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Saw my friend graduating

So in my new job working in events management i get to see all sorts of events going on from concerts to meetings to sports and today we had university graduations and i got to see one of my mates from church in his robe and cap. I may not have gotten to see him walk the stage but i felt so happy for the bro lining up to go in was so cool to see. I didnt make it to my best friends graduation because I couldn’t afford to travel but this felt so cool and just makes me even more thankful for this job. #Events #Graduation #proud #GodisGood #thankful


I Graduated!!! #CheckInWithMe

Sorry I’ve been so MIA for the past week but I had my eye surgery and then a week later was able to walk as the Salutatorian at my high school graduation yesterday! I arrived late and left right after I walked due to fatigue but I’m so grateful and so proud of myself for doing it at all. And for, you know, graduating.

In other news, I get to try to come down on the diamox (slowly) and see how I do!

#IH #IIH #IdiopathicIntracranialHypertension #Graduation #HighSchool #iihwarrior #CheckInWithMe #goodnews #goodnewsforonce

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#CheckInWithMe I can’t go to my senior prom 😔

I kind of knew this already, but seeing as I am recovering from a pretty invasive eye surgery on Wednesday, and I’m still on a very high dose of Diamox so I have a lot of fatigue, going to prom is just not really an option for me.

I do have some really great friends who want to take pictures with me before they go to prom, and I’m looking forward to that, but I still feel like I’m missing out.

I don’t know what the point of this post is. I guess I’m trying to reassure myself that like my senior quote, it will all turn out all right in the end. I do most likely get to go to graduation, so wish me luck that my mom and my guidance counselor can figure out all the details for that! 🤞

#Prom #CheckInWithMe #52SmallThings #Senior #seniorprom #Graduation #HighSchool


I actually have some good news for once! #CheckInWithMe

So last Thursday was my first appointment with a new doctor who I see again this Thursday, and the appointment was really emotional.
With almost perfect timing, my college planning counselor calls to let me know I’m graduating as salutatorian of my high school class! It came as a complete shock to me, because I just considered myself lucky that they were letting me graduate at all, due to me missing the majority of the fourth quarter of my senior year.
I feel really proud of myself and the hard work that I did put in, and to top it all off, my best friend is valedictorian! 👩‍🎓
#HighSchool #Graduation #goodnews #proudofme #Proudofmyself #IIH #iihwarrior #CheckInWithMe

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Take a leap of faith and find your (creative) island in your mind🏝️

I'm sending out the first invitations today to the first participants of my creative journey to connect art education and patients with a chronic condition. I'm so excited! Still looking for people who want to take a leap of faith ☺️💕wish me luck!

#Art #arteducation #ArtTherapy #journey #ChronicIllness #island #Graduation

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Yesterday, I graduated!! The families stayed in their cars and the graduates sat in front of the cars, but 6 feet away from the other graduates as well. We had to stop every once and a while as it had started raining and thundering. I’m glad that my small school and our town approved of this graduation ceremony. I know a lot of schools aren’t getting a real ceremony and my principal fought for this because he wanted to give us what we deserved. I loved my school and will miss it greatly.
#lyme #LymeDisease #LymeWars #LymeWarrior #ChronicLymeDisease #ChronicIllness #COVID19 #Classof2020 #2020 #Graduation