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Instead of beating myself up for past failures, I choose to embrace the things I’ve accomplished

Letting go of visions and dreams unachieved is very hard for me. I can often feel like a failure, or that I let people down, or that I’m weak and haven’t reached my potential and these thoughts have weighed me down in the past …but instead of beating myself up I always try to live in the moment…. I’m proud of the journeys I’ve been on, of the things I have accomplished, and sometimes I just have to simply remind myself that I’m a survivor in many ways…so I write about the story I ‘m actually living with pride and a sense of accomplishment… #Depression #Anxiety #BipolarDepression #BipolarDisorder #MentalHealth #PTSD #Addiction #HIVAIDS #positive #Disability #accomplishment #positivethoughts #DisabilityPride #SuccessStory #SOBER #Joy #StoryTellingSavesLives #happyconfidentme #thankful #Gratitude

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Dancing a jig... #happyconfidentme #gratitutde

First day at an office in three years. Only few hours. But so loved it. I am volunteering and helping out at a woman's program to help them rebuild after covid knocked them down. Great day, fingers crossed...How is everyone?

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New me

I’m trans and I went clothes shopping today for a more masculine look and I found it and today I’m finally happy with how I look what do you think #trans #happyconfidentme

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Life Update 💙✨

Tell me I’m not alone. I can’t be the only one that does this. Rewarding oneself with material things after going through something major, overcoming anxiety, etc. But for me, it was to reward myself for finding a job, sticking with it, learning the ropes before being let loose on my own. This is a huge accomplishment for me. This year I have and had struggled mentally. I didn’t stay at a place I was employed at for very long, always ended up quitting, called out multiple times. Went through a handful of relationships with people thinking that it was going to last but they never did. Always questioning myself about everything. But, flash forward to now I have a job that I love. I work alone cleaning a school in the evenings, I don’t have to worry about any work place drama. So it’s kind of the best. As for relationships, I’m still alone, but I’m becoming okay with it. I mean for now at least, because I believe that there is someone out there who was made for me. I am talking to a person right now, kind of want it to work out with me and him, but if it doesn’t maybe he wasn’t the one or it is the universe telling me that I need to do more work on myself. The right one will come along. But I am super duper proud of myself. People reward themselves differently then what I did but once in awhile it’s okay to splurge on yourself. If you are able to, it doesn’t even have to be a material object it could be a hair appointment, getting your nails done, etc. Do whatever is best for you and also do whatever’s going to make you happy. It doesn’t matter what that looks like to others. 💙✨ #MentalHealth #Depression #dowhatevermakesyouhappy #happyconfidentme

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Thank you Chocolate #happyconfidentme #TheMighty

What’s it called when your chocolate not only makes you happy from eating it but opening it as well? A double-whammy..or is that just used for bad things? I think it should be used for good things too 💕✨

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new tattoo

I just got my new tattoo today. It didn’t even hurt it just felt like light scraping. it went so well and I love it. And look if tattoos aren’t your thing, that’s fine, but no hate comments. Keep them to yourselves and just appreciate the artwork. The elephant was dedicated to my mom and the semicolon representsentla health. #SemicolonTattoo #Tattoo #MentalHealth #MentalHealthCare #happyconfidentme


My life...

#CheckInWithMe I am 100% in the depression hole and my anxiety is at an all time high. I was laid off from my job back in August and didn’t start working again until January. The job I am at right now is really not for me especially since I feel like an outcast. Plus, to top everything off, my marriage is probably at its end. I have been struggling with deep depression and bad anxiety for about 7 yrs now and I have no clue how to feel better and to stop letting the control my brain.
Today, I guess, is the day that my husband and I will have the serious talk and make a decision. Of course, I feel sick about it but I also think that how I want to move forward might be the best for me. Luckily, I have finally found a therapist who is really trying to help me and not just talking about what I’m feeling. My therapist actually makes me think about who I want to be and how I can get there. He also is helping me with all my fears, something no other therapist has done. I always feel a little better after my session is done but then going back into my life usually throws me back into that hole. I am honestly scared of moving forward but I know this would be a great thing for me. All I truly want is to be happy... #happyconfidentme #movingforward #battlingdepression #control #Anxiety


The Soul Market

Everyday when you interact with others
You are trading in the soul market
Giving up a part of soul/self to gain something : love, acceptance, praise and more
What if you went to the market, aware of this trading
You could choose to trade or give up nothing or desire nothing
Then you are truly the master of your destiny
Shenaaz Moos - Happy Confident Me

#thesoulmarket #happyconfidentme #keepyoursoul #consciousliving #wisdom #authenticity