxer #Pain #spasms #flexiril


Question re: sporadic painful spasms/body jerks

Wanting to know if anyone gets these. Orginally I use to get these muscle spasms that I think are in my arms or legs. Now in my #hands as well
They are extremely #painful and tend to happen when I am extremely tired, hadn’t slept or needing sleep.

Now they seem to be happening more frequently and violently. I may be on the couch watching tv and all of a sudden my body will violently #Jerk . I may be holding my cell phone and it flies out of my hands (this happens often).

After it happens I’m wide awake because it is extremely painful.
It reminds me of like when you #fall #asleep and you dream that you fall. You wake up because your #body jerks but it is normally not painful.

It’s not the same as when you get a #Muscle spasm in your #back or #legs it’s more like the #whole #body #spasms . Does anyone understand what I’m talking about??? Or get this feeling? Thank you #Gentlehugs #warriors


Muscle spasms

Hi 🙂 does anyone regularly suffer with muscle spasms/ twitches? My legs are throwing themselves about & the throbbing aches aren’t letting me sleep for night no.2 🙄 any advice would be greatly appreciated #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #EhlersDanlosSociety #hypermobileehlers-DanlosSyndrome(hEDS) #spasms #HypermobileTypeEDS #edsproblems


How can I help my teenage siblings?

My younger brother and sister are having a very tough time these days and my parents are not very supportive or encouraging. My parents are very negative and fearful and the pandemic just gives them more fuel to scare and control my siblings.

I would even argue that my parents' behavior towards them is emotionally and physically abusive and medically, emotionally and educationally neglectful. My parents have always been devoid of empathy and abusive to animals and children.

My parents are not doing anything to help my siblings get an education, in fact they're making it harder. They don't help them at all and punish them if they can't do it all on their own.

And my parents refuse to provide my brother and sister medical treatment. I know my siblings suffer from depression, learning disorders and extreme social isolation, so I worry a lot about their health and safety. My sister gets paralyzing body spasms and can't control them and she has never been to a doctor or specialist to figure out anything about them. She's learning to drive now, what if she has one behind the wheel?

She stepped on a needle once and my parents still tell her how expensive that ER trip was (and my parents have money, they were easily able to pay for it ). It was an accident. Needless to say, no one steps on needles for fun.

My brother asked to go to a therapist and my parents took him once and when they got the bill they wouldn't ever shut up about it and told everyone so he quit out of shame and because they held it over his head and made him feel bad for asking to go.

What can I do to help my siblings?

I am worried about their health and safety.

#Abuse #DomesticViolence #FamilyCounseling #HomeSchooling #Depression #teendepression #SocialDistancing #Anxiety #ChildAbuse #EmotionalNeglect #educationalneglect #medicalneglect #Therapy #Shame #Stigma #kidsgetdepressiontoo #Selfharm #Trauma #HomeSchooling #Parenting #narcissistabuse #Isolation #pandemic #LearningDisorder #ADHD #spasms #toxicparents #Shame #childneglect #EatingDisorders #ToxicRelationships #toxicreligion #religious Trauma #religiousabuse #NarcissisticPersonalityDisorder #narcissiticmother #narcissistparent #animalabuse

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You Can Change the Scenery, but Not the Situation... #SeizureDisorder #Epilepsy

So, tomorrow in the very early morning, before the sun wakes to rise, I will be on my way to Bronson Hospital to have anywhere from a 4-7 day long inpatient stay, while I have a 24 hour, at all times, while on live video, EEG to watch for my #Seizures, #spasms, #Tremor, and #Dystonia -like movements. They seem to happen when I am stressed, nervous, in pain, anxious, and other such things. This is just yet another new thing going on with me in the past 6 - 8 months.
Has anyone been through this? My sweetheart and my #esa (Emotional Support Animal), my Kitty, will both be at home since it is so far from our home. So, I will be alone. I am planning to bring my electronics, ie; phone, laptop, iPad, et cetera; however, if anyone can tell me more about what it’s like that would be wonderful! If you’re in a lot of pain, do they give you anything for pain? Or if you need oxygen will they give you some? Long story to explain, but not able to get my pain meds in time, but I have severely debilitatingly intense pain for many reasons. So, If I’m in extreme pain, will they help? Or help with anything else in general, etc.? Anything you can offer would be wonderful and maybe I will stop having spasms and tremors as we speak from all the nerves! Thank you SO much in advance! Xo😽💖😻


Spine Pain?

Chronic spine pain? What is your latest "go-to" item that helps you feel better?
Lotions, creams, heat, ice, meds, massage, gadget - name your current #1 below.
#ChronicPain  #spine #RareDisease  #degeneration   #stenosis   #Nerves   #muscles  #patients   #Parents  #Kids  #adults   #ache   #stiff  #shock  #zap   #spasms   #vertebrae #Spinefusion #congenitalfusion